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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Apple A Day and Nikken Wellness 101 Part 2 on Saturday AM Live!

Click Here to Listen to this Weeks Call about Nikken's Wellness Nutritional Solutions.

Last weekend we started discussing Nikken Wellness or the 18 amazing nutritional products so we’re gonna pick up right where we left off. The group contribution was excellent and I do hope this will continue. We’ll discuss the Features, Advantages, & Benefits or FAB of each item starting with Mental Clarity and continuing down the shopping cart. Please be ready to contribute your favorite experience with each item as testimonies are often more interesting than factual information.
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September 14, 2018

" 'An Apple a Day…'

One of the earliest goal-setting quotes I remember hearing as a teenager was simply this: ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’. While most would associate this with tasks or dreams, it’s one of the basic fundamentals of diet that our family has used to maintain healthy bodies.

As we head into the cooler months and the thought of white stuff falling from the sky, our bodies need an extra boost to keep them in proper working order. Long sleeves, hats, and warmer clothing is standard, but sometimes we forget that a few basic tweaks in our nutritional habits will yield big results and keep us away from the doctor.

Nikken Wellness is just that. Wellness via Nikken! While making healthy food choices is elementary, adding a few choice nutritional products can be the key to a strong immune system and preventing some of the normal ickiness that everyone seems to think is normal during the winter months.

As Consultants or Customers, taking advantage of Autoship is the ideal way to get a few nutritional products coming every month with big savings for our wallet. Our family has been using this wonderful method of ordering since before we were a family and I know that the money we have invested has saved us thousands on the long end. And kept us out of the doctors office!
So if you don’t have access to a great organic apple every day, look into adding a few basic core supplements to your routine. Jades and Immunity have been staples in our home for almost two decades now. I’d suggest starting there and then build in the areas of need. Again, Autoship is the way to go!


Saturday, September 8, 2018

50th Birthday and Nikken Wellness 101 Part 1 on Saturday AM Live!

Click Here to Listen to this Weeks Saturday AM Live about Nikken's Wellness Solutions Part 1.

While I thought we could pull it off in one session, after reviewing the greatness of Nikken Wellness or our fabulous nutritional products, it would be rather challenging to cover all 18 of them in one conference call. We’ll discuss the Features, Advantages, & Benefits or FAB of each item starting with my favorite Jade GreenZymes and continuing down the shopping cart. Please be ready to contribute your favorite experience with each item as testimonies are often more interesting than factual information.

Looking forward to exploring Nikken Wellness with you tomorrow!

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September 7, 2018

Crossing the half-century mark

Two days after my 50th birthday I received an invitation to join AARP. WOW! I’ve finally arrived was my first thought and then I did a little more digging only to discover the real perks to being in my 50’s don’t really kick in till I’m 55. Bummer! Now I have to wait another five years.

A friend told me yesterday that 20 years ago he almost joined Nikken. The more we conversed the more he started sharing physical issues that I literally had to bite my tongue to avoid a response. ‘I suppose you’re gonna tell me that Nikken has a solution for this eh?’, was his question as I simply smiled. When he was ready to hear I simply shared my elevator speech about me being 24 with a major back issue and how these amazing products enable me to do what I do today with very few limitations.

Regardless of our age or what condition our body may be in, we can always improve them by aligning ourselves with earth energies and these wonderful concepts called the 5 Pillars of Health.
My friend may have the financial pillar dialed in, but what I found interesting was the two cups of coffee he had sitting on the kitchen counter and a third being brewed in the French press. ‘Now I know your secret’, I said to him and simply smiled.

Before we departed ways, I asked for the best method for him to review two short videos and obtained his cell #. I made sure he’d actually watch them if I texted them to which he smiled and said, ‘I’d like those very much as I’ve been wondering what life would be like today had I made a different decision 20 years ago’.

And while I know I could leverage 26 years of Nikken experience and how I am in better physical shape at 50 than I was at 24, I find it much easier to leverage tools like these:

What is Vital Wellness?

Nikken mStrides and brief history of company/magnetics


Saturday, September 1, 2018

Back-to-School and Nikken 101 on Saturday AM Live!

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"As Nikken unveiled a few major changes a few weeks ago, it typically takes us some time AND practical application to really grasp the magnitude of these changes. The Packs, new Sports bottle, how we get paid weekly & monthly, and every order counting for everything are some of the things we’re going to learn about. While I’ve never claimed to be a teacher of vast wisdom, I think together we can learn a few more things to really understand what Nikken’s given us. This will be a two part ‘Back-to-School’ call with changes this weekend and nutritional highlights next weekend."
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August 31, 2018

" 'Back-to-School'

Last night at the orientation for the new school that our youngest daughter Addi will be attending this year I experienced intel overload with a barrage of information that was almost foreign to my educational background. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I’d been awake since 2:46am, but that’s a story for another time.

