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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Legacy/Tradition and Andrea Shipman (Mom of 12)

Most of Andrea Shipman's 
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"Andrea Shipman has a small town in her own home. As a mother of 12, she can tell you what tradition is all about in a way that only a few can. Her experiences with Nikken date back 20 years and she’s spent the last few years creating grandkid stories with these amazing solutions."

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"July 5, 2019


In small towns across America there is a pervasive spirit that brings people together on the 4th of July that is hard to duplicate in big cities. Maybe on New Years Eve or that cities athletic team being honored after a championship game, but coming together for little town parade is something that impacts generations.

I was the first of our family to head up to the fire station to help decorate the trucks we’d be riding on top of tossing candy to the adorning folks who would line the 2.8 mile route. It is something we’ve done for the last 12 years and I cannot imagine missing it. It’s the aspect of Healthy Society that keeps me serving a community that has been strictly volunteer since 1949.

Family Performing Group
During all the festivities I managed to sneak off a few ‘Happy 4th of July’ texts.  I remembered a neighbor who had her first Nikken experience exactly one year ago while we were swapping fruit from each others orchards.  Shannon has suffered a chronic shoulder and neck issue for years and received dramatic results when I handed her my PowerBand necklace.  I literally thought I’d done something wrong when she started crying and saying, ‘Josh you need to come here’.  For the first time since the birth of their oldest child six years earlier she hadn’t remembered being able to lift her arms over her head.  In less than 30 seconds she felt warmth and that’s when she reached up to see if she could.

I won’t ever forget that experience. She has referred me to a several people and even though only invested in a few products, Shannon is now part of a legacy of people who we’ve been able to help enjoy a better life. My Dad taught me years ago that asking a simple question like, ‘Are you open to something that impacted my life?’ can be the easiest way to bring hope to someone who’s never heard of an almost 50 year tradition called Nikken.


Saturday, June 29, 2019

Legacy Part 3 and Children's Stories

Jake a few weeks later
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The variety of stories about Nikken products and the impact on young people is endless. Whether it’s hydration to end hyperactivity, magnetics to alter sleep disruptions, or some basic nutrition changes to eliminate low iron levels, a wellness home can impact everyone who lives there. If you’ve got a story from your home or one that you’ve heard, let’s share them.

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June 28, 2019

Legacy Part 3

Years ago I remember Roger Drummer saying that as important as it is to create an environment for healthy children, we must first focus on the adults who are creating that for the next generation. While we are seeing a huge rise in alternative healthy foods, we seem to be going backwards with the other negative environmental issues such as 5G, more access to Wi-Fi, smaller devices to be ‘plugged in’, etc. It was ten years ago when I first saw the four minute video by Healthy Child, Healthy World called A Wake Up Story. Chemicals are one thing, but today it’s much worse with the electronic chemicals that can fill our homes.
It was my friend Barb Satterwhite (RN) who asked me the question, ‘do you know where in your home you are most subject to electronic poisoning?’ She went onto share that while things like excessive use of microwaves are terrible for food nutrients, things like an electronic can opener, smart meters, and other electronic devices produce negative EMF’s which impact our homes terribly.

Nikken allows us to alter the environment where we live by creating literal places of refuge for ourselves and the next generation. I spoke to a customer this week who told me all about grounding, but only in the summer because it gets too cold in the winter to walk around barefoot. She’s looking at the Kenko Ground. Another customer who loves camping shared that he is considering to moving to a more tolerable climate so he can camp year round. He paid me cash for the Kenko Ground and couldn’t wait to get it.

A Summer Morning at Vance's House
It’s more than just a grounding device when it’s combined with all the other products of a wellness home. When we start making improvements, our havens will be altered for the better by allowing a connection to the ground to pull the inflammation from our bodies. Just ask Ron Clark who even in a wellness home was still suffering from arthritis in his hands, neck, and shoulders. He’s so excited about the results he’s getting with the Kenko Ground that he’s assembling a collection of stories. Please email him yours today so we can improve the legacy of lives!

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Legacy Part 2 - Kid's Stories

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Nikken for kids. At least once a month I’m asked how we’ve used the Nikken products for our girls. It’s really simple to create a wellness environment for them, simply do what we’ve been doing for ourselves and they’ll think that’s the norm. Whether it’s the nutritionals or skin care, the sleep system or the water, we get to pass onto the next generation the value of amazing solutions when we make an investment into them. How to get the right dosage of vitamins and creative ways of implementation for kids is something that pays off richly.

