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Saturday, October 26, 2019

I Hit a Goat and Simple Stats

Where's My Goat?

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"In light of a series of bizarre medical calls that I’ve been on as a volunteer firefighter, I’ve been doing some research on where we are as a culture when it comes to treating common issues. I will open the lines as well to hear some of the fun ways that we address ordinary aches and pains with Nikken products instead of conventional drugs. After all, our bodies are designed to heal themselves and when we immerse them into a complete wellness home, they will do just that, heal themselves."

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"October 25, 2019

"I hit a goat!'

As a First Responder, we never know ALL the details when someone calls 911. We often ask the dispatcher if there are any updates for the patient so we can be better prepared upon arriving at the scene. When a SK3 comes via text and on our pager screen, it’s sort of a blanket code that could mean any number of things. ‘Sick’ is the word for the SK and 3 means it’s not life threatening, but its also not trivial.

Finding the patient on this particular call added to the humor as we got to drive through a cattle gate, cross a sideways sloped 17 acre field, and down a steeper slope to find the camper where our patient was. As one of our medics took care of the assessment, my buddy took began gathering intel for the report, and I started calculating the best route to extract the patient from the cab-over bunk where he lay.

While we never make light of any situation, our job is to help the patient because its no funny matter when anyone dials 911. The problem for me was that when we finally got to the root of the problem, none of us were prepared for it. As this grown man continued to scream when his back would go into yet another spasm, we were all shocked to hear him say, ‘earlier today on my motorcycle, I hit a goat’.

As Nikken Wellness Consultants, we meet people and listen to their stories. We cannot diagnose or make any claims because just as a trained doctor or nurse, we will never know exactly what's going on in a persons body. This being the case, we can use some generalities to find out what Nikken solutions could be used to help the body heal itself. Prescriptions, over the counter remedies, and even recreational drugs rarely do anything to correct the problem, only mask the pain. While some in our culture wants immediate results without taking the time to get to the core of the situation, there are a growing number of people who are looking for what we have.

And just for the record, I never did find out what happened to the goat, but I am following up with the patient.


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