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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Our Most Recent Call on Saturday AM Live

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Perceived Value and Pat Kelly on Saturday AM Live!

Pat Kelly
Click Here to Listen to Pat Kelly share her amazing Nikken Story.

I really can't recall if I've ever asked Pat Kelly if she's a registered nurse or just has the DNA of a nurse. For decades she has been the epitome of those war nurses that you see on the front lines in any battle. Her focus on the elderly in our society is that of nobleness. She challenges me to create more conversations with the more mature in our community simply to be their friend. If a sale happens, great. If not, simply listening will often do more good than introducing them to Nikken.

Pat has some beyond belief stories that she's gonna share with us as well as what keeps her plugging away after two decades with Nikken.

Please Read Vance's Tip of the Week:

"Perceived Value

My older brother Spence and I have been playing in the sheet metal industry since we were kids with our younger brother Nick. We always joked when people asked how we got started. The usual answer, 'Slave Labor'. Our parents didn't overwork us as kids too badly, but we knew that dependable employee's were hard to find so we figured they had us three boys to get the jobs done correctly the first time. Not sure that that always worked out every time, but we sure had a lot of fun and it continues today.

Enough background. When Spence buys a handful of box cutting knives at the dollar store I remind him that the life of those knives is based on the value. We can get a similar knife at Home Depot or Lowe's for about twice as much and they will last much longer.

The Waterfall value is a lot like this. For almost two years we have had a several thousand dollar unit that is way under priced. I know for a fact that I personally have lost several sales because $256 messes with peoples minds when they have seen a presentation by one of the companies who's units start at $1200 and yet they really push their $4000 unit.

Starting October 1st, we will have a Waterfall priced at $419 which is one tenth the cost of that comparable $4000 unit. No, the Waterfall does not have flashy lights. No, the Waterfall does not have a sexy voice. And no, the Waterfall does not require both plumbing and electrical installation. But when it comes to actual water filtration, it does feature all the benefits of that $4000 unit and more!

The perceived value is still way less than it could be. Like a box knife though, if it's priced too low then people will second guess it's value and worth.

We have until Saturday night at midnight to take advantage of the $256 price of the Waterfall. I NEVER encourage front loading and stockpiling especially because the warranty on the filters is only 30 days. What I am doing and encourage others to do is to simply make a few calls to those who might wanna save $163. Dennis Williams shared the attached document with me and it's been incredibly helpful.

Next week I will share a little bit about our west coast wild fires and how our water supply has been impacted. Very few are talking about it, but the short version is that I CANNOT imagine drinking that apparently safe water without a Waterfall!!!"

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Beauty for Ashes and Jean Brock RN on Saturday AM Live!

Jean and Dan Brock
Click Here to Listen to a Very Smart Couple share an amazing retirement!

"Jean Brock has seen her fair share of lives altered by tragedy. As a registered nurse, she used her training to help people turn the corner and get on a better path. For several years now she's applied that same training to live a Nikken lifestyle AND share it with others.

Jean's involvement with organizations like Wounded Warriors keeps her in front of folks that really need what Nikken has to offer. Her perky attitude is contagious and one that I reference regularly."

Something Worth Fighting For
Please Read Vance's Tip of the Week

" 'Beauty for Ashes'

I first heard this reference to Isaiah 61 when Stacey and I were visiting some friends in Haiti. Joe & Cindy had lived there for 21 years and were constantly attempting to convert what was bad or destroyed into something good and beautiful.

Five days on the front lines of what is now a 35,000 acre forest fire was an emotional roller coaster for me. Our task force had moments of comic relief due to a variety of situations and yet the one I'll remember most is standing in four inches of ash as I wept. What God created and nature took decades to grow to the beautiful area known as the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area has been altered by carelessness. The forest will grow back, the residents will live with the new normal, and life will be a little less hectic in a matter a days, weeks, and months. I know this for a fact because disasters like this happen and we are a resilient people.

Where There's Smoke There's Fire

Nikken empowers us to become Humans Being More. Whether it's a tropical storm dumping feet of rain in a matter of days, a hurricane with winds bringing utter destruction, or a forest fire burning up everything in its path, the human spirit can overcome any tragedy. Every amazing Nikken story I've heard or experienced has come from people who want to rise above their current situation. It's a glimmer of hope or a seed of expectation that compels us for something better.

It Felt Like It Would Never End
We can obtain beauty for ashes. We must step out into what is better. We have to. Our future depends on it.


Saturday, September 9, 2017

Can You Go? and Pam Barnes RDH on Saturday AM Live!

Vance emailed me: "I'm sort of in the woods right now and can't send this out to my regular business list. Please pass it along ASAP."

