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Saturday, August 29, 2015

August 29, 2015 Rogers Team Kaizen Call #28

August 29, 2015 Rogers Team Kaizen Call #28

Vance Shared in his weekly email: "Two great events took place last weekend.  The East Coast Healthy Lifestyle Expo in Virginia and the Leaders Being More training in Idaho.  Several people experienced life transformations at these events.  Hear from them as they share some of their pearls of wisdom.

August 27th, 2015 

John - I dropped 25 pounds in eight weeks and won the biggest loser competition at the Nabisco plant.  I started with one Vital Balance shake a day and then added a second as well as the Liver Support to detox my body.  I love the results and the energy is awesome.

Jim - Using the DUK tape on my injured big toe completely took away the bruising in a matter of hours.  Being a type 2 diabetic, I am always concerned with toes because several of my friends have lost theirs.

Engebrett - It was eight months that I hadn't slept through the night due to my shoulder injury.  The first night using those magnets and I don't remember anything except for waking up in the morning.

These are just three of the stories among dozens I heard from people that I got to know better during my trip to Virginia last weekend.  As each one shared, I had to think about the variety of lives that are completely altered as a result of Nikken's solutions.  We all have issues that we'd like to improve.  Nikken allows us to do this and sometimes in ways that are hard to fathom.


On the call today Vance Also Mentioned that today, Dave Johnson's Guest on the Call Of A Leader Call would be Brett Harward. Dave calls him a "thought-leader" and "influencer extraordinaire". 

Quoting from The Royal Alliance Website: "In his book The 5 Laws that Determine All of Life's Outcomes, Brett tells it like it is. He describes laws that will predictably determine outcome: Vision, Frequency, Perception, Accountability, and Leadership, with a forthright plan to implement them in your life.

Recently Brett spoke at the Leaders Being More training at the beautiful Treasure Mountain Scout Campground at the base of the Grand Tetons. Brett gave an inspiring talk about the 5 laws intermingled with some great and entertaining stories that illustrated perfectly those laws at work. 

I'm All Over It
Click Here to watch short excerpt from that talk

You can find the full talk on the Magnetic Leaders YouTube channel.

To hear more of Brett Harward visit Magnetic Leaders on Soundcloud."

Sunday, August 23, 2015

August 15 and 22, 2015 Mentoring Calls

August 15, 2015 Mentoring Call  The success with the DUK Tape continues.

August 22, 2015 Mentoring Call   Some could say a 40% increase in volume could be due to product introduction.  That could be the case, but a $19 roll of tape just isn’t going to produce the numbers that we experienced in July.  There’s been a ground swelling over the last few months and it seems surge when we step up our game in several areas.  We’ll be discussing these and hearing from several who are experiencing steady growth.

August 13th, 2015 

July 2015 was a real milestone for Nikken.  About the third week I could feel something building but I really didn’t know how or what was causing it.  There was a surge amongst the people we were talking with and the numbers proved to be true in the end.

Just in the Rogers organization, we saw a 40% increase in volume!  Several of the members of Team Rogers were blown away by the amount of their commission checks because they just really didn’t know how much of an increase was taking place.  Was it the DUK?  I don’t think so.

Eric Worre refers to the concept of a Tipping Point when we are about to explode.  It’s when just enough people discover something that it really gets exciting.  I truly think we’re on that crest.

Check out this short video

Saturday, August 8, 2015

August 8, 2015 Rogers Team Kaizen Call #25

Listen to the August 8, 2015 Rogers Team Kaisen Call #25

Attend Leaders Being More August 20-22, 2015

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NIKKEN Vice President Jeff Isom & millionaire entrepreneur and internationally renowned author and speaker Cameron C. Taylor along with top field leaders will facilitate this program. 
Leaders Being More is held August 20th - 22nd at Treasure Mountain BSA Camp in the Grand Tetons. The investment is $125 per person and includes catered meals and use of facilities including hot showers!

If you want to raise your game, I encourage you to come to Leaders Being More and change your life!

Click here to go to and click the Leaders Being More Button to fill out your registration form.  Hurry because time is running out!


Saturday, August 1, 2015

Saturday, August 1, 2015 Summer Sizzle - Keep Calm and Kaizen On

Listen to The Saturday,  August 1, 2015  Summer Sizzle - Keep Calm and Kaizen On Call - Rogers Team Kaizen Call #25.

July was a scorcher and I'm not talking about the weather this time.  More people were Quality Enrolled in the Rogers organization than ever before, we saw some Silvers break and we've seen a ton of new Customers come on board.  Is it all because of this awesome new tape called DUK?  I highly doubt it.  

We're seeing new growth because people are really embracing Nikken 2.0 or the New Nikken.  Regular habits of registering Customers and building personal volume are starting to duplicate.  Nearly 500 people in North America have achieved the QE status for six months in a row.  We'll be talking about what this means and how we can build from here.

Vance writes in his weekly email:

"July 30th, 2015 

Summer of sizzle and surgeries

If you're sick of the heat like we are in the Portland area, then I've got some good news for you.  It could be worse!  You could have your left hand wrapped up like a mummy for two weeks because you got a thorn embedded into your thumb and had to have it surgically removed.  (Next time I'll wear gloves when doing yard work.)

Summer is always a time for us to vent our frustration about hot weather and it is also a time for us to let our hair down by being outdoors more.  For me, I've been having a ton of fun learning how to ask questions better and seeing how long it takes to weave Nikken into the conversation.

When you have 'mummy wrap' on your arm, it's easy to start conversations and ask questions.  But what if you don't?  Take six minutes and watch this fantastic video by Eric Worre on how to ask better questions.  I guarantee it will put a little sizzle into your sharing and you won't have to follow my lead into the surgical center.  Trust me, when you wear one of those robes that don't cover your backside, the sizzle outside is the last thing on your mind!"

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