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Saturday, February 24, 2018

East meets West and Medical Guru's on Saturday AM Live!

Dr. Melaney Caldwell, MD
Sherri Danzig
Vance Rogers
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"Dr. Melaney Caldwell MD and Sherri Danzig were two of the medical guru’s who literally wowed the audience at the recent Salt Lake Summit last month. In the 15 plus years of this call, I’ve never had anyone prepare as much as these two have for a 25 minute call. You’ll hear the latest as to how they’re using Nikken in their practices and
why these products are an absolute must for your family and friends. These two gals were trained in western medicine and yet have come to understand what the east can teach us.
You may wanna invite someone to join you!

If you can join us live or catch the recording, you may wanna have something to jot a note or two. I’m excited to learn from these ladies!"

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February 23, 2018

"Western medicine catching up with the East?

As the Winter Olympics come to a close, our family is both relieved and sad. We’ve been literally glued to the TV every night watching the best athletes in the world compete in every cold weather sport.

What I’ve noticed most is some of the commentary that comes with the stories of athletes who have experienced major injuries in the past and some even just a few weeks prior to traveling to South Korea. These stories include what they’ve done to bounce back so quickly so they can compete at the highest level.

During the final ladies skating competition, our middle daughter Emily couldn’t figure out why a beautiful skater would have a tattoo on the inside of her thigh. She quickly looked her up on google to discover that it was a piece of kinetic tape. ‘Daddy, that’s just like what we have from Nikken!’ 

I’m not sure if the west will ever catch up with the east when it comes to the technologies that we have in Nikken, but it’s fun to see the best athletes in the world acknowledge what we’ve come to know is true. Use what God put out there in nature and simply bring it into our homes. After all, we are still the only total wellness home company.

(Thanks to a few of you who helped me remember that it was Jim Nabors and not Don Knott’s who said ‘Surprise!, Surprise!’)


Saturday, February 17, 2018

Surprised Again and Pam Shands (Daycare Goddess) on Saturday AM Live!

Pam Shands
Click Here to Listen to our New Nikken Friend.

Pam Shands may be new to Nikken, but she’s not new to the world of living life to the fullest. I would describe her as a Daycare Goddess who loves babies and currently has six full-time kiddo’s with several more who show up occasionally. It’s Pam’s business sense and passion for Nikken’s products that drew me to her story. I’m confident that you’ll agree.

The call will commence at 7:00am PST and the number to dial is 218-548-1536, code 1536#. If you miss it live, check out this recording and so much more at:

Hope to learn a few more kid tips with you tomorrow morning.

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February 16, 2018

"Surprise! Surprise!

Do you remember Don Knott’s character Barney Fife saying these words with those bulging eyes? This is how I felt this week reading the following update from Nikken. Our family has been pleasantly surprised by the improvements and re-formulations of now four of our nutritional products in the last few months. And to top it off, they’re actually blogging about some of the simple truths that these nutritional products can do for us without making medical claims.

Update on Kenzen CiagaV® and Kenzen Super Ciaga®

Please be advised that Kenzen CiagaV® will be discontinued once sold out. We will be offering an advanced formula, Kenzen Super Ciaga® within the next 30 days and are confident you will find the new Super Ciaga even more delicious and easy to share!

Here is what you can look forward to with New Kenzen Super Ciaga®:
• 112,000 ORAC* per bottle or 3,500 units per ounce (2,000 units more)
• 330% stronger concentration
• Completely from natural juice concentrate (no extracts)
• USDA certified organic
• Certified Kosher by Earth Kosher
• Gluten-free
• Non-GMO
• Naturally sweet and helps promote healthy eating/drinking
• Ideal for replacing soda habits: simply dilute with PiMag® water or seltzer
• Makes a great mixer for Kenzen Ten4®

We will let you know when to update your Autoship orders.
17001 US 2 bottle pack
14001 CN 2 bottle pack

*ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity and identifies the total antioxidant capacity of a food/beverage.

So while I’m surprised, I’m really not because this is the company that I’ve come to know and trust. They’ve raised the bar once again with a simple solution that can impact so many people. Be sure to check the blog every week for helpful intel and click on the Information Center tab for the latest.


Saturday, February 10, 2018

Best & Worst and Lisle & Sandy Meeker on Saturday AM Live!

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"Lisle & Sandy Meeker are one of those couples who epitomize the ‘Everything is BIGGER in Texas’ philosophy. Their hearts are as big as the state and this comes through when they share Nikken. How they network with folks is what draws me in every time we connect on the phone or in person."

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February 9, 2018

"Best & Worst

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has ever wished they could take back a few words as soon as they flew out of our mouth. I did this a few days ago and quickly realized that I’d lost these folks by what I said.

Rather than beat myself up, I decided that there must be a simple way to fix this. Sure enough, a few days later I found myself back in this same couples kitchen using one of the simple techniques that I learned from some of the great guru’s in communication.

‘You mentioned that your wife had a leg issue that has you both perplexed and I was wondering if she’d be open to something that changed my life 25 years ago and still is today?’

What could have been disastrous turned into a wonderful connection. Rather than me continue to talk, I let the insoles do the work for me and this new friend was more than blown away by the results. His face lit up and then the questions flowed. How, why, when and on and on.

If you ever feel like you’ve botched an introduction, then re-group and let an energy test talk for you. What I thought was the worst intro ever turned into one of the best."

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Conversations that Convert on Saturday AM Live!

Read the Nikken Blog for the Answer
Click here to listen to this weeks call with Vance leading the charge. Quoting Vance's Weekly email:

"What’s your favorite question that you ask people? I have a few and yet I know there are dozens that work really well in creating conversations. With our wellness home concept I truly believe we have solutions that everyone can use to improve their day-to-day living. We need to create conversations that convert and just like a lively chat with a dear friend, most of the time it starts with a question."

February 2, 2018

"Conversations that Convert

To quote a popular line from Dr. Phil, ‘How’s that working out for you?’ Is something that I’ve discovered gets an immediate emotional response. Just yesterday a friend discovered that her blood pressure medication is what caused her to experience gout. Upon this discovery she quit the medication. I then asked how her blood pressure was doing to which she replied, ‘It’s going back up!’.

And thus Nikken enters the conversation.

Getting to the core of the problem is often the best solution rather than putting a band aide on through drugs or surgery. My friend Patti would definitely agree. She’s ordering the Bergie after I shared a story of another friend who experienced wonderful results. What was fun is that I asked if she’d ever heard about Bergamont oranges. To my surprise she had and actually uses this in her tea.

I’ll be sending her the video I found on YouTube about the introduction of Bergisterol later with a text reminder how to take it for the first month.

My point is this…. I am finding it difficult NOT to share 25 years worth of stories about how great Nikken products are. Dennis Williams never did that when he introduced our family in 1992, but he did share a few. By asking questions I truly believe we can create conversations that convert a persons interest into what Nikken has to offer.