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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Resolutionist vs Revolver and Breaking It Down on Saturday AM Live!

January 2nd Kickoff Call Info
Click here to Listen to this weeks call.

I made a decision years ago that I didn’t want to be in the Revolutionist group, but become a Revolver by revolving to change. Partially it was the brainwashing of my parents when they exposed my two brothers and I to people like Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and others at an early age. It was the life principles taught by people like this that allowed me to see lists like the above and put them into practice.

Give me 25 minutes and I’d like to break down these eight fantastic points. I’m confident that you’ll be empowered to revolve into a new perspective and a fantastic new year.

The call will commence at 7:00am PST and the number to dial is 218-548-1536, code 1536#. If you miss it live, check out this recording and so much more at:

Looking forward to blasting off 2018 before it starts with you,


Read Vance's Tip of the Week

December 29, 2017

Revolutionist vs. Revolver

Right now, millions of people around the World are making resolutions for the new year that will not only go unfulfilled, but be broken in the first week of 2018. Sort of a negative thought eh? Wanna know a secret that separates those who actually make changes instead of joining the failure group?

Become a Revolver instead of a Revolutionist! Establish simple and attainable goals, write them down, and then develop small tasks to accomplish these. The creative folks at Nikken gave us eight last week and they’re worth sharing again.

Here are some suggestions to help you make 2018 your best Nikken year yet:

* Choose to believe in yourself and trust the company. Trust that you can do it and trust that Nikken is behind you all the way. 

* Plan your day the night before. Make your to-do list and have it prioritized.

* Set aside a time every day to look over and manage your business on your MyNikken Virtual Office. You need to know who your potential stars are and mentor them closely. You also need to encourage the forgetful ones to go on Autoship so they will never run out of product. Remember that there is Retail Autoship as well as Consultant Autoship.

* Incorporate the Everyday Weight Management Pack into your Active Wellness lifestyle. The Pack is not just about being at the right weight. It’s about good nutrition and a digestive tract that works efficiently. You are a walking advertisement, so stay physically and mentally fit.

* Resolve to be a role model and have a 30 to 60 second testimonial ready about how you’ve benefited from Nikken physically, mentally and financially. How can you sell anyone on product or business-building benefits if you don’t practice what you preach?

* Make sure you’re personally retailing at least 500 points monthly. (For example, retail just one Water Pack and you’re there, or an Everyday Weight Management Pack and you’re almost there.)

* Make it a point to follow up with your retail customers.

* Sponsor at least three people who are each committed to retailing 500 points a month. Show them how to earn by sponsoring their own three team members.

* A Wellness Home begins with you and what you put into your body. Build your own Wellness Home with Nikken products from the Nutrition, Water and Sleep categories. Teach your team members and new customers to do the same.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Joy by Vance Rogers & Video: The Christmas Story

I've had a few requests for my poem. I typed it up and added a bit more. Wanna add it to the blog?


Something we hope for, like as if it’s just out of reach, yet we have a warrior who has stretched out on our behalf to not only grab it (fought for it), but pass it to us with glad reckless joy. All we have to do is receive it and then share it with others.

We fall down and joy lifts our spirits.
We get derailed and joy puts us back on track.
We experience pain and joy heals us to the core of our bones.
We suffer loss and joy replaces what is gone.
We get confused and joy brings crystal clarity.

J - Jesus
O - Others
Y - You

When we keep the reason for the season front and center in our lives, we are able to focus on others and in the process our lives become richer. He changed the course of history(our calendar is based on His arrival) when He arrived as a baby. What kid can boast of that? He truly does give us joy and enables us to make the world a better place because, after all, He created it.

Vance Rogers  Christmas 2017
* * *

I watched this this morning and thought I would pass it along. Felt it fit Vance's Message.


Click Here to Watch Video
The Christmas Story

Mary conceives by the power of the Holy Ghost. Heavenly messengers herald the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. Luke 1:26–38; 2:1–19; Matthew 1:20–21
Duration Time 7:52

Hail, thou that art highly favoured, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women. Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favour with God. And, behold, thou shalt conceive, and bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name Jesus. He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest: and of his kingdom there shall be no end.
How shall this be, seeing that I know not a man?

The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy child which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.

Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word.
Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife: for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost. And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins.

Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Do You Hear What I Hear and Julie Tara (JOY) on Saturday AM Live!

Great Times at Team Kaizen 2017 Trip
Click Here to Listen to Julie Tara and Vance Rogers share some of their, diligently, carefully, attentively, studiously, painstakingly, meticulously and thoroughly learned, "God Inspired Wisdom". Such invaluable mentor-ship on how to work, ponder and serve in these "Tumultuous Times" of sorrow, disappointment, and uncertainty we are faced with daily. Little adjustments in  attitude and amplitude that allow you to experience the joys of life you are seeking.

Vance Emailed this Week: "Julie Tara is an example of this great Christmas song in that she has lived her Nikken life hearing what is good, positive, and delightful. She’s not been exempt of her share of tragedy and pain, but what she has done with that is developed a super solid core belief system in the positive.

True joy comes from deep within and I’ve asked Julie to share some of what keeps her laser focused on this. She’s written and published a book of poetry that really creates an environment of growth. I’m confident that you will be blessed by what she shares.

Looking forward to sharing a little joy with you,


Vance's Beautiful Family 2017
Please Read Vance's Tip of the Week

December 22, 2017

"Do you hear what I hear?

Of all the Christmas carols and songs that our family has been pumping into our brains in the car and at home during the last few weeks, this one song always captivates me every time. What we focus on is what we hear.

[it] is good or bad makes no difference. It’s what we allow into our lives that takes root. I just finished a delightful phone chat with my friend and mentor Ruth Williams. She and I talked about several things and both of us were very encouraged when we finished. Most of the topics were very positive which created much laughter.

Our youngest daughter Addi just popped down the stairs proclaiming that there are only 3 more days till Christmas. What I hear her saying is almost overshadowed by her glee of excitement. She doesn’t focus on all the stress that this season brings some people or how a first Christmas without a loved one brings sorrow. No! She only knows that Christmas brings great things like presents and the message of a baby who changed the course of history.

My Christmas wish is that, like Addi, you can hear the good things that surround all of us and tune out those things that are not wholesome or positive. After all, what we hear is not what is the loudest, but what we choose to listen to.


PS I've attached [download below] a little present that should be available soon. In the meantime, open it, share it, and have fun with it."

Click Here to Download  a sneak peak of the printers markup of Dr.Gary Lindner's new Self Care Awakening - Be Healthy by Choice, Not By Chance 12 pg booklet. It is cool!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Transformations and Professor Mary Bowser on Saturday AM Live!

Click Here to Listen to this weeks 
Give Your Hair Wellness
Order Yours Today
fantastic call.

Professor Mary Bowser has undergone a complete transformation since Nikken introduced the hair care just over a year ago. Check out the attached photo’s and then join us tomorrow morning to hear about her journey. With the hair care special ending in just two weeks, Mary’s story is perfect for a year-end investment into our hair, head, and scalp.

Grab a hot cup of Ten4 and join me for a fun chat with a gal who is sure to lift your spirits on a chilly December morning.

Please Read Vance's Tip of the Week

December 15, 2017

Our oldest daughter Kenna sent me a text this week about the extreme weather change in Washington DC. ‘I was wearing shorts one day and bundled up for an Everest expedition the next. It completely transformed overnight!’

When life transforms this quickly, our family is so grateful to have the Nikken solutions ready to go. Whether it’s the weather being frightful or a natural disaster, we seemed to be more prepared now than ever before.

Take this last week for example. We live at the west end of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. Although it’s absolutely beautiful, the Columbia River cuts through the Cascade Mountain Range and literally makes a funnel for the high pressure air masses to flow through. In the last seven days we’ve had 22 wind related fire calls due to trees falling, power lines being ripped down, houses being crushed, people being injured, etc. As a volunteer firefighter, I’ve seen more amazing stuff this week than during the four decades I’ve lived in this area.

Nikken thermals are fantastic when I get to race out the door to help a neighbor in need. The Waterfall keeps me totally hydrated. The Naturest re-builds my body every night. The Kenko Air units filter our dry air inside due to more use of the wood stove. The Mag Duo allows me to restore quick energy to my hands after exposure to wind chill temps as low as 11. The Lactoferrin 2.0 keeps my immune system at it’s peak.

