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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Band-Aide or Surgery and Janice Miller on Saturday AM Live

Janice Miller
Click Here to Listen to this weeks call.  Janice Miller underwent major heart surgery a couple times recently.  The human body is an awesome creation and she is living proof that when a body is surrounded by the best stuff on earth, it will respond favorably.  She laughed when I made the comment this week that she wasn’t exactly a Spring chick and then quickly added, ‘that’s exactly why I’m so compelled to share Nikken because if it can help me bounce back this quickly, people need to know!’

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March 8, 2019

"Band-Aid or Surgery?

While with Dad at his third physical therapy appointment after knee surgery, I couldn’t help but get caught up in the explanation of what his body had gone through and why surgery was inevitable.  Sure, he could have continued using Nikken’s wraps, CM Cream, Joint Formula, Power Chips, DUK tape, etc. and yet the damage was well beyond what his body was able to heal without a major alteration.  Don’t get me wrong, we have heard dozens of stories of people who have been able to completely avoid ‘going under the knife’ and these are truly wonderful, but it just wasn’t meant to be for Dad.  Sort of like him being able to keep his gall bladder after decades of a nasty German sweet tooth that had probably led him to consuming several thousand pounds of candy bars, donuts, and candy.  All conveniently hidden on the front seat of any vehicle he was driving.  Yep, his secret is now exposed.

What I’ve found to be most exciting though is that most people get attracted to Nikken (91% according to company research) because of a product experience.  This was definitely true for our family because we weren’t at the place of surgery back then.  We all just had some really agonizing issues that seem to magically improve in the course of a few days and weeks.  Isn’t that what band-aides are supposed to do?  Allow the body to heal naturally WITHOUT a trip to a doctor or surgeon.

Last thought on the surgery note.  Before, during, and after his knee surgery, Dad has been immersed in the Nikken products.  Using the DUK tape directly over the incisions has been the most dramatic.  What was the most nasty color imaginable has quickly turned into the natural pink color of healthy skin.  I remember this oh too well last summer when I slipped while helping clean up debris at Dad’s barn and my upper arm took the brunt of the fall.  Nothing broken, but the beautiful black and purple mark was a perfect candidate for the Nikken band-aide solutions.  DUK tape and a Power Chip did the most remarkable job in 36 hours time.

As a first responder, I know that when people call 911 it’s for something really bad.  As much as I’d love to suggest Nikken products, its a major conflict of interest.  What’s great about sharing Nikken with anyone though is that most people are not in a panic.  The majority of folks are not needing surgery, they’re simply looking for a quick fix to get their body back at 100% or at least a little better than it has been."


PS Since this weekend is when all but Arizona and Hawaii lose an hour, be sure to check out Nikken’s blog to learn a few simple tips to avoiding a major bump in the road.  By far one of the best quick reads on this subject.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

New Sheriff in Town & Live From Layton Team Nikken Summit

Nikken President, Luis Kasuga
Click Here to Listen to This Weeks Call.  " 'Live from Layton' just has a great ring to it and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share with you some of the insights that I’ve learned. BUT don’t take my word for it, wait for the tidbits from a few folks I’ve asked to share."

Click Here to Listen to 'Our New Friend' and Nikken President, Luis Kasuga as he shares 'The Heartbeat at the Helm of Nikken International' at the end of Leadership Dinner Friday Night.  WOW! Click on the Comments Link below and share you feelings about his Q and A session. He wants to hear from you!

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"February 8, 2019

'New Sheriff in Town'

If you haven’t heard that Nikken has a new global president or that the man who’s put the Spanish speaking countries on the map has been deputized, then let me share a glimpse of who shared with us in Layton last night.

‘This position doesn’t mean I will have a better lifestyle. It means that I have a bigger responsibility. I want to be your friend.’ Luis Kasuga

What was most fascinating to me about Luis was not what he said from the stage, but what he modeled during the Humans Being More Training. He was the chief servant making sure we had anything we needed to maximize the experience.

You’ll hear more from Luis soon and you’ll see more of his contributions to Nikken.


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Saturday, February 2, 2019

February Slump and iCan Attituders on Saturday AM Live!

Just Do IT!
Click Here to Listen to many of the iCan9 Team Members share their feelings about Nikkens new KenkoGround and how their iCan Attitude's Improve Their Lives.

"From brand new Wellness Consultants to what I call the ‘Seasoned Saints of Nikken’, we’ve got a few folks who are completing the iCan Attitude and wanna share their results. I smile when I think about the friendships that have deepened in the last ten weeks because we’ve literally done life together. And this is NOT just about growing our Customer base, but it’s about truly living the 5 Pillars in a way that I didn’t think was possible."

