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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Profound Solutions along with Casual and Car Conversations

Lisle Meeker
Click Here to Listen to Part 1 of This Weeks Call with Lisle Meeker and some of the Saturday AM Live Gang.

Click Here to Listen to Part 2 of This Weeks Call with Larry Haffner.
"Car conversations can really be a wonderful time to learn. The real key is to actually focus on the person rather than give into the temptation of switching subjects at every passing object. Larry Hafner is considered my BFF by my daughters and although that may be true based on our phone time each week, he’s also become one of my trusted accountability partners in personal development. In other words, we know its not the perfection of our lives, but the direction of our lives that counts. Larry and I will be sharing some of our recent stories of success as we cruise the interstate in route to the Tacoma, Washington, Health and Wealth By Choice, Not By Chance Summit!"

Vance Rogers and Larry Haffner
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"November 15, 2019

Casual Conversations

This last week I’ve had more fun with a simple story than most weeks. Rather than wait for people to ask me about Nikken, I’m discovering ways to ask lots of questions so I’m able to work my elevator speech right into the conversation.

One particular time was actually a follow up conversation that I’ve been wanting to have, but I couldn’t remember the persons name. I know, terrible am I. What made it so much fun was when she responded by saying, ‘I’m thrilled that you want to keep talking to me because that tells me that my husband didn’t tell you what I do for an occupation.’ It turns out she’s a naturopathic physician! That's when the chat got really good and we were able to go deep.

One of the tools that I’ve used numerous times during these conversations lately is a 12 minute mini-documentary that is actually a trailer for a regular documentary. I was so impressed with this short video that I spent way too much time trying to find the full length film. I still haven’t found it, so rather than get frustrated, I decided that it must be for a reason and I think 12 minutes will work for most folks.

Once you watch it, I think you’ll agree with what Mary Poppins (Dr. Mary VanHoy) shared with me. ‘When we leverage a 3rd party validation like this piece, all we have to do is tell people that we have a fantastic grounding pad at a very competitive price.’ I especially like the testimony at the end because this woman shares a fair amount of really good stuff that were not supposed to. And because she doesn’t mention Nikken, it’s perfect!


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Saturday, November 9, 2019

Humans Being More and Caryn Willens

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Cayrn Willens
 "A few days ago Caryn Willens hosted Humans Being More in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. She started six months ago with the idea of impacting a group of people who had never experienced this. A few of the participants will share their thoughts as well as Caryn as to why this event is so life altering."

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"November 8, 2019

Humans Being More

My first encounter with this philosophy or concept was when I received my starter pack from Nikken in December of 1992. Back in the day, we’d enroll as distributors, Nikken would send us a box of VHS tapes, 3-ring binder, and about six months worth of reading material. I didn’t ever go through the contents of that box but I’ll never forget the slogan on the cover of that   binder ‘Yes My Wellness’ and a prevailing theme of Humans Being More.

When this core belief gets into us, we end up doing more. What I find so rewarding is when this spirit influences the people we come in contact with every day.

I’m gonna brag a bit on a young lady that I’ve never met, but feel as if I know her because our oldest daughter has the privilege of working alongside her to impact others. I’ve watched this video several times now and each time it gets me. Maybe it’s because our daughter Kenna is in it (near the two minute mark), but I think it’s because at the recent George HW Bush Points of Light award ceremony, this Iowa farm girl was recognized for not only being a Humans Being More type person, but for doing more.

Kenna has been exposed to Nikken’s core philosophies since conception. As a recipient of the Watanabe Scholarship I know she’s going to continue doing more because her parents have exposed her to Humans Being More. Not just the training, but the spirit!


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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Wildfires and Kimball Sergant

Kimball Sargent
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"Snapshots of San Antonio with Sargent Sparky herself!  Kimball Sargent is truly a wildfire.  Her weekly presence on the Sizzle calls has been a huge boost for us and she was one of the attendees/presenters in Texas.  For those of us who couldn’t be there live, this will be a great way to take a glimpse at Kimball’s collection of Polaroids."

