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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Nikken Advantage and Gift Giving on Saturday AM Live!

Click Here to Listen to this weeks call about the Nikken Advantage and Gift Giving.

"Keeping in the spirit of gift-giving, I thought it would be fun to have a brief chat about some of the ways we introduce Nikken, especially this time of year. Whether it’s a super quick conversation with the clerk at Home Depot or connecting with a customer about the Nikken Advantage event tomorrow, I’ve found a few fun ways to give the gift of Nikken.

And while mine are great, I’d love to hear some of yours! Be ready to share some."

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December 8, 2017

"Everyone loves a gift

Dennis Williams shared last Saturday that he and Ruth will celebrate their 26th Nikken anniversary tomorrow. I didn’t know that we enrolled a week apart from one another after Dennis presented the gift of Nikken to our family. Of course it took me two months to open that gift and truly realize what it was all about.

Nikken has been giving away jewelry items as gifts to anyone who orders more than $250 retail or 200 points worth. And just as exciting as this is, we have the opportunity of giving an fun introduction by people around the globe tomorrow, from the comfort of your own home. And whether it’s you and a friend or a group of friends, I’ve enjoyed connecting with people the last few weeks and then dropping a note like the following via email or text.

While I cannot control whether someone receives my gift or even acknowledges it, the more I give, the more I know people will come to understand the value of what our family has enjoyed for 25 years.

Here’s my follow-up note:


It was great chatting with you tonight! Here is the info about one of the presenters at the live event we discussed.

The following is the information for the event this weekend. Usually these require a lengthy drive to Tacoma or Seattle, but this time its being broadcast from around the globe.

Here is a short introduction to my friend Dr. Gary Lindner:

He will be one of the presenters this Saturday at the event. Check out the others here:

It would be great having you join us. And don’t forget to come hungry as we’ll have breakfast ready for you as you walk in the door.

(Note: While I don’t give the opportunity of enjoying my gift at their home, there is always that option for people who cannot join me in person. We can email them the link and they can join with one click. And some folks will already find it by going to the Home page at the link above.)


Saturday, December 2, 2017

25 Year Celebration & Dennis Williams on Saturday AM Live!

An Amazing Friend!
Dennis Williams
Click Here to Listen to Vance and Dennis celebrate and share about the last 25 years of 'Playing Nikken' together.

"Dennis Williams is a mentor, friend, and so much more! Sharing 25 years of memories will be the theme of the call. Dennis is a master story teller as everyone who’s heard him will agree and yet it’s his candid approach that opened up my eyes a quarter century ago and still causes me to follow his lead today. I encourage you to invite a friend to hear the person that I often refer to as ’the Paul Harvey of Nikken’."

Please Read Vance's Tip of the Week

"December 2nd, 1992

I remember standing next to the fax machine thinking and praying, ‘God, I’d like to earn $500-$600 a month sharing these products and this business with people. Please let this come to pass.’

As my distributorship application fed into the tray, I’m not sure what I was really expecting, but I never could have dreamed that 25 years later I’d be reflecting back on such an amazing history. The places Stacey, our girls and I have traveled to, the people we’ve met, the lifelong friends we’ve made, the impact these products have made in miraculous ways, etc, etc, and etc. The Millionaires Club, President’s Club, Polar Bear Club, and Auto/Home Program before my 30th birthday were an added bonus too.

It took me two full months to make that decision to become a distributor. Yep, I guess I was a slow learner. But today, I think I’m figuring out how to start each and every day a little faster using the 5 Pillars and Kaizen philosophy’s. What can I do today to improve myself in these areas so that I can become a better contribution to those around me?

The text I received from our oldest daughter just yesterday was a perfect cherry on top to celebrate this 25 year mark. She included the email from the Watanabe Scholarship Foundation which stated that they were mailing a check early to pay for her Spring semester tuition at American University.

If the first 25 years have been this great, I can hardly imagine what the next 25 years will be like! I think my simple prayer has come to pass which is why I’ve already started asking for more. Not so much for more money (although that’s part of it), simply a richer experience.

Vance Rogers"

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Click Here to Listen to call with Vance, Ron and Pam.

Ron and Pam Barnes ready for the Kentucky Derby
"If the 4500 caloric coma from the previous feast hasn’t worn off, then a shot in the arm from one of Nikken’s dynamic duo’s should do the trick.  For years Ron & Pam Barnes have modeled the 5 Pillars of Health and been an inspiration to me.  I’m challenged by Ron’s analytical mind to process numbers and Pam’s vibrance in everything she does.