God's Thumb - Lincoln City, Oregon
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June 21, 2019

Legacy Part 2

As I sat on the ridge of what’s called ‘God’s Thumb’ in Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast last Saturday, I couldn’t help but take it all in. Slight breeze, sheer cliffs on every side, amazing view of the coastline, and two of our three daughters sharing it with me. And in the midst of all this, it was the words of our 20 year old that literally made the experience one that I’ll never forget.

‘How fitting to be sitting on God’s Thumb, a king and his princess’. Kenna said this as her sister Emily snapped the photo to capture the moment forever.

Yes, it was Father’s Day weekend and yet there was way more than just one day to celebrate. Stacey and I have worked very hard attempting to live out the 5 Pillars of Health ensuring that our daughters see models of balance. It’s not easy, yet it becomes easier when we’re honest with our shortcomings and we’re willing to improve in each area. Just as gardening in the summer months produces beautiful flowers or yummy vegetables because of time & elbow grease, when we invest in relationships, we will enjoy a legacy that will live on long after us.


Saturday, June 15, 2019

Legacy and Chris Bruce on Saturday AM Live

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"Robert The Bruce was a major player several hundred years ago who helped shape the country of Scotland. Chris Bruce is doing the same thing in Nikken(though not with a sword) as a direct descendant of the Scottish King and son-in-law of Dave and Valerie Johnson. I was perplexed by his famous legacy that started back in the 1200’s and how he does simple things everyday to make a difference in the lives of others."

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June 14, 2019


In a few minutes I will say farewell to our Korean exchange student who has lived with our family for the last five months. During this time I have learned much about another country that I was completely unfamiliar with other than Kia automobiles were manufactured there. Actually, truth be told, I really didn’t even know that.

What I did know is that Nikken manufactures quite a few of our products in South Korea. Asian countries all have their own unique traits and the one thing in common is a rich history of culture and tradition. I find it fascinating that as we as a company are just a few years shy of 50 years old, yet we can tap into the legacy of a small country that has endured many ups and downs while still being a powerhouse player on the world market.

Part of my mission statement that I wrote after my first Humans Being More experience in 1994 includes the phrase ‘to leave a legacy for future generations’. While I don’t know exactly what that looks like, I know that everyday I have the opportunity to make small decisions that will have lasting impact. Or as our pastor says, ‘It’s not the perfection of our lives, but the direction’.

Having a focus on the 5 Pillars of Health causes one to consider the legacy that we will leave. Five months isn’t a long time, but I know our family is richer because we chose to step out and invite in a stranger to our already over active lifestyle. Yep, as I learned a long time ago, it’s not about what happens when we get into Nikken, it’s when Nikken gets into us that things really get exciting!"


Saturday, June 8, 2019

Summer Fun and Al & Sandra Thornton on Saturday AM Live

Al and Sandra having fun with Barb!
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"Al and Sandra Thornton are two people who know how to have fun with life. He retired from marketing a few years ago and she from the life of a PHD in the academic world. They recently returned from the Team Kaizen trip in Italy and have a totally different perspective on the life of a wellness consultant now."

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June 7, 2019

"Summer Fun!

Gardening, walks in the park, exterior home improvements, etc seem to fill our evenings and weekends. This is the time of year where most of us get outside and enjoy nature to it’s fullest. Since being educated on the concept of grounding, I’ll admit that I’ve sought out chunks of grass to sit or lie down on. It’s truly amazing the benefit.

For some though, as the Top Gun movie song says, they’ve lost that loving feeling. They’ve forgotten how great nature can be and due to physical issues, they couldn’t enjoy it even if they wanted to. Their physical problems create limitations that impair their ability to enjoy as God intended us to enjoy it.

Our oldest daughter’s friend paid me a great compliment this week by saying, ‘you’d be great at rock climbing and you should go with us next time’. The more I thought about it, the more I was grateful for Nikken’s products and the ability we have to tap into the benefits of a Wellness Home. Great sleep, water, air, and nutrients are things that we take for granted because we’ve tweaked our home by making the investment into simple solutions that create an environment of wellness. I’ve never done any rock climbing and at 50 I’m not sure it’s a great time to start, but the encouragement of a 20 year old may just spar me on.

Do we see people as potential customers when they don’t know about Nikken? While it’s good to do this, it’s far better to think about what they’re missing out on. As we gather at graduation parties and other events, it’s often the best time to ask people what they’re going to do or not going to do this summer. And then share why we’re able to do what we can because of Nikken because we’ve brought all of nature’s earth technologies inside to enjoy all year round."