The list is endless. Here’s the main point…. When life transforms, it’s best to be a Boy Scout and always be prepared. We can’t wait 2 to 9 days for UPS to deliver these amazing solutions so it’s best to have them already and be using them.

Christmas is ten days away. Anyone on your list that needs a Nikken solution? Or what about encouraging a friend to invest into their own family with a gift that will keep giving energy forever? Let’s consider a transforming present under the tree.


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Nikken Advantage and Gift Giving on Saturday AM Live!

Click Here to Listen to this weeks call about the Nikken Advantage and Gift Giving.

"Keeping in the spirit of gift-giving, I thought it would be fun to have a brief chat about some of the ways we introduce Nikken, especially this time of year. Whether it’s a super quick conversation with the clerk at Home Depot or connecting with a customer about the Nikken Advantage event tomorrow, I’ve found a few fun ways to give the gift of Nikken.

And while mine are great, I’d love to hear some of yours! Be ready to share some."

Please Read Vance's Tip of the Week

December 8, 2017

"Everyone loves a gift

Dennis Williams shared last Saturday that he and Ruth will celebrate their 26th Nikken anniversary tomorrow. I didn’t know that we enrolled a week apart from one another after Dennis presented the gift of Nikken to our family. Of course it took me two months to open that gift and truly realize what it was all about.

Nikken has been giving away jewelry items as gifts to anyone who orders more than $250 retail or 200 points worth. And just as exciting as this is, we have the opportunity of giving an fun introduction by people around the globe tomorrow, from the comfort of your own home. And whether it’s you and a friend or a group of friends, I’ve enjoyed connecting with people the last few weeks and then dropping a note like the following via email or text.

While I cannot control whether someone receives my gift or even acknowledges it, the more I give, the more I know people will come to understand the value of what our family has enjoyed for 25 years.

Here’s my follow-up note:


It was great chatting with you tonight! Here is the info about one of the presenters at the live event we discussed.

The following is the information for the event this weekend. Usually these require a lengthy drive to Tacoma or Seattle, but this time its being broadcast from around the globe.

Here is a short introduction to my friend Dr. Gary Lindner:

He will be one of the presenters this Saturday at the event. Check out the others here:

It would be great having you join us. And don’t forget to come hungry as we’ll have breakfast ready for you as you walk in the door.

(Note: While I don’t give the opportunity of enjoying my gift at their home, there is always that option for people who cannot join me in person. We can email them the link and they can join with one click. And some folks will already find it by going to the Home page at the link above.)


Saturday, December 2, 2017

25 Year Celebration & Dennis Williams on Saturday AM Live!

An Amazing Friend!
Dennis Williams
Click Here to Listen to Vance and Dennis celebrate and share about the last 25 years of 'Playing Nikken' together.

"Dennis Williams is a mentor, friend, and so much more! Sharing 25 years of memories will be the theme of the call. Dennis is a master story teller as everyone who’s heard him will agree and yet it’s his candid approach that opened up my eyes a quarter century ago and still causes me to follow his lead today. I encourage you to invite a friend to hear the person that I often refer to as ’the Paul Harvey of Nikken’."

Please Read Vance's Tip of the Week

"December 2nd, 1992

I remember standing next to the fax machine thinking and praying, ‘God, I’d like to earn $500-$600 a month sharing these products and this business with people. Please let this come to pass.’

As my distributorship application fed into the tray, I’m not sure what I was really expecting, but I never could have dreamed that 25 years later I’d be reflecting back on such an amazing history. The places Stacey, our girls and I have traveled to, the people we’ve met, the lifelong friends we’ve made, the impact these products have made in miraculous ways, etc, etc, and etc. The Millionaires Club, President’s Club, Polar Bear Club, and Auto/Home Program before my 30th birthday were an added bonus too.

It took me two full months to make that decision to become a distributor. Yep, I guess I was a slow learner. But today, I think I’m figuring out how to start each and every day a little faster using the 5 Pillars and Kaizen philosophy’s. What can I do today to improve myself in these areas so that I can become a better contribution to those around me?

The text I received from our oldest daughter just yesterday was a perfect cherry on top to celebrate this 25 year mark. She included the email from the Watanabe Scholarship Foundation which stated that they were mailing a check early to pay for her Spring semester tuition at American University.