Pam Barnes
Click Here to Listen to an amazing Call. "Pam Barnes is a Platinum Consultant with Nikken. She has been a Dental Hygienist for over 40 years specializing in Periodontal Therapy. This intricate finger movement with repetition lead her to spend a decade in agony over most of her body. This took its toll especially on her upper body. She could not have practiced her expertise for all these years if she had not found Nikken at age 41. She now calls those years of misery a blessing!

Ron and Pam Barnes San Antonio
So almost 20 years ago she took her beloved profession and expanded it from Oral Care to Total Care. She will share how the dental world has now caught up to what Nikken offers. She educates her patients on how to be totally healthy starting with the mouth. She will share some tidbits of using Nikken technology to improve your periodontal condition ( oral care) and how it benefits every bodily system ( total care)."

Please Read Vance's Tip of the Week

"Can You Go?

Three simple words. One simple question. My answer changed my future forever.

Last Saturday a wildfire known as the Eagle Creek fire started and quickly developed into what is now over 33,000 acres. As of this morning it was 7% contained and there are over 900 active firefighters involved.

I can't even begin to share the emotional experience that this week has been. Even typing those words I remember telling Stacey that she needs to start packing the important things that are irreplaceable. The day after my 49th birthday I saw a wall of fire from a few miles away that literally scared me to death. The home that we've created 20 years of memories is in the direct path of a fire being fueled by 35 mph winds.

It was two days later when our fire chief asked for volunteers to replace some of our guys who had been serving on the front since Sunday morning. These guys were chasing that wall I saw Monday night and were exhausted. Fortunately the winds shifted but the fires have continued. Stacey and the girls did have to evacuate for two days, but our town of Corbett is totally out of harms way. For two days now, I have had the distinct privilege of being part of Task Force #40.

How does all this relate to Nikken? Let me just say this. Because of Nikken and what we've continued to share with people for the last quarter century, I have a little bit more flexibility to volunteer my services. I love the business of Nikken and I have a greater appreciation to the products. Building a team of people has created a residual income source, but again, it's the products that really change lives.

Order Yours Today

I have a new favorite product called the Cocoon. Sleeping atop the hose bed of a 3000 gallon water tender would be miserable if it weren't for having three wonderful technologies all wrapped around my body. I woke up today at 4:36 to the smell of smoke because the winds had shifted and yet I felt so rested. What an amazing product! Ten4 is awesome when the afternoon fatigue kicks in and can easily be carried in my wildland jacket. The MagFlex has prevented any back strain and protected my lower back when my pack shifts and my fire shelter bangs into my belt line. mStrides are in my boots and mSteps ease the tension in my loafers at the end of the day. The front of my helmet is lined with DUK tape to give me a nice energy boost on my forehead. Plus the softness feels so much better than hard plastic.

I could share so many stories of what it's like to be an active part of a wildfire, but I'll save those for the future. After all, our future is what we make of it and choose to be available to create. Thank you for your prayers and please remember to pray for all of our firefighters who continue to serve doing what they love to do."


Saturday, September 2, 2017

Relax vs. Revolt and Processing Change on Saturday AM Live!

"The Amazing" Rita Hand
Click Hear to Listen to Vance and Rita Hand explain the upcoming changes. 

"Across the board 3.5% price increase, significant price increase on the Waterfall and Sports Bottle, free shipping with certain product orders, 500 PV automatically with the purchase of a Waterfall and Sports Bottle, Free Naturest Demo Pad after three months of being Quality Enrolled, 100 Nikken Reward Dollars for new Consultants upon their third month of QE and going Executive...

Trust me, there's more! September is a transition month as the colors start to change, kids head back to school, and Nikken announces a return to higher CV's on certain products. How does this impact our Customers and us as Consultants? My goal is to discuss this and field questions.

Don't wait for my version of all these changes though! Jump on the monthly Kick-Off call September 1st at 6:00 PST with Jeff Isom to hear straight from the source. I promise you that if you listen with an open mind, there are several perspectives that I never considered before. Yes, a little bird told me some things and I know Jeff will share these details in a way that brings complete clarification" 

Order before September 30, 2017
Vance's Tip of the Week

"Relax vs. Revolt

Over the last few years [of] sending a weekly email, I've never sent a story. This one is a fantastic reminder that when change keeps happening so fast and I struggle to keep up with it all, I need to relax to see the beauty of how it's gonna play out.

A visiting Pastor was attending a men's breakfast in a Mississippi Farm
County. He asked one of the impressive older farmers in attendance to say
grace that morning. After all were seated, the older farmer
began------'Lord, I hate buttermilk.'

The Pastor opened one eye and wondered to himself where this was going.
Then the farmer loudly proclaimed, 'Lord, I hate lard.'
Now the Pastor was worried. However, without missing a beat, the farmer
prayed on, 'And Lord, you know I don't care much for raw white flour.'

