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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Jean Brock with Vance on April 30, 2016 - Amazing Information Gleaned from Orlando Spring Wellness Expo

Click Here to Listen to call as Jean Brock shares an Amazing Recap of the Orlando Spring Wellness Expo. Put these dates in your calendar now.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Tapping into Orlando April 23, 2016

Listen to Call about Tapping into Orlando

If you are not able to make the trip to the Orlando Field Event this weekend, then you’re in luck! I’ve asked several people to share their experience from the conference as well as their thoughts on the new product being released. No, it’s not the same as being there, but I think we’ll be able to glean a
bit of the energy from the sunshine state to warm up wherever we are.

April 21st, 2016
Staying tapped in, not out

When someone utters the phrase ‘I’m tapped out’, it’s usually not a good sign. It could be financially or physically, but either way being out of something is always negative.

This week I posed the question to our mentoring group how each one of us maintain the fire or passion for life. The most common answer involved people. By staying connected to others our personality comes alive. Very few of us thrive on being a hermit.

The Nikken Live presentations are a great way to stay tapped in. I thoroughly enjoy hosting the testimony call every Wednesday and I make it a point to catch the recordings as often as possible.

Here’s a fantastic presentation by Dr. Gary Linder I caught this morning as I was getting ready to go:

'Water Matters w/ Dr. Gary Lindner - March 23 2016' on YouTube

Being able to tap into a live presentation brings an extra measure of energy to the experience. If this wasn’t the case, then universities wouldn’t have professors, students could just watch everything on their phones. Our energy comes from interaction. Being able to connect with others will fill the void and produce growth. Let’s stay tapped in and encourage others to do the same!


Saturday, April 16, 2016

Kerrie Percy with Vance on April 16, 2016 - From Sickness to Wellness - An Amazing Story

Kerrie and Darrin
What a Love Story!
Click here to Listen to Vance end Kerrie:  Vance writes: To her family and team, Kerrie Percey is the spark plug of energy. Or maybe she’s the energy that’s in the spark plug. Either way, Kerrie is one of those people who raises the power level when she arrives. Some would ask, ‘how does she stay so active and alert with six kids when she’s a grandma?’

Kerrie has an amazing story of what the Nikken products did for her while still very young. Dealing with several injuries from her days as a gymnast, she literally thought that she would suffer for the rest of her life. Nikken came along and the rest is history.

Vance's Tip of the Week

"April 14th, 2016

What People Earn

Parade magazines most popular edition came out last Sunday with some interesting news. Aside from the earnings of celebrities to farmers, the article points out that the health care industry is exploding.  'Thanks to aging baby boomers, more Americans grapple with chronic health problems (diabetes, obesity)...' The article goes onto to report that 19 of the top 30 fastest-growing occupations are in health care or personal care.
These same baby boomers that are creating these jobs are also looking for inexpensive solutions for wellness. Surgery and medications are NOT providing the answers they’re looking for. Without having to bother with insurance, co-pays, and doctors schedules, they are turning to alternative health options.

So if you wanna be part of the earning wave, we need to get our surf boards in front of the shifting tide. It started a few years ago when boomers started turning 65 every eight seconds and it’s continued. Nikken has the solutions that fit the needs of the largest group of people in the history of the world. And with our prices, what a fun way to earn from their demand."


Saturday, April 9, 2016

Saturday April 9, 2016 - Value of Having An Army of Volunteers

Vance Rogers Shows Energy Boost with Kenko mStrides S
Vance Demonstrates Value of mStrides
Wow - Purchase Yours Today!
Click Here to Listen to David Jones be interview by Vance. "If there’s anyone who can see the impact of exposing the body to what’s good and what’s bad, it would be a Physical Trainer. David Jones discovered Nikken could be a compliment to what he was already doing to improve the well-being of others. He had no idea that it would take him down the wellness journey that he’s been on.

From simple energy tests to a more intensive physical re-boot, David has seen the power of Nikken products first hand on several people. His arsenal of stories is fantastic and some of the simple ways he utilizes our products will leave you dumb founded."

Click Here to Listen to the Announcements and Training Discussion Session.

"The call starts at 7:00 am (PDT) and the number to dial is 218-548-1536 code 1536#.

If you miss the call live or simply want to listen to it via your computer or I-phone at a different time, check out the recordings at: Scroll down to see each call by guest/date & click on the bold red title. Once it’s playing, you can copy and paste the link right into an email for a friend who couldn't join us live."

Vance's Tip of the Week

"April 7th, 2016

Army of Volunteers

I learned this term from my dads cousin a few years ago. Over Vietnamese soup one day, he compared the similarities of working in Nikken with serving at his local Rotary group. ‘We’re all volunteers because none of us have signed a wage contract guaranteeing that we’re gonna get paid a set amount’, he said. ‘Working with my Nikken group is almost the same as working with my Rotary group. No one is guaranteed anything so it’s more like serving’.

I couldn’t agree with him more.

Now we all know that when we introduce someone to the Waterfall we can instantly generate $50 from a Customer sale. This takes the volunteerism out of the equation. What puts it right back in is when we expect people to share our enthusiasm for Nikken at the same level we do.

I think the biggest key to not being bogged down while sharing Nikken is to keep the ball rolling. As long as we keep adjusting our goals and registering more Customers, then we won’t necessarily be dependent on the activity of others. We can build an army, but we must remember that they are volunteers and may not share our passion. But then again, if we expose them to the same things that get us fired up, it could very well be contagious. And what better way to build an army than be serving.


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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Lessons learned in Mexico and How They Apply to Nikken

The Morning After Motel 6
Click Here to Listen to the Call where Vance shares the Lessons they learned in Mexico.  "Take 13 people from a small town in Oregon and combine them with a few locals in [EL] Papalote, Mexico and you've got the makings of fabulous work crew. In five days we engineered, built, lifted, and set seven walls, 26 trusses, and half of the metal roof panels. The teamwork displayed by this multi-cultural crew reminded me of the power of people coming together and leveraging each others
The Work Will Finally Begin.

During the 20+ hour trek home I had lots of time to compare and contrast this venture with what we do in Nikken. The relationships came first and the project was second. People always trump projects. When we build Customers, we build our future."

Vance's Tip of the Week

"March 31st, 2016
Triple Play
Now What Do We Do?
I’m not an avid baseball fan, but I’ve learned enough from my father-n-law during the few games we’ve enjoyed to not grill him with endless questions anymore. The only thing better than a home run or a grand slam is a triple play. Well, this week while enjoying a chat with my good friend Nancy Kosmin, we discovered the fact that we can earn triple the rebate on our own Autoship if we take advantage of Nikken’s great Customer Autoship.
Measure Twice and Cut Once

Dennis and Ruth Williams sent out a fantastic document explaining the simplicity of using the Customer Autoship program for our own consumables. What Nancy and I discovered is that we can earn our regular commission, the 25% Customer profit, AND Nikken Reward Points for free product once we achieve 500 or more points in Customer volume.

For example, a regular Autoship order placed under my ID# will yield me 20% commission. So our monthly consumption of $250 will yield a check of about $40 with the CV adjustment. If I take that same order and place it under a Customer as an Autoship, I’ll receive that same $40, plus 25% for the Customer rebate(about $62) AND the Nikken Reward Points. So instead of earning just once, we get paid three times for the same order!

The Crew Makes It Happen!
We may not hit that home run, but getting a triple when all we previously hit was a single is so much better!"


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