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"November 1, 2019


The Santa Anna winds in Southern California are a regular part of the Fall season. What is also becoming a regular occurrence is the wildfires that start for a variety of reasons and bring trauma to literally millions of people who are nearby or those of us connected to them. Just the Kincade fire alone threatening over 90,000 homes has 5245 personal assigned to it which at the time of this writing is 65% contained.

The same day that this fire started there was a gathering of Nikkenite's in San Antonio who started their own wildfire. Just like any assembling of people coming together to share and learn, these wellness consultants invested their time and resources into what Rick & Paige Murphy shared would be a life changing weekend. And so it was. Like a task force leader in front of his line crew, our global president Luis Kasuga shared his vision to more people who had not been impacted by the heart that continues to drive this company.

The greatest difference between a Santa Anna wind driven wildfire and the San Antonio Summit is that one is an emergency with no advance warning and yet both have much planning involved. The results of both will be new growth, one on natures timetable and the other on our timetable. What we do with the intel and the spirit behind the San Antonio experience will be up to us. And going forward with events like Salt Lake and the 45th anniversary celebration in New York City will definitely keep the wildfires burning."


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Saturday, October 26, 2019

I Hit a Goat and Simple Stats

Where's My Goat?

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"In light of a series of bizarre medical calls that I’ve been on as a volunteer firefighter, I’ve been doing some research on where we are as a culture when it comes to treating common issues. I will open the lines as well to hear some of the fun ways that we address ordinary aches and pains with Nikken products instead of conventional drugs. After all, our bodies are designed to heal themselves and when we immerse them into a complete wellness home, they will do just that, heal themselves."

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"October 25, 2019

"I hit a goat!'

As a First Responder, we never know ALL the details when someone calls 911. We often ask the dispatcher if there are any updates for the patient so we can be better prepared upon arriving at the scene. When a SK3 comes via text and on our pager screen, it’s sort of a blanket code that could mean any number of things. ‘Sick’ is the word for the SK and 3 means it’s not life threatening, but its also not trivial.

Finding the patient on this particular call added to the humor as we got to drive through a cattle gate, cross a sideways sloped 17 acre field, and down a steeper slope to find the camper where our patient was. As one of our medics took care of the assessment, my buddy took began gathering intel for the report, and I started calculating the best route to extract the patient from the cab-over bunk where he lay.

While we never make light of any situation, our job is to help the patient because its no funny matter when anyone dials 911. The problem for me was that when we finally got to the root of the problem, none of us were prepared for it. As this grown man continued to scream when his back would go into yet another spasm, we were all shocked to hear him say, ‘earlier today on my motorcycle, I hit a goat’.

As Nikken Wellness Consultants, we meet people and listen to their stories. We cannot diagnose or make any claims because just as a trained doctor or nurse, we will never know exactly what's going on in a persons body. This being the case, we can use some generalities to find out what Nikken solutions could be used to help the body heal itself. Prescriptions, over the counter remedies, and even recreational drugs rarely do anything to correct the problem, only mask the pain. While some in our culture wants immediate results without taking the time to get to the core of the situation, there are a growing number of people who are looking for what we have.

And just for the record, I never did find out what happened to the goat, but I am following up with the patient.


P.S. The weekly call commences Saturday Mornings at 7:00am PDT and the number to dial is 218-548-1536, code 1536#. If you miss it live, check out this recording and so much more at: Invite your family, friends and prospects to listen live.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

iCAN Stories and Anniversary Celebrations

iCAN Attitude - Escape Mind Prison
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As we enter the last quarter of 2019 and are about to see some additional products added to our wonderful collection of life-changing solutions, I asked a few of the men who completed the iCan Attitude course to share their experience. We blast off another 12 weeks of this life altering program on October 1st immediately after the Nikken Kick-off call. If you wanna raise the bar in any of the 5 Pillars and join a couple dozen others who will be doing the same, pop me a text at 503-348-0749. And be sure to listen how a few good men committed themselves to having an iCan Attitude!

Read Vance's Tip of the Week.

