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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Gratefulness and Kenko Ground News on Saturday AM Live!

Suzanne, Gary and Auntie Ann
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"For Suzanne and Ann, the subject of grounding is not necessarily a topic of their expertise, but when you have a gathering of people who get to touch, use, and enjoy the benefits of the Kenko Ground, then they just might have something worthwhile to share. The stories are varied and all over the page, but it’s the spirit behind what these three experienced that all of us can benefit from."

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November 23, 2018

"So Incredibly Grateful

I had just taken my first bite of Thanksgiving breakfast when my pager buzzed indicating that we had an emergency. Over the years when people discover that I’m a volunteer firefighter, they usually ask if we have shifts. My response of yes, it’s a shift of 365, 24/7, usually renders a response of amazement.

That’s the thing about living a life of gratefulness. We don’t get the opportunity of taking a shift. God continues to ask us to live a life of thankfulness as we look forward to the next best opportunity. These next steps or duties may not appear to be fun or something a child would get excited about, but to the person who’s constantly looking for opportunities to serve, it’s simply the right thing to do.

The Humans Being More spirit is what compels people to share Nikken. Sure, there’s always a reward in the end, but I truly believe it’s because of a grateful spirit that we continue sharing these products and this company with others. We’re grateful of what we’ve experienced and we know that the results are something worth passing on.

It’s probably just a coincidence that on turkey day, our patient’s last name was Turkington, but the words of the grandma as we exited her home were exactly what we as Nikkenites hear every time another person encounters this gift of wellness…. Thank You."


Saturday, November 17, 2018

MSI's and Dr Heather Loucks (Q&A) on Saturday AM Live!

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"Dr. Heather Loucks is a master guru at numerous things and when she was a guest a few weeks ago, I could sense that there were several questions that I failed to ask of her. As a Naturopathic Physician, what would she suggest for certain issues? What’s her favorite go to product of introduction? How does she feel about the new Kenko Ground? There are lots that I can think of, but rather than me ask the questions, this will be an open line format for everyone to go for it."

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November 16, 2018


I first heard the term Multiple Sources of Income from my mentor, ‘voice of God’ friend, and business partner Steven B Stevens. He would introduce people to the business side of Nikken by sharing that this industry allows us to invest into people and then in turn, they can become another source of residual income for us in the future. I told a friend yesterday that my parents have become millionaires several times over during their quarter century with Nikken because of this concept.

Today, there are even more ways to earn with Nikken, and just like any investment strategy, it takes concentrated effort, timing, and follow up. Of course there are several others steps that I’m sure business guru’s will tell us, but those who seem to be successful in Nikken continue doing these same things over and over and over again. Introduce people to Nikken, let them make a decision what program(Customer or Consultant) will best suite their needs, and then continue to support them. Two percentages that I share regularly are what I call the 91/71 principle. Nikken discovered that 91% of people simply want these amazing products, but statistics prove that 71% of Americans are always looking for a way to generate extra income.
When asked, Dennis Williams will continually say that freedom is his favorite Nikken product. The freedom to live a life that few do because they yield control to someone else. Yielding control of their bodies to doctors who continually guess at a treatment. Yielding their minds to whatever happens to come on the radio or screen. Yielding their families to any distractions or drama. Yielding their finances to more month than money. And yielding the society around them to others who may not share the same values.

Nancy Clyde taught me a new phrase to describe one of the potential MSI’s that we have with Nikken. When sharing her elevator speech, she tells her product experience and then always finishes with this little teaser: ‘And if you’re open to a business opportunity, we get money in the bank every Friday’.

Think about the MSI’s that you have in your life with Nikken. Are we tapping into them? While we don’t look at people as dollar signs, we have to look at them as an opportunity to expand wellness.

And just for humor sake, I shared one of our MSI’s with three of my fellow firefighters the other evening at a dinner. I was shocked that they’d never seen it and even more shocked as they continued to view it over and over again. I almost had to tell them to stop because it was getting embarrassing and I honestly thought they were going to wet themselves. This Wednesday was the four year anniversary of when I slipped on the ice and as of last week, my little mishap has generated over $12,000 for our family. Not really Nikken related, but I was wearing my mStrides and they definitely provided the agility to keep me from getting injured. And if I can earn money from people laughing at an 11 second investment of my time, I’m all for it!

