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Saturday, August 28, 2021

Nikken's "Magic" mStrides and mSteps Insoles are on sale until August 31, 2021

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If you found this site on you own or Steve or Carol Crofoot referred you to this site, contact them or order your insoles using the link below.

 Order from Steve or Carol Crofoot at: See screenshots to choose which of the 20 different 3 packs you want.     


At the website choose the Shop Now Tab, then close to the bottom of the left column, Click to choose the insole sale.

 There are 20 different combinations available shown in the right column of this page. 

At the bottom of this page you find the regular item number for which insoles you want to purchase. Note #1: The Kenko mStrides are smooth and the most popular. Men's size have red line in front of it.

Note #2: Kenko mSteps have large bumps, hence, not for those that have sensitive feet.

Example: the pack circled in red is for: 3 pairs of 20211 Men's/Large mStrides. Item #202113

Choose which pack / packs you want and complete your order. Each pack gets you 3 insoles.

Have fun shopping. You will love them. I have loved my insoles for 24 years! Happy Feet make for a Happy Life. Steve

Additionally, Nikken just announced New Improved Pet Pads for your Pets

Order from Steve or Carol Crofoot at:

Note: These are perfect for a new baby to sleep on. The sleep patterns of our grandchildren improved greatly when they had a Pet Pad to sleep on. The small size was great in a cradle and the large fit great in a crib. The best gift you can give a new mom is a happy baby!

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Profound Solutions along with Casual and Car Conversations

Lisle Meeker
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Click Here to Listen to Part 2 of This Weeks Call with Larry Haffner.
"Car conversations can really be a wonderful time to learn. The real key is to actually focus on the person rather than give into the temptation of switching subjects at every passing object. Larry Hafner is considered my BFF by my daughters and although that may be true based on our phone time each week, he’s also become one of my trusted accountability partners in personal development. In other words, we know its not the perfection of our lives, but the direction of our lives that counts. Larry and I will be sharing some of our recent stories of success as we cruise the interstate in route to the Tacoma, Washington, Health and Wealth By Choice, Not By Chance Summit!"

Vance Rogers and Larry Haffner
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"November 15, 2019

Casual Conversations

This last week I’ve had more fun with a simple story than most weeks. Rather than wait for people to ask me about Nikken, I’m discovering ways to ask lots of questions so I’m able to work my elevator speech right into the conversation.

One particular time was actually a follow up conversation that I’ve been wanting to have, but I couldn’t remember the persons name. I know, terrible am I. What made it so much fun was when she responded by saying, ‘I’m thrilled that you want to keep talking to me because that tells me that my husband didn’t tell you what I do for an occupation.’ It turns out she’s a naturopathic physician! That's when the chat got really good and we were able to go deep.

One of the tools that I’ve used numerous times during these conversations lately is a 12 minute mini-documentary that is actually a trailer for a regular documentary. I was so impressed with this short video that I spent way too much time trying to find the full length film. I still haven’t found it, so rather than get frustrated, I decided that it must be for a reason and I think 12 minutes will work for most folks.

Once you watch it, I think you’ll agree with what Mary Poppins (Dr. Mary VanHoy) shared with me. ‘When we leverage a 3rd party validation like this piece, all we have to do is tell people that we have a fantastic grounding pad at a very competitive price.’ I especially like the testimony at the end because this woman shares a fair amount of really good stuff that were not supposed to. And because she doesn’t mention Nikken, it’s perfect!


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Saturday, November 9, 2019

Humans Being More and Caryn Willens

Caryn Willens
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"A few days ago Caryn Willens hosted Humans Being More in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. She started six months ago with the idea of impacting a group of people who had never experienced this. A few of the participants will share their thoughts as well as Caryn as to why this event is so life altering."

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"November 8, 2019

Humans Being More

My first encounter with this philosophy or concept was when I received my starter pack from Nikken in December of 1992. Back in the day, we’d enroll as distributors, Nikken would send us a box of VHS tapes, 3-ring binder, and about six months worth of reading material. I didn’t ever go through the contents of that box but I’ll never forget the slogan on the cover of that binder ‘Yes My Wellness’ and a prevailing theme of Humans Being More.

When this core belief gets into us, we end up doing more. What I find so rewarding is when this spirit influences the people we come in contact with every day.

