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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Recover Part 2 and BDZ Stories

"French Manicure" courtesy of NIKKEN!!
Jean Dunphy's Healthy Na
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"As Nikken continues to introduce new products and solutions for our everyday needs, I’m pleased to report some early results that I keep hearing about the BDZ. This part of the ‘bone buddies’ trio is proving to be quite the sleeper product when it comes to maintaining little things like healthy nails. Several people have spoken up on calls so I’ve asked a few to share their results. And if it’s doing this for nails, what’s it doing for our bones?!?!"

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"August 30, 2019

Recovery Part 2

Setting out on an 18 hour road trip to deliver our daughter to Southern California so she can start the next chapter of her life brings out the mechanical man in me. Just like our physical bodies, I’m quick to admit the things that I know absolutely nothing about when it comes to maintaining a vehicle which is why I trust a mechanic cousin for advice and service. Don’t get me wrong, I can hold my own with oil changes, all fluid level checks, tire air pressure, and cosmetics, but changing struts, catalytic converters, and brake drums is a little above my ability.

An annual membership to AAA for $85 for us is almost the same as a Nikken renewal of $79. When you use it, it’s the cheapest insurance available for peace of mind during a trip like the one we’re on. We get certain discounts with AAA that add up just as a little bit invested each month into Nikken products adds up to huge savings over the long haul. While at home, we live in a Nikken wellness home and have all the essentials to maintain our bodies in their peak. I could not and would not live without any of these things. As it is on the road, I did everything I could to prepare our vehicle for this journey and am doing daily things to keep it running.

Physical recovery while on a journey like this takes extra work on our part. I have to consume more water to maintain hydration. I have to sleep a little longer to get those REM stages. I have to take a bit more Jades to balance out the different nutrients. I have to seek quiet places to take mental breaks. I have to…. You get the point. If I don’t do these things while on vacation to recover, I’m going to need a vacation AFTER our vacation!

As I said to Stacey yesterday, I’m so grateful to God that He allowed us to discover Nikken when we did. I certainly don’t know everything there is to know to maintain this physical body, but I am open to learning more. I’m sitting outside a coffee shop on a college campus watching hundreds of parents struggle to keep up with their children who are basically half their age. I’m not as fast as I used to be, but I do know my body can recover faster (both physically and mentally) because of Nikken. 


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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Recovery and Phil Hanson's Stroke Story

Phil Hanson
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"Phil Hanson is the master at recovery. I don’t know very many people who can bounce back from a life altering stroke and live the life he’s living. We spoke this week AFTER he finished a 17 mile bike ride. While not all strokes are the same, Phil’s was enough to derail him, but this triathlete is determined to not only get back on the saddle, but embrace a tragedy and turn it into a triumph. And do it all while in his 80’s!"

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August 23, 2019


Our latest issue of the AAA magazine arrived this week and I was completely captivated by the cover article. We’re coming up on the two year anniversary of the Eagle Creek fire which consumed 50,000 acres and has surpassed $40 million in damage. I’m still in awe of all the burn scars that can be seen as we drive on the interstate, hike the many trails, or even go for a swim in the Columbia River. But underneath these tall Douglas fir trees, there’s new life forming that wasn’t ever there before.

Just like acres and acres that are recovering from a terrible tragedy, our bodies do the same thing daily. I find myself implementing all five areas of Nikken’s wonderful solutions every day so this five decade old body can bounce back from what I put it through. Suzanne Steele taught me the following acronym and it’s an easy way to remember how to tap into what God put into the earth and Nikken brought it into our homes.



Or put simply, like the Australians say ‘G-Day Mate’, we can remember these five essential areas by saying ‘G NEWS. It truly is Good News when we allow our bodies to utilize simple technologies that a research and development company has brought to the marketplace.

While some of the products shown have been improved or are in the process of improving, my friend Steve Crofoot reminded me how balanced life can be in this video:


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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Customers Gathering Customers and Carmen Weber

Carmen Weber

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"‘My name is Clair Huxtable and it’s a pleasure to meet you’ is how Carmen Weber introduced herself to me a few years ago. I’ll never forget this quirky, high energy person who was beaming with joy and had this smile as if she knew something secretive that you wanted to pry out of her. Carmen has seen some incredible things during her time with Nikken and has quite the story to tell."

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"August 16, 2019

Customers Gathering Customers

‘Would you mind meeting a friend of mine who’s son was born with a really horrible condition? I think the Nikken products could help.’

‘I’m going to order a Waterfall for my friend who really enjoys drinking from ours every time he visits. Do I need to register him under you or can I simply place the order for him?’

‘Can you order me another one of those magnets for my elbow problem? The shots are too toxic and only last a few weeks where as that magnet worked wonderfully. I was still able to handle patients in and out of the helicopter and I didn’t care what people said about the medical tape on my elbow holding it on.’