If the first 25 years have been this great, I can hardly imagine what the next 25 years will be like! I think my simple prayer has come to pass which is why I’ve already started asking for more. Not so much for more money (although that’s part of it), simply a richer experience.

Vance Rogers"

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Click Here to Listen to call with Vance, Ron and Pam.

Ron and Pam Barnes ready for the Kentucky Derby
"If the 4500 caloric coma from the previous feast hasn’t worn off, then a shot in the arm from one of Nikken’s dynamic duo’s should do the trick.  For years Ron & Pam Barnes have modeled the 5 Pillars of Health and been an inspiration to me.  I’m challenged by Ron’s analytical mind to process numbers and Pam’s vibrance in everything she does.

While they’d be the first to humbly say that they’ve got a long way to go, I think they completely understand that it’s not the perfection of our lives that counts, but the direction. Constantly seeking ways to improve and then in turn sharing those developments with others.

So what do a tax guru and teeth gal have to share? Absolutely, tons! 

Please Read Vance's Tip of the Week

November 23, 2017

"Weekly Blog

‘Gratitude is what I feel. Thanksgiving is what I do.’ - Tim Keller

I’ve shared this quote with more people during the last few days than I can even recall. And as I type it, I think back over almost five decades of celebrating Thanksgivings knowing that I’m getting a little closer to living a life of thanksgiving.

Ya see, seven years ago on this day, we had the privilege of celebrating the longest Thanksgiving ever! It started in Addis Abba, Ethiopia and we continued westward toward home in Oregon crossing 11 time zones. So when we arrived in Portland, it really was one of the longest days of our lives.

We felt gratitude for sure, but it was walking out it in a spirit of thanksgiving that really made the difference. A few days prior I met the woman who gave up her daughter so we could become a family of five. Grateful for what we already had in two daughters, and yet thankful for being able to add another.

I could go on and one with life lessons that I’ve discovered because of this day. Nikken is a gift that we are very grateful for. As we share it with others, we get to walk out a literal re-payment of that gift. Whether is a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving feast with popcorn and toast or the usual bird with all the trimmings, here’s to another fantastic celebration of thanks. We hope that whatever you do this day that you’re able to do something to walk out the meaning of this day.

And if you need a little inspiration for gratefulness, we grabbed this shot of Addi while walking into see ‘The Star’. Popcorn is an Ethiopian staple. A large screen is every kids dream. For Addi, the combination of these two is a little slice of heaven."


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Lactoferrin Intel-Take 3 and Dave Johnson on Saturday AM Live!

Dave Johnson Is EXCITED!
Click Here to Listen to Vance and Dave. Dave Johnson is a walking encyclopedia. Last weekend I had the opportunity of listening to him talk about the value of Nikken Wellness, or as most of us call them, our amazing nutritional products. I took a page of notes just on Jade GreenZymes which further validated why our family has taken this product for the last 16 years.

Dave will be sharing about three topics: Lactoferrin 2.0, December 9th, and the Nikken Summit in Salt Lake. Based on what he shared with us last weekend, I think his insight will not only be timely, but crucial for sharing with others.
Please Read Vance's Tip of the Week

November 15, 2017

Do you think Lactoferrin will help me?
This was a question posed to me last night by a new Consultant who is dealing with some pretty major things in her body. Sharon is on her way to Silver this month and she’s like a dry sponge craving intel that will help her not only build her business, but also get her body back to 100%.

‘I’m already taking two and I don’t know if I should take more or if that’s enough?’ While I’ve never claimed to be a doctor nor do make any medical claims, my usual answer to a question like this is, ‘Let’s start there and see what happens’. I also encouraged her to do her own research on this amazing supplement that is used around the world for so many reasons.
AND… I also shared this statement, ‘If you could have heard the stories that I heard last Saturday on my call and in person in Tacoma, you’d suggest everyone start their Nikken journey on this product.’

Want to learn more? My friend Gary taught me how to read the label on our new formula and I quickly found these:

Bioferrin® Lactoferrin
This natural, bioactive milk protein is isolated from fresh, sweet whey using advanced fractionation and separation processing technologies. It’s a natural source of iron, an effective antimicrobial, and can enhance immune and anti-inflammatory function. Bioferrin® Lactoferrin is an excellent solution for infant formula, functional food and beverages and dietary supplements.

