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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Nikken Changes Are Great - Elaine Connelly from Orlando on Saturday AM Live

Elaine Connelly
Click Here to Listen to This Weeks Saturday AM Live With Guest Host Elaine Connelly.

Some of JEFF Isom's announcements from Orlando...

No more “Q”
New water bottle
All volume counts for rank advancement
New packs-water, energy, sleep
Retail paid weekly-August 17th first day start

Read these attached flyers to see all the details, especially the free shipping for lack orders during the month of sign up.


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July 28, 2018

What Wonderful Tool's and Life Improving Solutions

Order Yours Today - It's Fun To Save Money
Click Here to download a Flyer for the New Nikken Packs.
"Here is the real version of what I feel will be the catalyst to give our Customers & friends exactly what they're looking for. Nearly $100 discount on the Water and Energy Packs, plus free shipping on the Water Pack during the first month of sign up ($45 savings).

Nikken has just stepped it up a notch to prove that they're committed to helping people get the products they need at prices that even Amazon cannot compete with!"


Saturday, July 21, 2018

Western Wild Fires and Pam Barnes with others on Saturday AM Live!

Pam Barnes
Click Here to Listen to This Weeks Call featuring Pam Barnes.

Ten months ago while I was serving on a task force during the Eagle Creek Fire, Pam Barnes shared her journey with Nikken as a dental hygienist and how these products changed her and her husband Ron’s lives. Well, she’s back with a team of people who have powerful results of using Nikken in diverse situations.

Western Wild Fires

Lighting and human carelessness are the two reasons that the western part of the United States suffers loss every summer. Yesterday morning I was awoken to a super tanker flying east to join the effort just 60 miles from us that has consumed over 50,000 acres.

Read Vance's Tip of the Week!

In reading Nikken’s blog this week I couldn’t help but compare and contrast these fires and human conditions like arthritis. I’ve heard people talk about the burning pain so I quickly sent a text to a few new Customers and included the link:

For me, human carelessness messed up my back 27 years ago. Then it was the natural progression of not dealing with it that continued to bring agony. While I’m not saying that every human condition can be blamed on our mistakes or natural conditions, I’m simply grateful that we have solutions through Nikken to deal with them.

What I suggested in my text to was that at the end of this blog article it tells us how we can get a $33 Powerband necklace for free by investing into two products(CM Cream & Joint - $77) that could very well help alleviate the very condition that they’re dealing with. I don’t know which product will bring relief, but I’m 100% confident that these three together will extinguish the fire in their bodies or at least lesson the agony. After all, as we say in the fire service, when you put the wet stuff on the red stuff, it doesn’t take long for that fire to go out. We have a variety of different hoses, nozzles, solutions, etc. to get the job done. The key is that we take action and do it!


Saturday, July 14, 2018

Mid Year Assessment and Suzanne Steele (and more) on Saturday AM Live!

You Can Tell She's Happy!
Click Here to Listen to Suzanne introduce the iCan Attitude Course to us and hear what other alumni tell of their feelings about it. Vance writes: "Suzanne Steele is one of the most recent rock stars of the iCan Attitude course by not only going through it, but inviting several of her team members to join her. I’ve asked her to lead the group as they share their elevator speeches and then their thoughts on the last 12 weeks. We’re gonna split the call into two parts because these 30-60 second stories of Nikken introductions are some of the best I’ve heard during my quarter century of being part of Nikken."

Read Vance's Tip of the Week!

"July 13, 2018

'Mid Year Assessment'

At the end of June a pastor friend of ours shares with his church that now is the best time to take a mid year assessment of goals, dreams, and plans we made for ourselves six months ago. I’ve always believed that it’s far better to simply write things down, share these with a few trusted friends, and then immediately start walking in that direction rather than be a revolutionist by merely stating something near the new year and then doing little or nothing to follow through.

'We Suggest You Be In Your 'Right Mind'
The iCan Attitude program has not only allowed me to do this very thing, but it keeps me going in the direction of achieving balance in all 5 Pillars. While shopping for a new battery for my truck yesterday, I met the mom of one of our youngest daughter’s school friends. I shared with her that this side of heaven I don’t know that we’ll ever achieve perfect balance and yet we might as well strive for it rather than coasting backwards. I found myself sharing several of the new things that I’d put into practice during the last 12 weeks. We were literally engaged in the conversation and after 25 minutes we agreed that we needed to move on so our daughters didn’t tear the store apart.