These are actual conversations or texts I had with Customers this week. The last one was at a picnic which developed into a mini presentation with our friend doing all the talking as I did the energy test on her brother-n-law. He kept asking questions and I simply shared more stories as she got more and more excited.

With any product that works, whether it’s something we buy at a store or we experience, good customers will often share with others. When we’re gathering Customers with Nikken, let them know that we haven’t maxed out the sales department quite yet. We’ve still not saturated the market and we’re looking to help more people, both physically and financially.


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Saturday, August 10, 2019

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and Andrea Shipman (Super Mom)

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"Andrea Shipman raised 12 people and taught them how to utilize what Nikken has to contribute to a proper wellness home. She may not be a perfect parent, but I think she’d definitely be on the list of all-star candidates to be awarded super star status. As in the past, random questions of how to use Nikken solutions for every type of situation are strongly welcomed. Momma Andrea will do her best as she’s probably had pretty close to every situation during her time of raising this dynamic dozen."

PPE - Vance Suited Up
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"August 8, 2019


After 54 weeks of not having a structure fire in the small community of Corbett, Oregon, I was quickly reminded of the importance of Personal Protective Equipment. Suiting up for a barn fire only takes a few seconds to pull on the bunker gear and then about a minute to strap on all the components of a SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus).

In any occupation, and even more critical in the occupation called life, we must utilize our PPE. I hadn’t planned on playing firefighter on this day, but things got a little derailed when the pager went off at 9:34 with the details of this barn, it’s location, and what apparatus was requested. The important thing for me was that I had already prepared for this day, like any other day, by starting with the Nikken Wellness regime including my Jade GreenZymes and Immunity dumped under my tongue for faster absorption to feed my brain what it needs to function properly.

Vance after Weed
While driving to the station, I reviewed in my head what I needed to do in order to be a team player and contribute, rather than add confusion to the anxiety of the situation. This is where drinking as much from my Nikken sports bottle helps. My only mistake was leaving it on top of my locker so by the time the fire scene was cleaned up, I was pretty well dehydrated even though I’d consumed several bottles of water. Having Nikken’s insoles definitely helps with balance and strength due to the demand of dragging hose and pulling debris.

While I could share more details of this exciting event, what really caused me to be grateful to Nikken was that in less than two hours, I could utilize a simple item called the Nikken Sports Bottle and regain hydration so that every aspect of my body was returned to normal. Just like any other normal day, it’s not so much what goes on our bodies, although the Powerband bracelets, necklace, and Sports Socks are awesome, it’s what I put in my body that counts. While most of us won’t ever charge into a burning structure, isn’t it great we can take care of our bodies with the Nikken PPE everyday."

Vance Rogers

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Saturday, August 3, 2019

Valerie Johnson and Labor or Leisure

Valerie Johnson - Triathlete
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Valerie Johnson seems to have a permanent smile on her face. Is it because her life is filled with nothing but joy and gladness every day? I doubt this! I think it’s because she discovered almost 30 years ago that life is filled with ups and downs, but it’s our perspective that impacts our daily decisions. I’ve asked one of the pioneers in Nikken to share on the topic of the difference Nikken has made in her life.

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August 2, 2019

Vance Rogers

Labor or Leisure?

‘You call what you do fun?’ This week was the first time I’d ever had a person question my perspective of what I do for labor.
Dennis Williams shared with me years ago the sign at the end of the tunnel that the Phoenix Suns basketball team passes by when they enter their arena. ‘The game is scheduled, we have to play, we might as well win’. Ever since I heard this, I changed my perspective of work. If we’re doing something to generate income or revenue, why does it need to be dreadful? Or as William Todd taught me, ‘it’s not the amount of money that matters, it’s what we can do with that money that we place value upon’.

Vance and His Nephew Using a Roof as
a Diving Board Into Customer's Pool
The last few years when asked what I do for a living or a job, I answer it this way. ‘I have two passions in life which most would call a job. The first is that 27 years ago I linked up with a Japanese research and development company and I get to introduce people to wellness products that can completely impact their lives like they have our family. And speaking of family, my second joy is that I get to play on roofs with my brother (and usually nephews) in a 3rd generation business that my grandfather started in 1960.’ Regardless of which hat I’m wearing, its my choice to have fun or make it a dreadful experience.

Some could accuse me of being an eternal optimist and yet if professional athletes ‘play’ their occupation, why can’t we play Nikken or whatever other career we’re part of? I always have fun introducing people to these products and the company by providing an experience which they cannot get from any other source. A simple energy test does this every time.

Bottom line it is exactly what King Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes chapter two when he said, ‘There is nothing better for man than to eat, drink, and to enjoy his work.’ Whatever we’re doing, since it’s what we’re doing at that point, we might as well have fun doing it.


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