What I heard loud and clear without it ever being stated was that this new school to us has a rich history of absolutes where as the school system I grew up with has evolved into more of a touchy-feely academic classroom. Don’t get me wrong, some kids thrive in an emotionally driven experience, and yet others want absolutes.

The one absolute that seemed to get the most attention was this personal device called a cell phone. In this school, it’s simply not allowed. Period! While school is in session, from 8-3, a cell phone cannot be on a students body or in their hand. I couldn’t believe my ears! In a culture that we don’t experience vacations anymore, but take selfies of each moment to post on social media for the world to see, how could a school implement a rule and take away such a necessary tool of life?

In all seriousness, I see Nikken’s history very much the same as this school’s history. Almost the same age, Nikken has established some absolute truths to enable our bodies to harness what God put in nature so that we can live full lives. All these amazing technologies can be used everyday IF we’ll accept the absolute fact that the earth’s energy works. We really don’t even have to believe it or understand it, just put our bodies into that environment.

For me, a back-to-school experience is returning to a truth that is absolute fact. A student can learn when they accept the fact of focused attention on a teacher WITHOUT the distraction of a cell phone. No excuses. No justifications. And no whining. My body will heal itself when I expose it to super cool products made from energy forms from the earth. Nikken technologies continue this everyday in so many ways.


Saturday, August 25, 2018

Thanksgiving in August and Julie Tara on Saturday AM Live!

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"Julie Tara is a friend of ours that understands the value of relationships like few people we’ve come to know in Nikken. She literally is larger than life whether it’s one-on-one or in front of a larger audience. Addressing issues with real solutions that impact all 5 Pillars of Health not only launched her business after a miraculous experience in her lower back from a career as a ballerina, but have sustained her. As Marty Jefferies taught me, when you understand people, you understand business. Bottom line, Julie gets people and she’s willing to share a few tips on how we can to.

If you need a little firing up to have a great weekend, join Julie and me."
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August 24, 2018

" 'Thanksgiving feast in August?'

When dear friends visiting from a foreign country who just happened to miss last Thanksgiving, Christmas, and every other American holiday, the crazy family that I’m part of go all out to prepare a meal to remember. And it’s not just the food that made the night memorable, but the wild conversation and entertainment of our youngest that kept me laughing as I did my part cleaning up and carving the rest of the bird. While the laughter ensued from the dining room, the topic of relationships kept my mind racing.

Relationships are vital in Nikken. Or as my friend Brody Craney texted me yesterday, ‘I love the good people of Nikken’. Sharing products is one thing, but being part of a mission to spread concepts that truly impact peoples lives forever is totally different.

I think what really caught me off guard was that before, during, and after dinner we shared these life-changing products with our two friends living in Indonesia for their own issues and some of their friends who are desperate. What do other people discuss and share with friends when physical needs are brought up? I thought about this and was so incredibly grateful that we could offer solutions that can really help.

We don’t have to wait till November to celebrate our gratefulness. We don’t have to wait for anything to share Nikken and these amazing products. All we need is the listening ear of a friend who is open to hear. What really made the conversation the most fun was when I presented the new Water Pack to which our friend said, ‘That makes perfect sense to address all the water products in the home which is probably what I’ll start with.’

I am so grateful to Nikken today and the great relationships I get to be part of. We truly get to discover it AND live it!


Saturday, August 18, 2018

Hot August Nights and Michelle Kowalchuk (Summer Sizzler) on Saturday AM

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Michelle Kowalchuk is one of the newest members of Team Kaizen. This dynamic gal has an amazing story that I truly believe is the secret to her success. Not so much that it was a ‘one foot in the grave’ type story, but simply the fact that she shares it with people and continues to do so consistently.
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August 17, 2018

" 'Hot August Nights '

This is the time of year that many wish to come to an end due to several environmental factors and poor sleep is the biggest one. Parts of the world have comfortable temperatures during the evening and many gather outside for concerts, dinners, etc. It’s the sleeping conditions that are often uncomfortable because the lack of what we in Nikken call a ‘climatically controlled sleep environment’. It’s not just one product, but the entire sleep system. Here in Portland, Oregon only 50% of the population has air conditioning so sleep suffering is quite common.

Nikken’s blog this week addresses this subject and any one of Dr. Gary Linder’s presentations on the subject is a wealth of information. We used the high-tech tool called the Internet and YouTube to have Gary share in our home last night. In less than 15 minutes he addressed a slew of health issues that really got the group thinking about these issues.

What I continue to find amazing is that even though we went way longer than I’d hoped, it was the conversation about all things wellness that kept the dialogue going. People left at different times and now comes the follow up. And in the end, I was grateful that I not only got to climb into my sleep cocoon, but that we introduced several more people to the gift of Nikken and got process of discovery started. While we cannot control what their response is, we took advantage of yet another hot August night by introducing a little Nikken sizzle.