Again, by doing a little research, we can learn so much in a short amount of time.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Lactoferrin Intel (Free Necklaces) and Lactoferrin Stories on Saturday AM Live!

Order Your New Lactoferrin 2.0 Today
Please Click to Listen to This Weeks Call: "Facts tell, Stories sell!

While our family has used Nikken’s Lactoferrin since its introduction, we’re most excited about it’s benefits for both our immune system and our youngest daughter Addi’s ability to boost her iron levels. With the new formula, we can’t wait to see the doctors results in a few months.

There are sooo many stories that we’ve collected and we want others to hear them. Avoiding a $2500 root canal, 24 hour recovery from travel bug, keeping a diseased foot, and pregnancy are some of my favorites. Please be ready to share your story or one that you’ve heard about the use of Lactoferrin. And remember, we can’t make medical claims, but everyone knows that any coincidence is wonderful way to enjoy the benefits of a product like this."

Please Read Vance's Tip of The Week

Lactoferrin - Did you know & TIME SENSITIVE ordering to receive free necklaces!

According to Wikipedia:

Lactoferrin (LF), also known as lactotransferrin (LTF), is a multifunctional protein of the Transferrin family. Lactoferrin is a globularglycoprotein with a molecular mass of about 80 kDa that is widely represented in various secretory fluids, such as milk, saliva, tears, and nasal secretions. Lactoferrin is also present in secondary granules of PMN and is secreted by some acinar cells. Lactoferrin can be purified from milk or produced recombinantly. Human colostrum ("first milk") has the highest concentration, followed by human milk, then cow milk (150 mg/L).[5]

Lactoferrin is one of the components of the immune system of the body; it has antimicrobial activity (bacteriocide, fungicide) and is part of the innate defense, mainly at mucoses.[5] In particular, lactoferrin provides antibacterial activity to human infants.[6][7]

Occurrence of iron-containing red protein in bovine milk was reported as early as in 1939;[8] however, the protein could not be properly characterized because it could not be extracted with sufficient purity. Its first detailed studies were reported around 1960. They documented the molecular weight, isoelectric point, optical absorption spectra and presence of two iron atoms per protein molecule.[9][10] The protein was extracted from milk, contained iron and was structurally and chemically similar to serum transferrin. Therefore, it was named lactoferrin in 1961, though the name lactotransferrin was used in some earlier publications, and later studies demonstrated that the protein is not restricted to milk. The antibacterial action of lactoferrin was also documented in 1961, and was associated with its ability to bind iron.[11]

When I typed ‘Lactoferrin in Chinese baby formula’, this is one of the research articles I discovered:

In less than five minutes we can validate the absolute need for this product. See Nikken’s Blog for even more great intel.

Any order for Lactoferrin placed today before 5 pm will receive a free Yellow Powerband necklace (retail value $28) for every bottle. Yes, each bottle equals a free necklace. One Customer ordered six bottles for only $4.95 two-day shipping AND will receive six necklaces. This excludes Autoship orders and does not have to be phoned in.

Call a few friends today and share this offer with them. So much better than a flu shot and a free necklace too!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Two Options and Exciting Changes on Saturday AM Live!

Click here to Listen to Vance and partners in this weeks call.
Order Your New Lactoferrin 2.0 Today
"Improved Lactoferrin, discounted shipping, free necklaces, and top leaders coming to your town on December 9th.

Keeping up with the never-ending change element, Nikken isn’t wasting anytime keeping us on our toes. Several people I’ve spoken to this week have some really nice ideas of how they’re using the above changes."

Please Read Vance's Tip of the Week

November 2, 2017,

"Only Two Options

Luis Kasuga is Nikken’s General Director for Latin America. He delivered a powerful presentation in San Antonio and yet it was a bathroom conversation that amazed me even more. I know, men are NOT supposed to talk in the restroom, but while washing our hands, I asked him one quick question. More about that in a bit.

In his presentation he talked about how we respond to change or anything new. We really only have two options: Complain or Understand.
Listen: Luis Kasuga's Presentation
Exactly a month from today we will officially cross the 25 year mark of when I joined Nikken on December 2nd, 1992. We have experienced way too many changes and more often than not, I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t always seek understanding but was quick to murmur about another change. From products to compensation plans, improvements to discontinuations, there have been way too many changes to even attempt to remember.