While they’d be the first to humbly say that they’ve got a long way to go, I think they completely understand that it’s not the perfection of our lives that counts, but the direction. Constantly seeking ways to improve and then in turn sharing those developments with others.

So what do a tax guru and teeth gal have to share? Absolutely, tons! 

Please Read Vance's Tip of the Week

November 23, 2017

"Weekly Blog

‘Gratitude is what I feel. Thanksgiving is what I do.’ - Tim Keller

I’ve shared this quote with more people during the last few days than I can even recall. And as I type it, I think back over almost five decades of celebrating Thanksgivings knowing that I’m getting a little closer to living a life of thanksgiving.

Ya see, seven years ago on this day, we had the privilege of celebrating the longest Thanksgiving ever! It started in Addis Abba, Ethiopia and we continued westward toward home in Oregon crossing 11 time zones. So when we arrived in Portland, it really was one of the longest days of our lives.

We felt gratitude for sure, but it was walking out it in a spirit of thanksgiving that really made the difference. A few days prior I met the woman who gave up her daughter so we could become a family of five. Grateful for what we already had in two daughters, and yet thankful for being able to add another.

I could go on and one with life lessons that I’ve discovered because of this day. Nikken is a gift that we are very grateful for. As we share it with others, we get to walk out a literal re-payment of that gift. Whether is a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving feast with popcorn and toast or the usual bird with all the trimmings, here’s to another fantastic celebration of thanks. We hope that whatever you do this day that you’re able to do something to walk out the meaning of this day.

And if you need a little inspiration for gratefulness, we grabbed this shot of Addi while walking into see ‘The Star’. Popcorn is an Ethiopian staple. A large screen is every kids dream. For Addi, the combination of these two is a little slice of heaven."


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Lactoferrin Intel-Take 3 and Dave Johnson on Saturday AM Live!

Dave Johnson Is EXCITED!
Click Here to Listen to Vance and Dave. Dave Johnson is a walking encyclopedia. Last weekend I had the opportunity of listening to him talk about the value of Nikken Wellness, or as most of us call them, our amazing nutritional products. I took a page of notes just on Jade GreenZymes which further validated why our family has taken this product for the last 16 years.

Dave will be sharing about three topics: Lactoferrin 2.0, December 9th, and the Nikken Summit in Salt Lake. Based on what he shared with us last weekend, I think his insight will not only be timely, but crucial for sharing with others.
Please Read Vance's Tip of the Week

November 15, 2017

Do you think Lactoferrin will help me?
This was a question posed to me last night by a new Consultant who is dealing with some pretty major things in her body. Sharon is on her way to Silver this month and she’s like a dry sponge craving intel that will help her not only build her business, but also get her body back to 100%.

‘I’m already taking two and I don’t know if I should take more or if that’s enough?’ While I’ve never claimed to be a doctor nor do make any medical claims, my usual answer to a question like this is, ‘Let’s start there and see what happens’. I also encouraged her to do her own research on this amazing supplement that is used around the world for so many reasons.
AND… I also shared this statement, ‘If you could have heard the stories that I heard last Saturday on my call and in person in Tacoma, you’d suggest everyone start their Nikken journey on this product.’

Want to learn more? My friend Gary taught me how to read the label on our new formula and I quickly found these:

Bioferrin® Lactoferrin
This natural, bioactive milk protein is isolated from fresh, sweet whey using advanced fractionation and separation processing technologies. It’s a natural source of iron, an effective antimicrobial, and can enhance immune and anti-inflammatory function. Bioferrin® Lactoferrin is an excellent solution for infant formula, functional food and beverages and dietary supplements.

Again, by doing a little research, we can learn so much in a short amount of time.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Lactoferrin Intel (Free Necklaces) and Lactoferrin Stories on Saturday AM Live!

Order Your New Lactoferrin 2.0 Today
Please Click to Listen to This Weeks Call: "Facts tell, Stories sell!

While our family has used Nikken’s Lactoferrin since its introduction, we’re most excited about it’s benefits for both our immune system and our youngest daughter Addi’s ability to boost her iron levels. With the new formula, we can’t wait to see the doctors results in a few months.

There are sooo many stories that we’ve collected and we want others to hear them. Avoiding a $2500 root canal, 24 hour recovery from travel bug, keeping a diseased foot, and pregnancy are some of my favorites. Please be ready to share your story or one that you’ve heard about the use of Lactoferrin. And remember, we can’t make medical claims, but everyone knows that any coincidence is wonderful way to enjoy the benefits of a product like this."