October 26, 2019

Anniversary Celebrations

Some would say that a 27th anniversary is a solid benchmark of success. What about 24? Or even 12? The last few days I’ve had the privilege of celebrating all of these in three completely different areas of my life.

Dennis Williams introduced my brothers and me to Nikken in our parents family room 27 years ago. I remember so many things from that day. Not the facts about the company or details of the products, but the experience of seeing products demonstrated with instant results. I wish I could say I jumped in with both feet and went for it. Nope! It took me a few more weeks before I would actually join, order my own products, and start this incredible journey of sharing Nikken with others.

The 24th anniversary is a little closer to the homefront and in today’s culture we’ve been told it’s a really big deal. For Stacey and me, it’s a contract, a commitment, or even a covenant. We made a decision and it’s been an incredible ride for not only us, but the 3 girls who keep us on our toes. I couldn’t imagine life without her and I feel like we’ve only begun to experience what God has in store for us.

Passing a physical agility test to join a small town fire department 12 years ago opened up a world of opportunity in the Healthy Society pillar. I’ve learned more about high angle rope rescues, basic medical intervention, fighting fires(both structure and wild land), river rescues, vehicle extrications, and just about everything else you can imagine. But most of all, I’ve learned how in a seconds notice to be part of a team that wants to help others in a time of need.

These three anniversaries got me thinking about so many different things and the one that is loudest in my mental processor is this... I could have missed all three of these, but I made a choice. A choice to take a leap of faith and do something that I’d never done before. Align myself with an amazing company, enter a marriage for life, and decide to serve my community as a volunteer firefighter. Life is about making choices and these three have blessed me richly with people experiences that most only dream of.


P.S. The weekly call commences Saturday Mornings at 7:00am PDT and the number to dial is 218-548-1536, code 1536#. If you miss it live, check out this recording and so much more at: Invite your family, friends and prospects to listen live.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Water, Water, Water and Pam Barnes RDH

Click Here to Listen to This Weeks Call with Pam Barnes

As a dental hygienist, Pam Barnes loves pearly whites, but loves to brag about what Nikken’s water solutions can do for those great teeth even more. Slightly alkaline water is proven to break down plaque, alter the PH of the mouth, and even become addictive. Pam will share her thoughts as well as be open to answer questions on this topic.

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September 20, 2019

Water, Water, Water

As our outdoor activities slow down, most of us forget that our water consumption should not. Half our body weight in ounces of water sounds like a HUGE amount if you’re still struggling to get the 8 to 10 glasses a day, but when you think about it, its so much easier to simply take your body weight, divide it into half, and start drinking!

I watch outside all the grass that may have dried out over the summer start to green up again. It doesn’t ever complain about too much Fall rain or make excuses why it adapted to it’s brown or tan color a few months ago, it simply does it’s thing. So why, I always ask, do we as humans say things like, ‘I have to pee too much or I don’t like the taste of water or my favorite…. I know I should drink more so I’ve started drinking fizzy water’.

Besides oxygen, the first thing a paramedic will do for any trauma patient is to give them an IV drip. Pure water with a fraction of salt directly into the bloodstream. But why do we have to wait for the first responders to come? Wouldn’t it be easier to eliminate the problem long before it takes place?
Nikken’s water solutions help people get over their excuses and will literally give them their lives back. Water is one of the simplest ways to start.


Saturday, September 14, 2019

Falling Back Into Fall and iCan Stories

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know you want to participate
Click Here to Listen to This Weeks Call with past ICan Attitude Program Participants.

"The stories of success and growth keep coming in. For those of us in the iCan Attitude program, we invested about 20 minutes a day and changed the outcome of our lives. I got so excited about these stories I called three Silvers that day and asked them to join us. If you’re looking for growth in any one or more of the 5 Pillars, check out what took place this last 12 weeks."

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"September 13, 2019

Falling Back Into Fall

Regardless of our state of mind, the seasons happen every year and Fall is definitely my favorite. In the Pacific Northwest we see the process called photosynthesis take place when the temperatures drop at night below 55 and the leaves get shocked into change. Because I taught this to 6th graders I tend to embrace it more than others as I know it’s going to happen whether I want to deal with the outcome or not.

