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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Two Tips and Verl V. Verhulst (Water Expert) on Saturday AM Live!

Verl V. Verlhulst with his 1942 Chevy
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"Verl V. Verhulst could write a book with common sense solutions for the 21st Century. While he’d completely disagree with this statement, I’ve learned a ton from him when he adds a tidbit here and there to our Saturday morning conversations. His wisdom on the subject of water and chemicals is what I’ve asked him to share this time and as one who lives in the dairy capital of America, he’s got a front row seat in the theater of H20. Behind sleep and air, water is an absolute essential, but what if it’s filled with stuff that shouldn’t be going into our bodies? Verl will share some alarming facts and what his family has been doing for years with some of their results."

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June 29, 2018

"Two Tips

Dropping weight from the body and adding it to the wallet.

While on the phone this week with my favorite friend in New Hampshire I couldn’t help but think about the latest CDC report to the news. In a study of the healthiest states for children, her state came in as the highest. While Rita and I are still wondering why, they also stated at the end of their report that physical exercise does little for losing weight. Really? I’m not sure I agree with this, but that’s what they said.

I had called Rita to catch up and during the chat I shared with her that I think I took the tip that Linda Morris taught me a little to far. Linda learned that getting half your body weight in grams of protein every day is ideal for maintaining weight and even aggressively dropping the unwanted fat and toxins from the body. Of course using Nikken’s nutritionals is the best way to go, but I took it a step further.

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68 grams of protein in a shake??? Yep, I simply kept adding organic ingredients like chia seeds, flax seed powder, peanut butter powder, hemp seeds, and Bob’s Red Mill protein powder (not organic). Because I started with pea milk instead of PiMag water, I was already into it with 8 grams of protein. So being that I currently weigh less than 140 pounds, I achieved the half my body weight in grams of protein in one meal. (Is there any wonder why I didn’t get hungry till 2:00?). While I don’t do this everyday, it sure makes it fun and really affordable to maintain a healthy body.

We also discussed the fact that we need to be checking our personal website pages every week to ensure that our customers are able to find us. Super simple right? Yes!

My Business tab

Personal Web Page

You Will be Glad You Did!

Check to see that all the settings are the way you want them and then submit. This needs to be done every time Nikken does an upgrade or resets the system. They always notify us with the yellow banner across the top of the website, but it wouldn’t hurt to do this every Sunday or Monday morning.
This will ensure that customers are able to locate us and keep our profits going into our wallets. After all, if we’re dropping weight from our bodies, we might as well shift it to someplace where it’s most useful."


Saturday, June 23, 2018

Skinny Summer and Laurie Jones & Ann Brienza on Saturday AM Live!

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Vance emailed: "Laurie Jones and Ann Brienza are two gals that I’d really enjoy meeting at my favorite Russian coffee shop. If they lived down the road I could see us enjoying a favorite warm or iced beverage discussing our wellness journey's, specifically weight management. Both these gals have a wealth of information on this subject, not because they’ve studied it or attended classes, but simply because they’re living it!!! Laurie is in the 100 pound club (dropped 100 pounds) and Ann is the craziest physically active person I know who just last summer logged in 100 days of water skiing.

Hope to learn a few more secrets,


Ann before and after 4 months of KVB
Read Vance's Tip of the Week:

"June 22, 2018

Skinny Summer?

‘I’ve got to do something because I don’t like this (padding of the belly) and too many of my friends are going to the hospital for weight-related issues.’

A few years ago a comment from a friend like this would have left me scratching my head and suggesting drinking more water, eating better, getting balanced sleep, and more exercise. Now that Nikken’s Kenzen

Laurie, member of the 100 Club

Vital Balance is in the top ten of meal replacement shakes, I can passionately respond the way I did without hesitation. ‘Wanna know a secret that I’ve found which none of the big diet companies haven’t discovered? Start the day with easily digestible protein, consume only protein before noon, and target half your body weight in grams of protein every day. Nikken’s KVB is my way of cheating the system because it’s too easy and really affordable.’

As our conversation continued I shared with him the struggles I experienced being nearly 50#’s overweight and how the above mentioned secret completely changed my life. Before I attempt to mop up the flooded floor I must first find the source of the leak and shut it off. By giving the brain what it wants and needs, protein shuts off the source of the problem and aggressively helps the body shed toxins and unwanted fat.

Vance With Addi
Just like all the other wonderful products Nikken has given us, I’m still amazed that they continue to improve upon what we have in each category. It doesn’t happen every day or every week for that matter, but it’s kind of fun when I hear the work ‘skinny’ in a compliment. The best part is that I can share my secret with others and empower them to enjoy the body that God gave them to enjoy." Vance

Ann with her Grandson
Ann emailed Vance:

"Enjoying every moment with my 10 month old grandson. To think I was carrying this same amount of weight in my body (20 lbs.) before 4 months of KVB! Wow it sure is easier to get up on 1 ski now!"

The mantra we lived by on the LifeStyle Calls for years was: "Nothing tastes like skinny feels." 

As Dave Johnson says: "Let's Do It!"

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Nikken Newsmakers and Kimball Sargent and Geoffery Avery-Foy on Saturday AM Live!

Kimball and Geoff in Tokyo
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While she’s no stranger to joining us on Saturday morning, I know for a fact that a few days ago, Kimball Sargent and Geoff Avery-Foy were strangers in a foreign land. This small in stature couple were part of the traveling Team Kaizen clan to the land of the rising sun and those that are closer to their height than, let’s just say the Dutch. If you’re like me, hearing a report of just how exciting an all-inclusive trip paid for by Nikken can be, then you don’t wanna miss this chat.