Please Read Vance's Tip of The Week

Lactoferrin - Did you know & TIME SENSITIVE ordering to receive free necklaces!

According to Wikipedia:

Lactoferrin (LF), also known as lactotransferrin (LTF), is a multifunctional protein of the Transferrin family. Lactoferrin is a globularglycoprotein with a molecular mass of about 80 kDa that is widely represented in various secretory fluids, such as milk, saliva, tears, and nasal secretions. Lactoferrin is also present in secondary granules of PMN and is secreted by some acinar cells. Lactoferrin can be purified from milk or produced recombinantly. Human colostrum ("first milk") has the highest concentration, followed by human milk, then cow milk (150 mg/L).[5]

Lactoferrin is one of the components of the immune system of the body; it has antimicrobial activity (bacteriocide, fungicide) and is part of the innate defense, mainly at mucoses.[5] In particular, lactoferrin provides antibacterial activity to human infants.[6][7]

Occurrence of iron-containing red protein in bovine milk was reported as early as in 1939;[8] however, the protein could not be properly characterized because it could not be extracted with sufficient purity. Its first detailed studies were reported around 1960. They documented the molecular weight, isoelectric point, optical absorption spectra and presence of two iron atoms per protein molecule.[9][10] The protein was extracted from milk, contained iron and was structurally and chemically similar to serum transferrin. Therefore, it was named lactoferrin in 1961, though the name lactotransferrin was used in some earlier publications, and later studies demonstrated that the protein is not restricted to milk. The antibacterial action of lactoferrin was also documented in 1961, and was associated with its ability to bind iron.[11]

When I typed ‘Lactoferrin in Chinese baby formula’, this is one of the research articles I discovered:

In less than five minutes we can validate the absolute need for this product. See Nikken’s Blog for even more great intel.

Any order for Lactoferrin placed today before 5 pm will receive a free Yellow Powerband necklace (retail value $28) for every bottle. Yes, each bottle equals a free necklace. One Customer ordered six bottles for only $4.95 two-day shipping AND will receive six necklaces. This excludes Autoship orders and does not have to be phoned in.

Call a few friends today and share this offer with them. So much better than a flu shot and a free necklace too!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Two Options and Exciting Changes on Saturday AM Live!

Click here to Listen to Vance and partners in this weeks call.
Order Your New Lactoferrin 2.0 Today
"Improved Lactoferrin, discounted shipping, free necklaces, and top leaders coming to your town on December 9th.

Keeping up with the never-ending change element, Nikken isn’t wasting anytime keeping us on our toes. Several people I’ve spoken to this week have some really nice ideas of how they’re using the above changes."

Please Read Vance's Tip of the Week

November 2, 2017,

"Only Two Options

Luis Kasuga is Nikken’s General Director for Latin America. He delivered a powerful presentation in San Antonio and yet it was a bathroom conversation that amazed me even more. I know, men are NOT supposed to talk in the restroom, but while washing our hands, I asked him one quick question. More about that in a bit.

In his presentation he talked about how we respond to change or anything new. We really only have two options: Complain or Understand.
Listen: Luis Kasuga's Presentation
Exactly a month from today we will officially cross the 25 year mark of when I joined Nikken on December 2nd, 1992. We have experienced way too many changes and more often than not, I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t always seek understanding but was quick to murmur about another change. From products to compensation plans, improvements to discontinuations, there have been way too many changes to even attempt to remember.

Bottom line is this, we can seek to understand while moving forward or we can complain while staying stagnant. It’s our choice. There is always a reason and most of the time if we’ll give it some time, we’ll be amazed and delighted. After all, our new Customers don’t know about what’s old unless we tell them. They’ll only catch our excitement as we share.

Now to the bathroom chat…. When I asked Luis how many Spanish speaking people came to San Antonio I was shocked at his answer. But when I further pressed why (sought to understand) I totally understood why. Two people. Only two! A couple months prior they had over 2000 in one country at an event and a few weeks ago they had over 1000 in Mexico City. 400 Silvers have been developed so far this year.

I completely understood now why only two joined us in Texas. They’re running so fast that they couldn’t stop for a northern detour. Dave Johnson taught me years ago that if we want to see an increase in our commission check, we can actually give ourselves a raise. We simply have to introduce more people to Nikken. The Latin American countries seem to be doing this at a breakneck pace. I think they’ve chosen option two and are running a nice race."