Bottom line is this, we can seek to understand while moving forward or we can complain while staying stagnant. It’s our choice. There is always a reason and most of the time if we’ll give it some time, we’ll be amazed and delighted. After all, our new Customers don’t know about what’s old unless we tell them. They’ll only catch our excitement as we share.

Now to the bathroom chat…. When I asked Luis how many Spanish speaking people came to San Antonio I was shocked at his answer. But when I further pressed why (sought to understand) I totally understood why. Two people. Only two! A couple months prior they had over 2000 in one country at an event and a few weeks ago they had over 1000 in Mexico City. 400 Silvers have been developed so far this year.

I completely understood now why only two joined us in Texas. They’re running so fast that they couldn’t stop for a northern detour. Dave Johnson taught me years ago that if we want to see an increase in our commission check, we can actually give ourselves a raise. We simply have to introduce more people to Nikken. The Latin American countries seem to be doing this at a breakneck pace. I think they’ve chosen option two and are running a nice race."

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Perceived Value and Pat Kelly on Saturday AM Live!

Pat Kelly
Click Here to Listen to Pat Kelly share her amazing Nikken Story.

I really can't recall if I've ever asked Pat Kelly if she's a registered nurse or just has the DNA of a nurse. For decades she has been the epitome of those war nurses that you see on the front lines in any battle. Her focus on the elderly in our society is that of nobleness. She challenges me to create more conversations with the more mature in our community simply to be their friend. If a sale happens, great. If not, simply listening will often do more good than introducing them to Nikken.

Pat has some beyond belief stories that she's gonna share with us as well as what keeps her plugging away after two decades with Nikken.

Please Read Vance's Tip of the Week:

"Perceived Value

My older brother Spence and I have been playing in the sheet metal industry since we were kids with our younger brother Nick. We always joked when people asked how we got started. The usual answer, 'Slave Labor'. Our parents didn't overwork us as kids too badly, but we knew that dependable employee's were hard to find so we figured they had us three boys to get the jobs done correctly the first time. Not sure that that always worked out every time, but we sure had a lot of fun and it continues today.

Enough background. When Spence buys a handful of box cutting knives at the dollar store I remind him that the life of those knives is based on the value. We can get a similar knife at Home Depot or Lowe's for about twice as much and they will last much longer.

The Waterfall value is a lot like this. For almost two years we have had a several thousand dollar unit that is way under priced. I know for a fact that I personally have lost several sales because $256 messes with peoples minds when they have seen a presentation by one of the companies who's units start at $1200 and yet they really push their $4000 unit.

Starting October 1st, we will have a Waterfall priced at $419 which is one tenth the cost of that comparable $4000 unit. No, the Waterfall does not have flashy lights. No, the Waterfall does not have a sexy voice. And no, the Waterfall does not require both plumbing and electrical installation. But when it comes to actual water filtration, it does feature all the benefits of that $4000 unit and more!

The perceived value is still way less than it could be. Like a box knife though, if it's priced too low then people will second guess it's value and worth.

We have until Saturday night at midnight to take advantage of the $256 price of the Waterfall. I NEVER encourage front loading and stockpiling especially because the warranty on the filters is only 30 days. What I am doing and encourage others to do is to simply make a few calls to those who might wanna save $163. Dennis Williams shared the attached document with me and it's been incredibly helpful.

Next week I will share a little bit about our west coast wild fires and how our water supply has been impacted. Very few are talking about it, but the short version is that I CANNOT imagine drinking that apparently safe water without a Waterfall!!!"

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Beauty for Ashes and Jean Brock RN on Saturday AM Live!

Jean and Dan Brock
Click Here to Listen to a Very Smart Couple share an amazing retirement!

"Jean Brock has seen her fair share of lives altered by tragedy. As a registered nurse, she used her training to help people turn the corner and get on a better path. For several years now she's applied that same training to live a Nikken lifestyle AND share it with others.

Jean's involvement with organizations like Wounded Warriors keeps her in front of folks that really need what Nikken has to offer. Her perky attitude is contagious and one that I reference regularly."

Something Worth Fighting For
Please Read Vance's Tip of the Week

" 'Beauty for Ashes'

I first heard this reference to Isaiah 61 when Stacey and I were visiting some friends in Haiti. Joe & Cindy had lived there for 21 years and were constantly attempting to convert what was bad or destroyed into something good and beautiful.