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"February 1, 2019

February Slump?

The second month of 2019 is already here! The gyms are now back to their normal capacity, diet programs are starting to disappear from the store shelves only to be replaced by 50% of this country’s candy production in preparation of Valentine’s Day, and the majority of those resolutions have been completely nuked from the memory of those who made some sort of decision. How’s that for a cheery first paragraph?

‘Think like a man of action, and act like a man of thought’. - Henri L. Bergson

For the eighth time now, myself and almost two dozen others are finishing out the 12 week program called iCan Attitude. The instruction, application, memorization, accountability, and all around fun has once again blown me away. Each time I wonder if it will be as good as it was the last time only to be shocked that it’s even better.

While I could list quote after quote that I have in my phone over two years of note taking, I’ll finish this commercial for iCan by a little potty talk. That’s what we call it in our home to keep it somewhat discreet.

Running to the restroom at Home Depot the other day I couldn’t help but notice a gentleman finishing his business as I started mine. I decided to ramp up my iCan Attitude by engaging with a complete stranger. Three years ago I would have NEVER done this! In the less than 60 second exchange, he finished by thanking me for the humorous chat and then finished by saying, ‘Ya know, it’s men’s movie night at my house tonight and I’m gonna find that video on YouTube so I can share it with the guys. From what you said, I know that will really add to our evening. Thanks so much!’

 If you’re looking for a way to grow as a person and super charge your Nikken experience, drop me a text or call to 503-348-0749. We’re looking for a few good men and women who wanna be a blessing to others with the 5 Pillars of Health . The next 12 week course will start soon, it’s absolutely free other than the 20 minutes you invest each day."


Saturday, January 26, 2019

T.E.A.M. and Ruth Loh & Team on Saturday AM Live!

Ruth Loh
Click Here to Listen to This Weeks Call with Ruth Loh and some of her Team Members.

"Ruth Loh exemplifies so many things that I aspire to implement in my life when I grow up and one of the greatest is utilizing T.E.A.M. We get to hear from some of the members of her team and how they truly achieved more to produce not only great volume for themselves, but help Ruth achieve her goal of Team Kaizen. Ruth shared last week that its not about using people to get what we want, but inviting them to be part of something. And as Zig Ziglar said, ‘When we help enough other people get what they want, we will get exactly what we want.' "

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"January 25, 2019

T.E.A.M. - Together Everyone Achieves More

I remember first hearing this acronym from my favorite teacher of all time. Diane Harris changed my life as a senior when I was ready to be done with high school and get on with life. After all, I pretty much knew everything there was to know at that point, had a decent job, was involved as a student leader in church, and was ready to take on the world. Yes, at 17, I had arrived.

Diane, as she allowed us to call her, had a few things that she taught me and one of the greatest is that we will never accomplish much in life as individuals. We can be independently strong, but it’s only through enlisting the help of others that we will really achieve big things. She divided our small graduating class into groups and for some reason allowed me to be the leader of one of those groups. Our objective during that year was to raise a certain amount of money to pay for our all-night graduation party. In the end, I learned more about leading than I ever could have from a leadership class and we raised thousands of dollars to rent a huge athletic center. I still smile when I think about 42 of us using that facility all night long when it probably could accommodate several hundred.
When we allow others to join what we’re doing with Nikken, however big or small that can be, we will truly achieve more. Asking people to take a look at innovative products, a different kind of philosophy, or even a business venture can be scary, but no one ever died from being told no or I’m just not interested. We not only need other people to join us, but inviting them is the right thing to do. And in the end, we’ll get to share in their success because we were the ones that offered the invitation.


Saturday, January 19, 2019

KenkoGround and Ruth Loh on Saturday AM Live!

Listen to This Weeks Call with Rita Hand about the KenkoGround and Ruth Loh about what she did to earn the a place on Team Kaizen for 2019.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Changing With The Times and Dream Doers Discussion on Saturday AM Live!

Chancellor of Nikken University Jeff Isom
Click Here to Listen to This Weeks Call.

An open line for discussion is long overdue. Not just any discussion though! As our new Chancellor of Nikken University Jeff Isom encouraged us in 2019, setting goals (not Resolutions) is something that separates those who seem to always live lives a little better than others. Let’s have a lively discussion about using the 5 Pillars as a guideline or checklist for maximum balance as well as achieving things that we thought might be way out of reach. After all, if words create our future, we can speak goals into reality when we share them with others.