Saturday, June 1, 2019

Are You Fit or Fat? by Laurie Jones & Sandy Martin on Saturday AM Live

Laurie Jones
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"Laurie Jones and Sandy Martin are two ladies who encourage me daily. I don’t get to talk with them every day, but their example is what challenges me to take care of this temple where I live. Laurie has dropped over 100 pounds that she carried for decades and Sandy has maintained a super active lifestyle in an amazingly fit 70’s body. Both of them have incredible wisdom to share with us that I think is really beneficial to not only sharing Nikken with others, but to use every day to enjoy the bodies God gave us."

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May 31, 2019

"Fit or Fat?

I observed something this week that a photo would have added complete commentary to the experience, but I think I can describe it so that you get the idea of the irony.  A gentleman driving a Smart car pulled into a bottle/can recycling center.  As I looked closer to watch, I could see several bags of empty soda and beer cans in the passenger seat and the small area behind the seats.  The irony is that this person obviously was wise about his investment in a very efficient vehicle and yet not so much in his consumption of beverages.  And here’s the kicker…. I would have guessed his weight in excess of 300 pounds.

I’ve shared that story with two different people this week and received two completely different responses.  The first person felt sorry for this individual due to their size and maybe lack of knowledge of the negative impact of beer/soda consumption.  They went on to comment how abusive we are on our bodies by carrying extra weight and how a simple choice to eliminate sugary drinks and limit alcohol could make a huge difference. The second person literally attacked me that I would even mention the size of the man. They listed all the possible reasons why this man could be this size and criticized me for looking at him this way.

A few years ago I was that man.  I carried an extra 50 pounds on my small body and I’m sure that it contributed to some of the knee and lower back issues I have today.  Thankfully, Nikken has allowed me to make a change.  I went from the fat to fit category over a process of time and for the last several years I’ve been able to enjoy a much better quality of life.  I routinely get comments about being skinny or that I must be one of those lucky people who can eat anything without gaining a pound.

Consuming half my body weight in ounces of PiMag water every day and starting my day with easily digestible protein like what's in the KVB has been my secret weapon.  That’s it!  No extreme diet plan, coaching, exercise routine, etc.. I don’t make the excuses I used to make or justify eating processed junk.  It’s as simple as eating real food, but the real key again is starting the day with easily digestible protein.  Feed the brain early and it’ll take care of the body all day long.

I don’t obsess over people’s size, I simply notice people and my heart breaks for people who are trapped like I was.  It’s very challenging because so many emotional issues are involved with over-eating or poor eating.  Fortunately, Nikken has given us a simple solution to share with others.


Saturday, May 25, 2019

TEAM - Part Two and iCan Attitude Stories on Saturday AM Live

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"In the spirit of TEAM, I’ve asked a few people from this last iCan Attitude session to share some of the high points of how their life has changed with this course. From school teacher to a Physical Trainer, Police Dept. booking desk clerk to professional pitch person, we’ve had the most diverse team represented. But the coolest part about this group is how we’ve all come together to achieve more with Nikken."
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"May 24, 2019

TEAM - Part Two

Together Everyone Achieves More is something you wouldn’t expect to see in an individual sport like snow boarding, but I got to witness something yesterday that I’d never seen before. It was the last opportunity to use 3 $25 lift tickets, the weather was beautiful, and our oldest was home from University. And with a 97 inch base, why not!

Due to the first day of Spring skiing at Timberline on Mt Hood, there were only a few runs open with one chair lift. What Kenna, Addi and I quickly discovered was that the terrain park area with all the jumps, rails, and man made creation was the best snow on the slopes. We were among groups of about 25-30 snow boarders coming down at the same time tackling these crazy obstacles performing flips, spins, twists, and body maneuvers that most would think impossible.

The team part comes into play when I observed that they literally moved as a unit because some of them had Go Pro cameras mounted to helmets or in their hands to capture this synchronized dance.

For almost three years I’ve had the privilege of being part of the iCan Attitude program. The variety of people taking part continues to amaze me because our growth and central focus has been that of a team. We all want to grow our Nikken businesses, but even more we want to grow in the 5 Pillars of Health. None of us have had to risk death(it actually says this on the terrain park entrance sign), but we have had to risk a lot of fears that we tend to find buried deep within us. Because we go into the program as a group with some simple guidelines, everyone of us finishes the 12 week course better than when we started.

The next program will commence on June 18th. Pop me a text at 503-348-0749 if you’d like to take part. The program is absolutely free with the only cost being your investment of about 20 minutes per day. And giving up some old nasty habits that probably kept you stuck.