Yard clean-up of leaves and debris is part of the process as well if we want our home and property to look it’s best. Is it any different with our minds? I don’t think so.

Text Vance - Let him 
know you want to participate
In a few days I will celebrate 27 years of when I first heard of Nikken. Three years ago I was discovering a whole new learning process through three great teachers who developed the iCan Attitude program. It was a Fall that I’ll never forget because it really opened my eyes to see what can happen when I embrace an educational course, do the homework, AND rise up with the daily application. Whatever effort I put into the course came back ten and one hundred-fold in all 5 Pillars.

Can I encourage you to dive into Fall with a fresh fervor that may take a bit more effort on your part? Dave Johnson challenged the Platinums and above with this question… What would happen if every Consultant in North America were to simply sponsor one Consultant in the final quarter of 2019? The answer is that we’d double our size AND impact countless lives with these amazing solutions! Dennis & Ruth Williams did it for my family and I am obligated to do it for others.

P.S. The weekly call commences Saturday Mornings at 7:00am PDT and the number to dial is 218-548-1536, code 1536#. If you miss it live, check out this recording and so much more at: Invite your family, friends and prospects to listen live."


Saturday, September 7, 2019

Transitions and Caryn Willens

Caryn Willens

Click Here to Listen to This Weeks Call with Caryn Willens

"‘I help people who are hurting from acute and chronic discomfort using non-invasive, non-medical technologies to provide relief for them. Then I teach them the concept of self-care that creates a healthy balance so they can achieve a better quality of life. Who do you know who can benefit from relief from some discomforts?’ This is exactly how I would describe Caryn Willens as I’ve gotten to know her during the last three months. She literally helped me improve balance in every area of life and her no-nonsense grab life by the horns spirit is contagious."

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September 6, 2019


As a few leaves fall from the trees lining our road I hear this question from the back seat, ‘Is it Fall yet Daddy?’. Even though it’s still pushing triple digits in parts of the world, it’s definitely the transitional time of year as category 5 hurricanes bring their worst to the parts of paradise or our globe.

This last week I greeted Fall in a way that caught me by surprise. I fully expect the birthday to remind me of this transition, but a road trip to Southern California and then the difficult task of saying farewell to one of the strongest young ladies I know brought emotions that I wasn’t quite ready for. For three days we explored a beautiful university campus, moved our daughter into her dorm, attended orientations, and met some of the most amazing parents on the planet.

The part that really reminded me of opportunities ahead was watching Emily make the walk to her dorm knowing that it’ll be Christmas time when we see her again. This kid has only known one home so her new living arrangement including an international student will bring many different situations to navigate.

A transitional season is easy for most of us because we’ve been through them before. Our minds remind us of years past and we make the steps necessary. Anything that alters life as we know it like an imbalance in one of the 5 Pillars of Health may not be as easy to navigate. Most are introduced to Nikken because of a physical issue or a need to improve finances. But what if we’re forced to deal with a restoration in three, four, or all five areas at the same time?

Just as a lady named Dorian has reeked havoc on thousands of lives this last week, I’m reminded that healing and restoration take time. Remember to give the Nikken products and process time. Sure, we all want results overnight, but a true transition may take a little bit more to really bring optimum results."


P.S. The weekly call commences Saturday Mornings at 7:00am PDT and the number to dial is 218-548-1536, code 1536#. If you miss it live, check out this recording and so much more at: Invite your family, friends and prospects to listen live.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Recover Part 2 and BDZ Stories

"French Manicure" courtesy of NIKKEN!!
Jean Dunphy's Healthy Na
Click Here to Listen to This Weeks Call with Vance Rogers and many of the Saturday AM Live Clan.

"As Nikken continues to introduce new products and solutions for our everyday needs, I’m pleased to report some early results that I keep hearing about the BDZ. This part of the ‘bone buddies’ trio is proving to be quite the sleeper product when it comes to maintaining little things like healthy nails. Several people have spoken up on calls so I’ve asked a few to share their results. And if it’s doing this for nails, what’s it doing for our bones?!?!"