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January 11, 2019

Changing with the Times

‘Dreaming about a thing in order to do it properly is right; but dreaming about it when we should be doing it is wrong.’ - Oswald Chambers
Now is the time that millions of people have given up on their dreams. No, not the big dreams of having a better life or improving their situation, but the daily dreams of conquering those little things that set them back. They set resolutions a couple weeks ago with full intentions of doing something different this year to see those changes implemented, but they gave up because of a variety of reasons.

Here’s just one example. Excess weight seems like such a redundant topic as the gyms are filled and every diet company has ramped up their ad campaigns. But have we ever considered the fact that if 70% of Americans are carrying extra weight, thats the majority of us who are packing around extra toxins and living lives a bit less than we should be. What would it be like to be in the same body we occupied back in high school or college? Do we dream about this?

Nikken, it’s core philosophy of the 5 Pillars of Health and these amazing products can actually provide the tools people need to implement our dreams. We don’t have to just dream about them, but we can become dream doers by using the wellness home products and encouraging others to do the same. And when we seek out small achievable goals in each of the 5 Pillars, we’ll be empowered to dream even bigger goals.

I truly believe the Kenko Ground is not only a revolutionary product, but a concept that will deeply impact us for decades to come. Upon it’s introduction in Toronto a few months ago, people kept referring to a ‘return to our roots’ theme. When we take time daily to sit with our bare feet on this wonderful piece of cloth, we literally are allowing inflammation to be released from our bodies. When toxins are pulled from the cells, how much better can the brain do it’s job of dreaming big dreams. And not just dreaming them, but actually dreaming up the plans of implementation. This is crucial as the times change around us, because we can be the people that have already adapted to live better lives just by spending a few minutes a day getting grounded AND becoming dream doers!


Saturday, January 5, 2019

Changing Times And Kimball Sargrent

Click Here to Listen to Kimball 'Sargent and friends share about the amazing KenkoGround.

The KenkoGround has been a revolutionary new product that could very well be the launch of a new company. As disastrous as these words are, I’ve heard some say that it’s not that big of a deal. Kimball Sargent not only disagrees with any notion of this nonsense, she emphatically has proven that this latest breakthrough will empower us to change more lives than ever before. The variety of results she’s experienced in just a few weeks with both Customers and Consultants is worth hearing about.

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January 4, 2019

" Changing Times

‘When change occurs, we have two options. Complain or seek understanding.’
-Luis Kasuga

‘Get your minds ready for action, being self-disciplined…’ -1 Peter 1:13

The first week of a new year is one filled with optimism and expectation of new things to come. When I read Kurt Fulle’s New Years address I literally started getting giddy with excitement. Having key people in key positions doesn’t necessarily mean we have a perfect company, but the one thing that separates Nikken now more than any other company in the industry is DNA. I’ve met several of the upper management over the years and I can tell you with 100% certainty that we truly do have a winning team in place. If this is the company that you’ve chosen to align yourself with for a partial to full-time career, then trust me when I say that if we had just one or two of these amazing people then it would be mind-blowing, but we have an entire team.

I met Luis Kasuga a few years ago and was more than impressed. His story of being a Mexican/Japanese is super cool and it was the quote above that changed my life. In literally any situation, we’re always going to encounter change. The beautiful thing is that our attitude determines our reaction. When we seek understanding and discover why the change has occurred, we can embrace it and allow it to empower our next course of action. What Luis has accomplished leading the Spanish speaking countries is reason enough to get ready for great things to come.

This week our middle daughter was involved in her first car-accident. When I answered the phone it was her older sister who gave me the play-by-play in real time. It was as if I was on scene hearing each detail. Everyone was perfectly find and in the end it will be minor damage to both vehicles. What blew me away was how Emily at 17 has responded to every aspect of this process. From giving the elderly woman a hug before they exchanged information and giving her a ride home so she could get the rest of her information, to the several phone interviews with insurance people this week, it was if I was listening to a seasoned expert who had done this many times. Sure there have been many questions, but what I enjoyed most is that she has been relentless to seek understanding for every part of this process.

Have you raised your expectations of the changes ahead with Nikken? Have you thought about a few others you’d like to have on your team ‘playing’ the game of the 5 Pillars of Health? Have you raised your expectation of people that we can impact with these products? As I shared with the desk clerk at a hotel recently who had told her colleagues that 2018 was her best year ever and that she didn’t really think that a new year could be any better, ‘Our words create our future so be careful to expand our expectations’. It was my friend Herb Rapp (5 time Team Kaizen member and first triple play Nikken winner) who shared this with me.