And more popular with the music crowd "


Saturday, November 10, 2018

It's Coming! and Snapshots from San Antonio on Saturday AM Live!

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"Snapshots from San Antonio or Tips from Toronto is one way to describe literally a dozen or more conversations I’ve had with people over the last few weeks who attended one of these two events. Three weeks ago we heard from an all-star group of ladies about the Humans Being More experience up north, now we get to hear about the Mission that took place in the Lone Star State.

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November 9, 2018

Can you just feel it?

In a few weeks the annual Rogers tradition will commence. They arrive in the mail, get torn open, read and looked over, and then either taped to the fridge or placed in the Christmas card box. During the 23 years of this procedure, there is still one card that is at the top of my list as my all-time favorite. A little girl, dressed in winter clothes complete with knitted hat, scarf, and gloves graces the outside of the card. She’s clutching a gift-wrapped box with the most anticipated grin on her face that a child could ever have. These five words appear in a beautiful text below her photo. Inside the card are just two words… It’s Coming!

With everything I’ve read, seen, heard, and studied over the last few years about the topic of grounding or earthing, I feel exactly the same as this little girl on that card. I just looked at Amazon and grounding pads, sheets, blankets, etc. are all over the page as far as price, construction, and functionality. It’s an absolutely HUGE market that we’re about to launch into.

After watching this seven minute video passed onto me by my friend Dee, I was even more compelled to delve a little deeper.

Could it be that simple? Standing on the ground barefoot or touching a tree. Yes, it can, but as the frost lays on the ground today, I’m not so sure I want to run through the yard without my Nikken socks, insoles, and shoes. Or find a really nice tree to hug. Fortunately, in a few days all I have to do is expose my hands or feet (or any other skin) to the Kenko Ground for a few minutes.

The stories I’m hearing about this small pad are all over the page. From better sleep, to nagging aches & pains, clinical depression to extreme child behavior issues, this one product is making an impact.

As we think about Christmas gifts for ourselves or something to warm us up a bit heading into the cooler time of year, consider Nikken’s Kenko Ground. Ours should arrive in a couple weeks and I’m beyond anxious to start using it and even more, I’m thrilled to be able to open peoples eyes to instant results with a product that’s gaining a lot of attention world wide. Heck yah! I can just feel it!"


Saturday, November 3, 2018

iCan Attitude and Dr. Stanley Bogusz Being Interviewed by Elaine Mathews!

Dr. Stan Bogusz

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"Like the beginning of Nikken, Dr. Stanley Bogus has spent his life focusing on our feet. As a podiatrist, he fully understands the value of what can happen in the 90,000 nerve endings in each foot and the reason why Mr. Masuda’s vision to have a pair of magnetic insoles in every pair of shoes is so vital."

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"November 2, 2018

iCan Attitude

Being married to a teacher of 91 students, helping two daughters navigate college, and then attempting to keep up with a 3rd grader gives me more than enough reason to stay in an educational mode everyday. Two years ago on a Wednesday afternoon I heard my very first iCan Attitude session and I was more than hooked. I literally made a decision that day to make sure I became a star pupil. That decision paid off as a few months later we were part of Team Kaizen.

Since then, I’ve had the privilege of facilitating this course several times, each one being better than the last. Life changing, marriage building, customer exploding, business expanding, mind altering, addiction ending, and so many other descriptions come from this course every 12 weeks.

We’re starting again and if you’re ready for one of the best educations of your life, then this could very well be the course for you. What’s it gonna cost me you ask???

15-25 minutes a day
A weekly connection call on Tuesday evening (30-35 minutes)
Mild memorization
Giving up negativity
Commitment to yourself and the group

The iCan2 tab at has all 12 lessons and lesson 12 is a 14 minute overview of the entire program. Check it out, text me ‘I’m all in’ with your name to 503-348-0749, and you can be part of amazing roller coaster ride.

Barb Satterwhite, recent winner of the Humans Being More award in Toronto, said the other day, ‘I did this course three times and I still cannot believe how much I grew through each course!’ .