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"August 30, 2019

Recovery Part 2

Setting out on an 18 hour road trip to deliver our daughter to Southern California so she can start the next chapter of her life brings out the mechanical man in me. Just like our physical bodies, I’m quick to admit the things that I know absolutely nothing about when it comes to maintaining a vehicle which is why I trust a mechanic cousin for advice and service. Don’t get me wrong, I can hold my own with oil changes, all fluid level checks, tire air pressure, and cosmetics, but changing struts, catalytic converters, and brake drums is a little above my ability.

An annual membership to AAA for $85 for us is almost the same as a Nikken renewal of $79. When you use it, it’s the cheapest insurance available for peace of mind during a trip like the one we’re on. We get certain discounts with AAA that add up just as a little bit invested each month into Nikken products adds up to huge savings over the long haul. While at home, we live in a Nikken wellness home and have all the essentials to maintain our bodies in their peak. I could not and would not live without any of these things. As it is on the road, I did everything I could to prepare our vehicle for this journey and am doing daily things to keep it running.

Physical recovery while on a journey like this takes extra work on our part. I have to consume more water to maintain hydration. I have to sleep a little longer to get those REM stages. I have to take a bit more Jades to balance out the different nutrients. I have to seek quiet places to take mental breaks. I have to…. You get the point. If I don’t do these things while on vacation to recover, I’m going to need a vacation AFTER our vacation!

As I said to Stacey yesterday, I’m so grateful to God that He allowed us to discover Nikken when we did. I certainly don’t know everything there is to know to maintain this physical body, but I am open to learning more. I’m sitting outside a coffee shop on a college campus watching hundreds of parents struggle to keep up with their children who are basically half their age. I’m not as fast as I used to be, but I do know my body can recover faster (both physically and mentally) because of Nikken. 


P.S. The weekly call commences Saturday Mornings at 7:00am PDT and the number to dial is 218-548-1536, code 1536#. If you miss it live, check out this recording and so much more at: Invite your family, friends and prospects to listen live.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Recovery and Phil Hanson's Stroke Story

Phil Hanson
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"Phil Hanson is the master at recovery. I don’t know very many people who can bounce back from a life altering stroke and live the life he’s living. We spoke this week AFTER he finished a 17 mile bike ride. While not all strokes are the same, Phil’s was enough to derail him, but this triathlete is determined to not only get back on the saddle, but embrace a tragedy and turn it into a triumph. And do it all while in his 80’s!"

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August 23, 2019


Our latest issue of the AAA magazine arrived this week and I was completely captivated by the cover article. We’re coming up on the two year anniversary of the Eagle Creek fire which consumed 50,000 acres and has surpassed $40 million in damage. I’m still in awe of all the burn scars that can be seen as we drive on the interstate, hike the many trails, or even go for a swim in the Columbia River. But underneath these tall Douglas fir trees, there’s new life forming that wasn’t ever there before.

Just like acres and acres that are recovering from a terrible tragedy, our bodies do the same thing daily. I find myself implementing all five areas of Nikken’s wonderful solutions every day so this five decade old body can bounce back from what I put it through. Suzanne Steele taught me the following acronym and it’s an easy way to remember how to tap into what God put into the earth and Nikken brought it into our homes.



Or put simply, like the Australians say ‘G-Day Mate’, we can remember these five essential areas by saying ‘G NEWS. It truly is Good News when we allow our bodies to utilize simple technologies that a research and development company has brought to the marketplace.

While some of the products shown have been improved or are in the process of improving, my friend Steve Crofoot reminded me how balanced life can be in this video:


P.S. The weekly call commences Saturday Mornings at 7:00am PDT and the number to dial is 218-548-1536, code 1536#. If you miss it live, check out this recording and so much more at: Invite your family, friends and prospects to listen live.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Customers Gathering Customers and Carmen Weber

Carmen Weber

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"‘My name is Clair Huxtable and it’s a pleasure to meet you’ is how Carmen Weber introduced herself to me a few years ago. I’ll never forget this quirky, high energy person who was beaming with joy and had this smile as if she knew something secretive that you wanted to pry out of her. Carmen has seen some incredible things during her time with Nikken and has quite the story to tell."