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June 15, 2018

Nikken Newsmakers

Order From Herb or Focus On Growth

I know for a fact that my friend Herb Rapp has used the printed page for years to build his Nikken business. A few years ago Herb wrote a book titled ‘Fit to Win’ and has effectively shared the message of Nikken with dozens of people who are looking for a better way to wellness. Not all of us are gifted enough to write a book and have amazing photo’s of ourselves with celebrities like Clint Eastwood and Merv Griffin, but we can leverage timely articles when sharing about Nikken.

Here’s an example:

Sure, one could say that this is self-promoting and has nothing to do with Nikken, but I would beg to differ. Last week a reporter from a small newspaper interviewed a few of us from our volunteer fire department for a follow up story about the Eagle Creek fire that forced our family from our home last September. As with any news story, you never know until it’s printed what the angle will be and what quotes will get included or deleted.
Smoke from Eagle Creek Fire

I have used this story throughout the week as a way of reaching out to folks with short notes like, ‘your friend made the news’ or ‘your neighbor is getting attention again and this time it’s not because he slipped on his driveway’. After they read the article and respond favorably, then I make contact via text or phone to ask them if they’d like to know more about how I actually kept the rigorous schedule of a forest firefighter at my age. The response has been fairly positive.

Bottom line is this…. When we find timely articles or stories that support our pursuit of the 5 Pillars of Health, we need to share them with folks. Not all news is negative and even when it is, we can bend it to support the benefits of what Nikken has given us. So even if you’re not a Nikken Newsmaker, we can use the news to share Nikken!


Saturday, June 9, 2018

A Fulfilled Life and Michael DiMuccio on Saturday AM Live!

Michael DiMuccio
Click Here to Listen to Vance with Michael DiMuccio. It's AMAZING!

"Live from Japan, it’s the founder of Good Vibrations International, Michael DiMuccio! Well, not really live from Japan, but recently returned from the Orient and definitely one who lives out his company name, he will be sharing some highlights from the birthplace of Nikken. Michael has been an example of the 5 Pillars of Health for a quarter of a century and as a new member of Team Kaizen, he has some key principles to share with us that have been the foundation of his success."

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June 8, 2018

" 'A Fulfilled Life'

‘Do you enjoy this?’ While this question caught me off guard this week from a fourth generation member of our community, I thoroughly enjoyed the 

discussion that followed. I shared with him about our family values and why we do what we do everyday. I’m not sure he completely understood the life we live sharing Nikken with others, but at least I planted another seed into some soil that may bring a harvest some day.
Michael and Nikken CEO Mr. Kurt Fulle
The beautiful thing about Nikken is that we’re all on the same team doing our best to share the balanced life that we’re seeking to live out everyday. It won’t ever be perfect by any means, but it sure is fun going in the same direction as others who are seeking a fulfilled life.


Michael and Nikken Founder, Isamu Masuda,
 shortly after Michael joined Nikken. 
The Rest of The Story.

I have heard Michael say, when he was new in Nikken, he knew Nikken was going to be big, just not how big. In the back of his mind, he wondered if Nikken was big enough for him to be involved with it.

He told of when he received his answer in a Facebook Post dated February 26, 2014. Michael included a picture which I cropped this photo from. Below is the text that was included. 

"This is the moment of truth! It was at this very instant I asked Mr. Isamu Masuda a critical question. Through his response, I saw that he was the 'real deal' and I made a firm commitment to share in his humble vision. He remains the source of inspiration in the heart of Nikken."

It's time we make our firm commitment. Thank you Michael for living this: See It. Believe It. Live It. Share It. Find Joy In It!

Have the Greatest,


Saturday, June 2, 2018

Last Day of School and Angie Boyd on Saturday AM Live!

Angie Boyd
Click Here to Listen to Elaine Mathews interview Angie Boyd. We are so lucky to have so many wonderful Nikken Friends that do such an amazing job filling in for Vance and letting him participate in Family and Society Pillar activities during the Saturday AM Live time frame! Elaine was amazing!

Elaine Matthews is one of our friends who knows the value of education. No, she’s not a teacher, unless you consider educating people how to pay their toll on the Pennsylvania turnpike, but she knows how to help people discover Nikken. One of her friends Angie is learning how wonderful these products are to help her special situation. Or in her own words, ‘At 47, I’m a hot mess.’

IBS, GERDS, Lupus, RA, High Blood Pressure, Raynaud’s, Diverticulitis, Osteoarthritis, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Yeah, I’d say she’s a hot mess!

Elaine Mathews
Read Vance's Tip of the Week

June 1, 2018

"Last Day of School

This is the time of year when every student starts celebrating the end of their educational year. Our oldest has been done for three weeks so she’s boarding a plane tonight for Africa. The youngest has a 1/2 day concluding with an ice cream party and then our middle has a few more days. And if that’s not enough, my wife Stacey will be off the clock later today working with two incredible special needs boys.

Does the education ever stop? I should hope not!

I listened to the following teaching by Roger Drummer this week. I heard it the first time 5 years ago when Kenzen Vital Balance was being introduced and yet
The Drink for Champions - Order Yours Today
his message is timeless as I found myself taking notes yet again. Just like the two friends I passed it onto, I encourage you to listen to it in chunks of time rather than trying to bite it all off in one sitting. I get sucked into it within the first few minutes because of how much intel he shares.

Bottom line is this, we will take the time to learn about anything that we find important to us. What I learned from Roger years ago has helped our family take control of what we eat every day. Creating a wellness home requires we learn what a wellness pantry looks like. And the minute we stop learning, we start missing valuable insight that can help us help others. With school being out, the summer is an ideal time to casually help people understand the value of what we have in Nikken."