Saturday, August 11, 2018

Living in Nature's Energy & Debbie Davis (LMT) on Saturday AM Live!

Click Here to listen to this Weeks Call.

"Known to most of her friends as the ‘Energizer Bunny’, Debbie Davis is a licensed massage therapist who loves to teach others how to create environments of health and well-being in their own homes.  Using the Nikken products as she provides this wonderful service of touch, she also educates them about how she lives her life with the 5 Pillars of Health.  The one thing that motivates her is to share more, knowing that there are people who still don’t know [what she knows what is true] and that she could be missing [an opportunity to serve] by not sharing."

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August 10, 2018

" 'Living in Nature’s Energy'

A few miles to the east of our home, is the Pacific Crest Trail.  This 2650 mile trek from Canada to Mexico is hiked by 200 people annually and for our family, it’s fascinating to say the least.  Let me first say that I really don’t have any interest in spending several months hiking this route, but the idea of tapping into what God put into nature would be wonderful.

The long version very short is that on Stacey’s 48th birthday this week we met Evan and Angela while enjoying dinner in the town of Cascade Locks.  This young couple started the trek on April 14th near the border of Mexico and will finish before they fly home on September 7th from Vancouver, Canada.

Sure, we’re a bit nuts as a family to take in complete strangers and yet when you know that you know, it’s just the right thing to do.  Last night during and after dinner we thoroughly enjoyed learning & laughing about this adventure they’ve been on.  I remarked several times how they’re harnessing exactly what Nikken has incorporated into our wellness home in its purest form.

Best part about Nikken today is that we truly have the opportunity to offer people the absolute impact of all of the earth’s energy WITHOUT living in the wild like the Roberts!  In other words, we get to enjoy the best of God’s creation 24/7 while we sleep, sit, walk, and play.  What an incredible gift we have!!!"


Saturday, August 4, 2018

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Last Saturday Elaine Connelly provided the most incredible 25 minute overview of the Orlando experience. While I know I cannot articulate as good as she did, there were several thoughts that raced through my mind during her trailer of this two day event. New products, packaging, tweaked compensation plan, etc. What does it all mean and how does it all empower us to move forward at an accelerated pace?
‘Do you want to be well?’ is the question that I keep hearing in my head as I see what Nikken has to offer people today and with what was introduced in Orlando I feel as if we’ve been re-branded, re-launched and quite possibly re-born WITHOUT all the hype & hoopla that usually goes with something like this.

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August 3, 2018

" 'Having our cake and eating it too!'

The follow up book to King Solomon’s great wise writings in Proverbs is a short few chapters that have been translated into many pop culture songs. As I read this morning, Ecclesiastes 2:24 sort of jumped off the page at me.

‘There is nothing better for a man or woman that to eat, drink, and to enjoy their work.’

This is exactly how I feel about ‘playing’ Nikken today. We’ve been given the most incredible life-changing products, simple compensation plan, and company philosophy in the industry. I don’t say this because I’m bias, I simply say it because it’s true.

Products - At least once a month I’m asked to look at a company by a friend who has ventured into this industry and give them my opinion. While I enjoy the flattery of my thoughts, I grow weary of this reverse phycology style of recruiting. Just like at the grocery store, most of the time all we have to do is take a quick look at the ingredients to see that words that must be looked up to define are probably not things we want to put in our body.

Compensation Plan - With weekly & monthly pay-outs, no sign up bonuses, product packaging(new packs), and real-time rank advancement for any volume created, I truly feel that what we have now can launch people into building a residual source of income that will last for years to come.

Nikken Philosophy - The 5 Pillars of Health is more than just core values, it’s a fantastic way to show people what we are striving for. In order to be a success in life, most of the great leaders in history didn’t seek just one area in their lives to pursue, they eventually came to terms with a concept of balance. Celebrities are not necessarily great leaders because they’re often put on a pedestal because they can act, sing, or play a sport a little better than the others in their field. A real leader is one who constantly seeks ways to improve every area around them.
So if you’re looking for a way to have your cake and eat it too, take a deeper look at what Nikken has. Plug into some of the amazing weekly Zoom or conference calls. The folks sharing are the ones that have discovered it and are living it."

July 28, 2018

Click Here to download a Flyer for the New Nikken Packs.

Here is the real version of what I feel will be the catalyst to give our Customers & friends exactly what they're looking for. Nearly $100 discount on the Water and Energy Packs, plus free shipping on the Water Pack during the first month of sign up($45 savings).

Nikken has just stepped it up a notch to prove that they're committed to helping people get the products they need at prices that even Amazon cannot compete with!