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"August 16, 2019

Customers Gathering Customers

‘Would you mind meeting a friend of mine who’s son was born with a really horrible condition? I think the Nikken products could help.’

‘I’m going to order a Waterfall for my friend who really enjoys drinking from ours every time he visits. Do I need to register him under you or can I simply place the order for him?’

‘Can you order me another one of those magnets for my elbow problem? The shots are too toxic and only last a few weeks where as that magnet worked wonderfully. I was still able to handle patients in and out of the helicopter and I didn’t care what people said about the medical tape on my elbow holding it on.’

These are actual conversations or texts I had with Customers this week. The last one was at a picnic which developed into a mini presentation with our friend doing all the talking as I did the energy test on her brother-n-law. He kept asking questions and I simply shared more stories as she got more and more excited.

With any product that works, whether it’s something we buy at a store or we experience, good customers will often share with others. When we’re gathering Customers with Nikken, let them know that we haven’t maxed out the sales department quite yet. We’ve still not saturated the market and we’re looking to help more people, both physically and financially.


P.S. The weekly call commences Saturday Mornings at 7:00am PDT and the number to dial is 218-548-1536, code 1536#. If you miss it live, check out this recording and so much more at: Invite your family, friends and prospects to listen live.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and Andrea Shipman (Super Mom)

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"Andrea Shipman raised 12 people and taught them how to utilize what Nikken has to contribute to a proper wellness home. She may not be a perfect parent, but I think she’d definitely be on the list of all-star candidates to be awarded super star status. As in the past, random questions of how to use Nikken solutions for every type of situation are strongly welcomed. Momma Andrea will do her best as she’s probably had pretty close to every situation during her time of raising this dynamic dozen."

PPE - Vance Suited Up
Read Vance's Tip of the Week

"August 8, 2019


After 54 weeks of not having a structure fire in the small community of Corbett, Oregon, I was quickly reminded of the importance of Personal Protective Equipment. Suiting up for a barn fire only takes a few seconds to pull on the bunker gear and then about a minute to strap on all the components of a SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus).

In any occupation, and even more critical in the occupation called life, we must utilize our PPE. I hadn’t planned on playing firefighter on this day, but things got a little derailed when the pager went off at 9:34 with the details of this barn, it’s location, and what apparatus was requested. The important thing for me was that I had already prepared for this day, like any other day, by starting with the Nikken Wellness regime including my Jade GreenZymes and Immunity dumped under my tongue for faster absorption to feed my brain what it needs to function properly.

Vance after Weed
While driving to the station, I reviewed in my head what I needed to do in order to be a team player and contribute, rather than add confusion to the anxiety of the situation. This is where drinking as much from my Nikken sports bottle helps. My only mistake was leaving it on top of my locker so by the time the fire scene was cleaned up, I was pretty well dehydrated even though I’d consumed several bottles of water. Having Nikken’s insoles definitely helps with balance and strength due to the demand of dragging hose and pulling debris.

While I could share more details of this exciting event, what really caused me to be grateful to Nikken was that in less than two hours, I could utilize a simple item called the Nikken Sports Bottle and regain hydration so that every aspect of my body was returned to normal. Just like any other normal day, it’s not so much what goes on our bodies, although the Powerband bracelets, necklace, and Sports Socks are awesome, it’s what I put in my body that counts. While most of us won’t ever charge into a burning structure, isn’t it great we can take care of our bodies with the Nikken PPE everyday."

Vance Rogers

P.S. The weekly call commences Saturday Mornings at 7:00am PDT and the number to dial is 218-548-1536, code 1536#. If you miss it live, check out this recording and so much more at: Invite your family, friends and prospects to listen live.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Valerie Johnson and Labor or Leisure

Valerie Johnson - Triathlete
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Valerie Johnson seems to have a permanent smile on her face. Is it because her life is filled with nothing but joy and gladness every day? I doubt this! I think it’s because she discovered almost 30 years ago that life is filled with ups and downs, but it’s our perspective that impacts our daily decisions. I’ve asked one of the pioneers in Nikken to share on the topic of the difference Nikken has made in her life.