Five days on the front lines of what is now a 35,000 acre forest fire was an emotional roller coaster for me. Our task force had moments of comic relief due to a variety of situations and yet the one I'll remember most is standing in four inches of ash as I wept. What God created and nature took decades to grow to the beautiful area known as the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area has been altered by carelessness. The forest will grow back, the residents will live with the new normal, and life will be a little less hectic in a matter a days, weeks, and months. I know this for a fact because disasters like this happen and we are a resilient people.

Where There's Smoke There's Fire

Nikken empowers us to become Humans Being More. Whether it's a tropical storm dumping feet of rain in a matter of days, a hurricane with winds bringing utter destruction, or a forest fire burning up everything in its path, the human spirit can overcome any tragedy. Every amazing Nikken story I've heard or experienced has come from people who want to rise above their current situation. It's a glimmer of hope or a seed of expectation that compels us for something better.

It Felt Like It Would Never End
We can obtain beauty for ashes. We must step out into what is better. We have to. Our future depends on it.


Saturday, September 9, 2017

Can You Go? and Pam Barnes RDH on Saturday AM Live!

Vance emailed me: "I'm sort of in the woods right now and can't send this out to my regular business list. Please pass it along ASAP."

Pam Barnes
Click Here to Listen to an amazing Call. "Pam Barnes is a Platinum Consultant with Nikken. She has been a Dental Hygienist for over 40 years specializing in Periodontal Therapy. This intricate finger movement with repetition lead her to spend a decade in agony over most of her body. This took its toll especially on her upper body. She could not have practiced her expertise for all these years if she had not found Nikken at age 41. She now calls those years of misery a blessing!

Ron and Pam Barnes San Antonio
So almost 20 years ago she took her beloved profession and expanded it from Oral Care to Total Care. She will share how the dental world has now caught up to what Nikken offers. She educates her patients on how to be totally healthy starting with the mouth. She will share some tidbits of using Nikken technology to improve your periodontal condition ( oral care) and how it benefits every bodily system ( total care)."

Please Read Vance's Tip of the Week

"Can You Go?

Three simple words. One simple question. My answer changed my future forever.

Last Saturday a wildfire known as the Eagle Creek fire started and quickly developed into what is now over 33,000 acres. As of this morning it was 7% contained and there are over 900 active firefighters involved.

I can't even begin to share the emotional experience that this week has been. Even typing those words I remember telling Stacey that she needs to start packing the important things that are irreplaceable. The day after my 49th birthday I saw a wall of fire from a few miles away that literally scared me to death. The home that we've created 20 years of memories is in the direct path of a fire being fueled by 35 mph winds.

It was two days later when our fire chief asked for volunteers to replace some of our guys who had been serving on the front since Sunday morning. These guys were chasing that wall I saw Monday night and were exhausted. Fortunately the winds shifted but the fires have continued. Stacey and the girls did have to evacuate for two days, but our town of Corbett is totally out of harms way. For two days now, I have had the distinct privilege of being part of Task Force #40.

How does all this relate to Nikken? Let me just say this. Because of Nikken and what we've continued to share with people for the last quarter century, I have a little bit more flexibility to volunteer my services. I love the business of Nikken and I have a greater appreciation to the products. Building a team of people has created a residual income source, but again, it's the products that really change lives.

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I have a new favorite product called the Cocoon. Sleeping atop the hose bed of a 3000 gallon water tender would be miserable if it weren't for having three wonderful technologies all wrapped around my body. I woke up today at 4:36 to the smell of smoke because the winds had shifted and yet I felt so rested. What an amazing product! Ten4 is awesome when the afternoon fatigue kicks in and can easily be carried in my wildland jacket. The MagFlex has prevented any back strain and protected my lower back when my pack shifts and my fire shelter bangs into my belt line. mStrides are in my boots and mSteps ease the tension in my loafers at the end of the day. The front of my helmet is lined with DUK tape to give me a nice energy boost on my forehead. Plus the softness feels so much better than hard plastic.

I could share so many stories of what it's like to be an active part of a wildfire, but I'll save those for the future. After all, our future is what we make of it and choose to be available to create. Thank you for your prayers and please remember to pray for all of our firefighters who continue to serve doing what they love to do."