While I could list dozens of one-liners that I’ve learned from Marty, Michael, and William who continue to teach me through the iCan Attitude program, I’d rather invite you to invest 14 minutes into listening to an overview of the entire 12 weeks. Lesson 12 is just that, an overview followed by several amazing testimonies of the program. I’ll include the link here, but the entire program can be found at the iCan2 tab at The cost is absolutely free other than the time you invest into it. Or as my friend Jeanne Zedan says, ‘It only costs me the commitment I make to it everyday and the results are more than worth it!’
We are Thankful for the Altitude of Our Attitudes!

With the super cool things kicking into high gear on August 1st, I do hope you’ll consider making a mid year assessment of what can be improved in each of the 5 Pillars. And then don’t stop there, invite someone else to join you! And if you wanna be part of the next iCan Attitude group that commences on July 30th, text or call me ASAP as the group is growing fast 503-348-0749.

Hope to hear ya!


P.S. "Suzanne shared this tip this morning and numerous people asked for the tutorial video that she made to keep our PWP's in tip top working order.  Thanks so much Suzanne for sharing your wisdom that'll keep our Customers connected to us.


Saturday, July 7, 2018

Friendly on the 4th and Nancy Lindbloom (Chronic Agony) on Saturday AM Live!

Click Here to Listen to this weeks call With Nancy Lindbloom.

"27 Years ago Don took a fall on a construction site and fell 9 feet into a cellar hole onto gravel landing on his back. The Doctors had him up that night in a back brace and life went on for him and us. A very lucky Man and Newlywed of four weeks to me! Within three months of the accident three of his lower vertebrae fused on their own, and he lost six inches in his height. His lower spine is the shape of an "S" lying own--so his hips and body are six inches different from each side.

15 years ago he started on the NIKKEN Technologies and two years ago he was getting a lot of discomfort and his balance was way off. He was a boater on Lake Winnipesaukee for 51 years and this was his first love next to me. We had to give boating up--this was a very big part of our lives!! In March of 2017 he was diagnosed with not only arthritis we knew he had, but stenosis, scoliosis and disc damage after his first MRI was taken. If the accident happened now, he would have had about 35 screws put in his back and life would have been fine at this time in his life.

While Don will not be sharing, we get to hear from his wife Nancy who has watched all this unfold.

The call will commence at 7:00am PST and the number to dial is 218-548-1536, code 1536#. If you miss it live, check out this recording and so much more at:

I do hope you can join us,


Read Vance's Tip of the Week

"July 6, 2018

Friendly on the 4th

We just celebrated our nations birthday and I couldn’t help but notice again how much more friendly people are on a holiday like the 4th of July. Regardless of politics or beliefs, everyone seems to be grateful for the freedom and independence that we have in America.

Freedom from pain isn’t something that everyone enjoys though. This was evident in the two texts I received this week from two new friends that we’ve introduced to Nikken.

First one is from our new neighbor who has suffered from major shoulder and neck issues since the birth of their oldest son six years ago. When I handed her my Powerband necklace on the 4th, she put it on, and within seconds spoke up a little louder to her husband who was standing a few feet away. ‘Josh, can you please tell Vance that I haven’t been able to raise my arms this high in years!’ As her eyes filled with tears, the three of us enjoyed a moment that I’ll never forget.

Second text is from an even newer friend we met last Sunday morning while dropping our youngest kids at camp. Within a few minutes of meeting, somehow us men got to talking about weight and he shared the emotional pain of losing, gaining, losing, and gaining weight most of his adult life. I shared with him about my friends Ann & Laurie who fought this battle and won using our KVB. He looked at me and asked, ‘I’m 100% open to anything, can you hook me up?’ I shared with him that my journey of weight maintenance was made much easier with the knowledge taught to me from Roger Drummer and told him that I’d send him the presentation from YouTube.

‘I just texted Josh this morning because I didn’t have your cell #. Last night was the first night in months that I was not woken up from the pain in my back and shoulders!!! I’m blown away.

‘This Roger Drummer is awesome! I’ve listened to it twice and I’m just now starting it the 3rd time.’

All this to say that when people are open to change, it may be that a product handed to them or a link to more information that seals the deal. The key is that they have to be open. After all, Dennis Williams taught me years ago that we should never seek to close the deal, simply open them to Nikken."