Read Vance's Tip of the Week.

August 2, 2019

Vance Rogers

Labor or Leisure?

‘You call what you do fun?’ This week was the first time I’d ever had a person question my perspective of what I do for labor.
Dennis Williams shared with me years ago the sign at the end of the tunnel that the Phoenix Suns basketball team passes by when they enter their arena. ‘The game is scheduled, we have to play, we might as well win’. Ever since I heard this, I changed my perspective of work. If we’re doing something to generate income or revenue, why does it need to be dreadful? Or as William Todd taught me, ‘it’s not the amount of money that matters, it’s what we can do with that money that we place value upon’.

Vance and His Nephew Using a Roof as
a Diving Board Into Customer's Pool
The last few years when asked what I do for a living or a job, I answer it this way. ‘I have two passions in life which most would call a job. The first is that 27 years ago I linked up with a Japanese research and development company and I get to introduce people to wellness products that can completely impact their lives like they have our family. And speaking of family, my second joy is that I get to play on roofs with my brother (and usually nephews) in a 3rd generation business that my grandfather started in 1960.’ Regardless of which hat I’m wearing, its my choice to have fun or make it a dreadful experience.

Some could accuse me of being an eternal optimist and yet if professional athletes ‘play’ their occupation, why can’t we play Nikken or whatever other career we’re part of? I always have fun introducing people to these products and the company by providing an experience which they cannot get from any other source. A simple energy test does this every time.

Bottom line it is exactly what King Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes chapter two when he said, ‘There is nothing better for man than to eat, drink, and to enjoy his work.’ Whatever we’re doing, since it’s what we’re doing at that point, we might as well have fun doing it.


P.S. The weekly call commences Saturday Mornings at 7:00am PDT and the number to dial is 218-548-1536, code 1536#. If you miss it live, check out this recording and so much more at: Invite your family, friends and prospects to listen live.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Peggy Goodman (PT) and Living Water

Peggy Goodman PT
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"Peggy Goodman uses the Nikken PiMag water as her go-to product for her clients. As a Physical Therapist for 40 years, she knows the difference with people when they’re properly hydrated. And she’s convinced that PiMag water is the only source to achieve proper hydration. Peggy has agreed to answer any and all questions related to water so we’re gonna have some fun on this open line format."

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July 26, 2019

"Living Water

Yesterday I got to visit a 94 year old friend and one of the questions that I asked was simply this, ‘Bud, are you drinking much water?’ The conversation that followed taught me more than I was really prepared to learn but the short version is that his home is literally the first house from the local reservoir that supplies our community. What this means is that he and his wife Midge get the premium chemicals like chlorine, pot ash, and whatever else the EPA dictates to be added to our municipal water supply. While clean water is essential, our bodies are not designed to be living filters for all this stuff that is added to it.

Bottled water is no better. I use this article as a reference regularly and simply share with people that I’m not willing to gamble my health with 7% odds. If 200 bottled water companies were tested and 93% of them came back tainted, that’s a scary roll of the dice.

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I’ve also been referencing the attached flyer [Click Here to Download Flyer] that highlights the Nikken Sports bottle. I recently survived a five day trip using nothing but this bottle for both drinking and bathing. While the drinking of water from this bottle is a no brainer, how on earth does one use it as a portable shower? I heard a friend share that using a small spritzer bottle to mist the PiMag water over my body before I towel off is almost as good as letting the water from the Nikken shower head flow down. I wasn’t sure if this was true, but Texas water is really harsh and it worked beautifully. My skin literally felt great and it didn’t have that nasty chemicalized feeling that it usually did. Having lived in Texas for two years and visited the state more times than I can count, I remember that yuckiness. 

Summer is the absolute best time to make Nikken water part of our routine. 
Warmer weather tends to get us outside leading a more active lifestyle which means a greater dependence on water. If we truly want to live, then we might want to use the best source of water to keep us living.


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