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Saturday, February 26, 2022

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Gloria Snyder
Enjoy this weeks Email from Vance.

February 25, 2022


It was only three days.

It was only three letters. And it was only me, but the results were 100% more than I could have ever expected. If you were part of the collaborative team at Nikken, one of the guest presenters, or one of the amazing people at Let’s Make Innovations then you might have known what to expect, but I’m not sure they even knew that the results would be this big.

Even though several of us had originally made plans for a live event in Orlando, I just couldn’t get over what I was experiencing via Zoom during the Awakening the Five Pillars event. As Nikken launched a new website that is not quite perfect, yet is a HUGE sign of progress, the Humans Being More spirit has converged with the latest in technology and personal development. Knowing where we are and where we’d like to go enables each one of us to do a little more, become a little better, and in the end, serve others a bit more passionately.

If you’re serious about life or actually living out what the new shopping cart says at the top(Welcome to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle), then I encourage you to take a few moments and take a personal evaluation test. Complete the ATL Evaluation: Archetypes of Transformational Leadership. It will allow you to understand which kind of transformational leader fits best with your personality. Click on to take the test.

While none of us will ever reach perfection, it’s the direction of our lives that counts. Experiencing an event like AFP, we can ensure that the direction of our lives is going forward on the right path. This quick reminder from Ben Woodward helps me stand a little taller(for us short folks this matters) and literally run down any road I’m on.

Tomorrow morning on Saturday AM Live!

Gloria Snyder said it best, ‘It’s like Nikken keeps daring us to live better lives every time they introduce something new’. While not new to Nikken, this new personality to me has been reminding me during this last year to really push into the Humans Being More opportunity that’s before us. I could tell you more about her background and amazing product experience, but sometimes it’s more fun to simply experience a movie without a preview.

The call will commence at 7:00am PDT and the numbers to push are 480-660-2210, code 1536#. The great gal that answers won’t tell you to enter 1536#, so be sure to do this. If you miss it live, check out this conversation and so much more at:


Saturday, February 19, 2022

Legacy and no call this weekend

Copy of Vance's Email this week:


Second only to Mother’s Day, Valentine's Day is when the flowers, chocolate, and cards are in plenty. For one Cupid birthday, this year was reaching the eight decade mark in style. I was there in 1992 when he experienced his first roll-out and I was also there a few days later when he said, ‘my back doesn’t hurt anymore!’. Two months later he experienced the two day version of Humans Being More and things started to really get fun.

Denny Rogers held the Northwest title in his division for three years in a row. His top speed of 187.5 mph in a blown fuel boat was way more motor than it was boat. The problem with going that fast over the top of water is that it does a number on ones lower back. Combine that with owning and operating a sheet metal business for 32 years, well, you can probably figure out that even a back surgery isn’t gonna help much. Nikken did more than help. It launched.

Denny and Char Rogers
Experiencing day one of Awakening the Five Pillars causes me to remember all the different legacies that we get to create. My dad's many racing trophies have been moved around too many times. His contribution to the building industry is a silent memory of progress. But what speaks volumes and keeps talking are the lives that he and Mom invested in via Nikken. ‘I’ve rolled a lot of sheet metal and I think I can switch to rolling backs’ is how he said it back in ’92. I would add, rolling backs and changing hearts.I’m grateful that I get to be one to carry on that legacy. Not just because I have the same last name, but because I’ve been given the same gift of Nikken. Way to go Dad and thank you Nikken for changing his life!

No call this weekend!

Due to the three day virtual event Awakening the Five Pillars, we’re gonna take a break on Saturday. We’ve got a great line-up of guests in the upcoming weeks. 


Saturday, February 12, 2022

Ukraine and MSI's


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As I walk in and out of shops in this beautiful tourist city of Odessa, my heart is broken for the people of this amazing country. I’m learning how to speak enough Russian to get by and hopefully model to this wonderful group of 40 young people how to fulfill the purpose of this trip. We have two months to accomplish two things: 1) Create conversations using a variety of methods that will somehow convey hope and 2) Give every member of this team an experience that they’ll never forget and hopefully share with others.

It may be a stretch to recall my summer of 1994 like it happened just a few days ago, but is it? We started those two months with the memory exercise from Humans Being More. If that experience provided me my mission statement (something I recite every day before my feet hit the floor), then why shouldn’t I teach others how to capitalize on our positive past experiences to empower the people we meet.

Near the end of our time in Ukraine, I remember sitting on the shore of the Black Sea writing postcards to the people who had invested in not only this trip, but into my life. Being able to share that this venture called Nikken had blossomed into more than my original goal of $500-$600 a month was truly a highlight. Here I was half a world away sharing the message of HBM knowing that 38 lives had been empowered to in turn empower others. What a gift!

Tomorrow Morning on Saturday AM Live!

Multiple Sources of Income and Multiple Sources of Insurance(MSI’s) are two of the greatest things that Nikken has to offer. Our family has been truly blessed in both ways and even more so by assisting others as they do the same. With the last two years leaving us with so much uncertainty, Nikken is the source for MSI’s and it’s fun to recollect all the ways.

The call will commence at 7:00am PDT and the numbers to push are 480-660-2210, code 1536#. The great gal that answers won’t tell you to enter 1536#, so be sure to do this. If you miss it live, check out this conversation and so much more at:

Looking forward to chatting about MSI’s with you in the morning!


Saturday, February 5, 2022

I Dare You! and The Barbara Twins

Click Here to Listen to Barb Satterwhite and Barbara Bertucci. I Dare You!

Vance's Weekly email:

I Dare You!   (Was removed by the International Olympic Committee)

It’s nearly impossible to align oneself with Nikken and NOT get caught up in the human spirit behind what we do as Wellness Consultants. It’s like being part of the Olympics everyday. We get to dare each other to be the best that we can be as Humans Being More. Stacey and I shared our first kiss while experiencing the Lillyhammer, Norway Olympics in 1994. It wasn’t a dare or a challenge, simply a discovery of common values and dreams.

Our youngest daughter turned 12 yesterday and while watching this commercial, I said out loud, ‘Addi, your boyfriend is on the TV!’. She came running into the living room and simply responded with, ‘Oh, he’s so dreamy.’ We haven’t given her permission to date Dwayne Johnson yet, but we do encourage her to take on the spirit behind what he was sharing. I think it’s working because she served 67 times at her last volleyball tournament and helped her team win the championship beating six other teams.

Can we dare each other to live better lives? I know we can! That’s what we’re supposed to do as Customers and Consultants of anything worth sharing. After all, it’s pretty simple…. Discover It. Live It. Share It.

Tomorrow Morning on Saturday AM Live!

One of the easiest ways to know where we’re going is to take a quick glance at where we’ve come from. MasterDay two weeks ago was amazing and then the Quarterly Review for Platinums & above last Saturday simply added fuel to the fire. And in just two weeks we have the first ever Awaken the Five Pillars virtual event for Silvers and above. Wanna know some insider trading tips? Tune in as Barb Bertucci and Barb Satterwhite co-host to download some of the secret intel we learned from these last two events and why we’re so thrilled to take part in the AFP.

The call will commence at 7:00am PDT and the numbers to push are 480-660-2210, code 1536#. The great gal that answers won’t tell you to enter 1536#, so be sure to do this. If you miss it live, check out this conversation and so much more at:

Looking forward to taking a break from Olympic binge watching and learning from Barb squared,