I’m gonna brag a bit on a young lady that I’ve never met, but feel as if I know her because our oldest daughter has the privilege of working alongside her to impact others. I’ve watched this video several times now and each time it gets me. Maybe it’s because our daughter Kenna is in it (near the two minute mark), but I think it’s because at the recent George HW Bush Points of Light award ceremony, this Iowa farm girl was recognized for not only being a Humans Being More type person, but for doing more.

Kenna has been exposed to Nikken’s core philosophies since conception. As a recipient of the Watanabe Scholarship I know she’s going to continue doing more because her parents have exposed her to Humans Being More. Not just the training, but the spirit!


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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Wildfires and Kimball Sergant

Kimball Sargent
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"Snapshots of San Antonio with Sargent Sparky herself!  Kimball Sargent is truly a wildfire.  Her weekly presence on the Sizzle calls has been a huge boost for us and she was one of the attendees/presenters in Texas.  For those of us who couldn’t be there live, this will be a great way to take a glimpse at Kimball’s collection of Polaroids."

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"November 1, 2019


The Santa Anna winds in Southern California are a regular part of the Fall season. What is also becoming a regular occurrence is the wildfires that start for a variety of reasons and bring trauma to literally millions of people who are nearby or those of us connected to them. Just the Kincade fire alone threatening over 90,000 homes has 5245 personal assigned to it which at the time of this writing is 65% contained.

The same day that this fire started there was a gathering of Nikkenite's in San Antonio who started their own wildfire. Just like any assembling of people coming together to share and learn, these wellness consultants invested their time and resources into what Rick & Paige Murphy shared would be a life changing weekend. And so it was. Like a task force leader in front of his line crew, our global president Luis Kasuga shared his vision to more people who had not been impacted by the heart that continues to drive this company.

The greatest difference between a Santa Anna wind driven wildfire and the San Antonio Summit is that one is an emergency with no advance warning and yet both have much planning involved. The results of both will be new growth, one on natures timetable and the other on our timetable. What we do with the intel and the spirit behind the San Antonio experience will be up to us. And going forward with events like Salt Lake and the 45th anniversary celebration in New York City will definitely keep the wildfires burning."


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Saturday, October 26, 2019

I Hit a Goat and Simple Stats

Where's My Goat?

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"In light of a series of bizarre medical calls that I’ve been on as a volunteer firefighter, I’ve been doing some research on where we are as a culture when it comes to treating common issues. I will open the lines as well to hear some of the fun ways that we address ordinary aches and pains with Nikken products instead of conventional drugs. After all, our bodies are designed to heal themselves and when we immerse them into a complete wellness home, they will do just that, heal themselves."

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"October 25, 2019

"I hit a goat!'

As a First Responder, we never know ALL the details when someone calls 911. We often ask the dispatcher if there are any updates for the patient so we can be better prepared upon arriving at the scene. When a SK3 comes via text and on our pager screen, it’s sort of a blanket code that could mean any number of things. ‘Sick’ is the word for the SK and 3 means it’s not life threatening, but its also not trivial.

Finding the patient on this particular call added to the humor as we got to drive through a cattle gate, cross a sideways sloped 17 acre field, and down a steeper slope to find the camper where our patient was. As one of our medics took care of the assessment, my buddy took began gathering intel for the report, and I started calculating the best route to extract the patient from the cab-over bunk where he lay.

While we never make light of any situation, our job is to help the patient because its no funny matter when anyone dials 911. The problem for me was that when we finally got to the root of the problem, none of us were prepared for it. As this grown man continued to scream when his back would go into yet another spasm, we were all shocked to hear him say, ‘earlier today on my motorcycle, I hit a goat’.

As Nikken Wellness Consultants, we meet people and listen to their stories. We cannot diagnose or make any claims because just as a trained doctor or nurse, we will never know exactly what's going on in a persons body. This being the case, we can use some generalities to find out what Nikken solutions could be used to help the body heal itself. Prescriptions, over the counter remedies, and even recreational drugs rarely do anything to correct the problem, only mask the pain. While some in our culture wants immediate results without taking the time to get to the core of the situation, there are a growing number of people who are looking for what we have.

And just for the record, I never did find out what happened to the goat, but I am following up with the patient.


P.S. The weekly call commences Saturday Mornings at 7:00am PDT and the number to dial is 218-548-1536, code 1536#. If you miss it live, check out this recording and so much more at: Invite your family, friends and prospects to listen live.