Just as the Pastor was ready to stand and stop everything, the farmer
continued, 'But Lord, when you mix 'em all together and bake 'em up, I do
love fresh biscuits. So, Lord, when things come up we don't like, when life
gets hard, when we just don't understand what you are sayin' to us, we just
need to relax and wait 'till You are done mixin', and probably it will be
somethin' even better than biscuits. Amen.' "

In Right Column:

Training Notes: If you miss a Kickoff Call, log into, click on Information Center, then Conference Calls Schedule. The call will be posted there.

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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Free Shipping! and Lavonne Wagonbach on Saturday AM Live!

Click Here to Listen to Vance and Lavonne have a greatly insightful chat.

"Speaking of those who have built businesses out of helping others, Lavonne Wagonbach is a powerhouse of people pleasing! As a mother of many and a grandmother of dozens, this lady is creating a legacy of life as she continues a tradition that she and her late husband started decades ago.

The greatest things that I've learned from Lavonne and Si are how to instantly show the power of these products and encourage folks to make the transition to our Customer Centric Business Model. If you're serious about sharing, her story will encourage you to share more."

Please Read Vance's Tip of the Week

"Free Shipping!

Well, not quite, but we’re knocking on Amazon’s door. It seems as if every company out there offers free shipping with a certain amount of products ordered, in a particular time frame, with a specific item ordered, etc. While Nikken hasn't created a blanket free shipping offering, they are making it very fun with weekly product offerings to obtain free shipping or one cent shipping.

Use the Feed Back Button
Using tools or a third party resource can be vital in educating people as to the value of our products. I’ve found Annie Eng’s presentation on both Ciaga and Bergie really helpful.

Annie Eng introduces Ciaga and Bergisterol 

(12 min in)

Order yours Today
By bundling Customer orders or encouraging people to order a little more than then normally would, we can easily compete with so many companies. Every parent I know is stocking up on school necessities so why not suggest a few back-to-school items that will keep their child healthy in the Petri dish of disease called a classroom. Jades, Immunity, Lactoferrin, KVB, and Omega's are essentials in our home. A 240 point order including a two-pack of Ciaga isn't that big when I make one phone call to a mom who's son is reaching his ideal weight with the KVB and so is she! I can add our regular items to theirs or encourage Em to order a few months worth.

It's all about Customer relationships which is what Nikken has been encouraging us to enjoy for the last few years. Check out this weeks blog about grape seed extract and share it with others. It's your business to help others!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Summer Sizzle and Gisela Stevens on Saturday AM Live!

Classy Lady Gisela Stevens
Click Here to Listen to Gisela Stevens tell her story of Health and Wealth over the last quarter century in Nikken. "Kicking off the A list of people in Nikken for more than a decade or two, Gisela Stevens is one that actually takes me back to my childhood. I was merely ten when I met her for the first time working a table for her and her late husband Steven B. Stevens. They were the guest speakers at an event my parents hosted here in Portland. She was captivating as she told one story after another with this larger than life smile on her face.

[Gisela states:] 'People ask me today why I'm in Nikken and the answer is so easy. The products changed my life in that first night and I will forever be grateful. What Steven was able to create with the business gave me the most incredible on-going source of income. And that is just as amazing as sleeping on that magnetic pad 25 years ago. I love this company and I always will!' "

Make Sure to Order Your Solutions Today
Read Vance's Tip of the Week.

Hydration is vital in warmer weather and yet it's just as important when the mercury starts to drop. Since over-hydration doesn't ever seem to plague anyone yet, I think we're not talking enough about the importance of water. Half our body weight in ounces is the magic formula. Take your current weight and divide it in half. If you weigh 120#'s, then 60 ounces or about two quarts should do the trick. Obviously more if you're sweating, but you get the idea.

Enjoying Amazing Times
with Her Grandsons

Another formula that my friend Dr. Ted Lehman shared with me years ago that he always shared with his patients is this funny statement: If you're yellow, You ain't mellow! The ideal color of our urine should be clear. If it's yellow or even brown, then we are not hydrated. Sure, some supplements like the men's and women's formula can taint this within a few hours after swallowing, but the rule of thought still applies.

'I don't like the taste of water!' Or my favorite excuse, 'When I drink water I have to pee too much.' These are the most common excuses I hear and I know that there are so many more.

One of Gisela's
Secrets to Youth
Know anyone with these issues:
Back pain
Muscle cramps
Extra weight
Sore feet
Skin disorders
Body odor
Lack of mental clarity

The list is so much longer than these, but all of the above have been proven to lessen or even disappear when the person starts consuming more water.

Daughters are Wonderful!

So the next time someone asks about anything that Nikken may have for________. Please do them a huge favor by asking them how much water they drink. If you're really feeling bold, ask them again, but this time ask them to answer honestly. Often we're embarrassed and we lie. And what is the source of the water? Tap? Bottled? We might suggest the best water on the planet from a Waterfall or Sports Bottle. It's extremely affordable and it could very well could change their life and their lives of their entire family.