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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Grounded to Spring and Lacretia Dodd on Saturday AM Live

Lacretia Dodd & Vance - Nikken Team Summit
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"Lacretia Dodd was trained to take no prisoners. Well, not really, but her background" growing up as an 'army brat' "has grounded her in the simple principles that impact her daily life. Like most of us, that life was altered by physical conditions that even her current occupation as a pharmacy technician didn’t provide solutions. Nikken entered her life and she knew that not only was this a viable solution for her one issues, but one that needed to be shared with others."

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"March 29, 2019

Grounded to Spring

Living on five acres is both a blessing and a curse. A friend of mine described property ownership as a ‘man killer’. For some who don’t enjoy care taking or projects, Spring is a time that isn’t looked forward to. But for those of us who have been given simple solutions that allow our bodies to thrive AND those who understand stewardship of land entrusted to us, any amount of land can be managed with ease. It can even be therapeutic to ‘work’ outside.

Last Saturday morning while doing what I’ve done every Saturday for the last 20 years, I did something that I’ve never done before. I call it the ‘Bill Cottle maneuver’. Not that Bill invented this procedure, but he was the first person that I’d met crazy enough to do it. While still on the phone, I slipped my slippers and socks off, walked the short journey from our porch onto the wet grass, and then found a piece of bare ground in which to place my bare naked feet in. At first, my toes were cold and quite pink. Within just a few minutes though, I could feel a natural warmth coming up my ankles, into my legs and throughout my body. I started stretching and bending WITH no pain, agony or discomfort in my lower back which I injured two weeks prior unloading about three cords of firewood.

Here’s the bottom line… We get to be grounded to spring into action everyday when we use the Kenko Ground WITHOUT having to expose our bodies to whatever the temperature is outside and WITHOUT hunting for a piece of exposed soil. And it’s way less messy! Is this product any different than any of the others which Nikken has introduced to the market place since 1975? Nope! And the beauty is that for just $129 we have something that will simulate God’s natural process every day for any condition. We don’t ever make medical claims and we don’t have to because all I did was stand on the bare soil doing something I’d not been able to do. Nikken doesn’t sell soil, but they do offer us products that are life-changing technologies from the earth. And we can be grounded to spring. Often doing things that our bodies were not able to do.

If you’ve not seen it or taken the time to share it with others, please carve an hour of your time to view this documentary. The validation for Nikken and the Kenko Ground is truly wonderful. And it really is fun to share with people what the book Earthing describes as the most important health discovery ever! It opens a door to peoples minds to not just one product, but the entire wellness home concept.

The Grounded Trailer (2:30)

The Grounded Movie (1:04:47)


Saturday, March 23, 2019

Spring Break and Teacher Elaine Brewster on Saturday AM Live

Elaine Brewster
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"Elaine Brewster knows all about the world of taking a breaks from the regular world of a career. Working only nine out of 12 months was normal for her, yet [she] never looked at her job as a laboring task, but simply as an opportunity to give of herself to others. As an elementary teacher for decades, she developed quite a list of fantastic truths that she’d pass onto her students. She has incorporated these same principles as she shares Nikken with others. And while she doesn’t look at people as students per say, she does look at others as perspective pupils who need to be taught the things that we’ve come to accept as common sense wellness truths."
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"Spring Break

‘Taking a vacation from God is like taking a break from breathing’. - Oswald Chambers

Across the globe this month, primary schools, colleges, and university students are taking a break from their studies. One of ours just returned from a quick trip to Asia to visit a friend (‘I know it’s crazy Daddy to fly all the way to Indonesia with a 36 hour layover in Beijing, but the round-trip ticket was only $535’) while the other college/high school student is about to take her week to visit prospective universities in Southern California.

Do we as working adults ever take a designated week break? Or should we? While chatting with a real estate appraiser last week he asked me a question that I’d never been asked before. I had been sharing with him all the different things that Stacey and I are involved with as we attempt to live a life of balance according to Nikken’s 5 Pillars of Health. ‘Why do you do so much!?!?’, he asked in a most shocking way. I was actually shocked at my response because I didn’t hesitate for one second. ‘Because we can!’

There’s something about successful people that unsuccessful people don’t seem to notice at first. It’s that they tend to focus on living life to it’s fullest and keep a few core things in front of them. Dave and Valerie Johnson have modeled this for years and while talking with him on the phone this week, I realized that he passionately wants this for everyone he knows and meets along this journey called life.

Oh, and the other thing that is very crucial in living life to its fullest is to tap into the live things of life. Just like a concert, speech, stage show, or even video conference call, being part of something live is sooo much better than a recorded version. It’s because sharing something in real-time with others releases chemicals in the body that just don’t occur otherwise.

Coming April 1st at 5:30pm PDT or 8:30pm EDT we will have access to a live 15 minute conference call that will be unlike anything we’ve ever had in Nikken before. On Monday-Friday we will be able to tap into a short overview of what this company has to offer followed by a powerful testimony. These will NOT be recorded! Stay tuned for details as this will be a simple way to introduce people to what we have to offer and all they have to do is take a quick break from whatever they happen to be doing that evening. We can invite them, pop them a quick reminder text, or even 3-way them onto the line.


Saturday, March 16, 2019

Tools of the trade and Professor Bill Cottle on Saturday AM Live

Professor Bill Cottle
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Bill Cottle is a teachers teacher. As a member of the Boise State University faculty, he taught those in the education field how to teach others. He retired a few years ago only to discover how to apply these same skills to Nikken. Hosting a movie night recently seemed like a fun way to use a tool that everyone has access to via YouTube, and yet Bill knew that gathering people together in a casual setting would not only be relaxing, but a very time effective way to teach others about the new Kenko Ground. He’ll share how he did it, what went into it, and the results.

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"March 15, 2019

Tools of the trade

In any profession, there are things we use to make the job more productive and easier. Whether it be building a house, cleaning a house, selling a house, or even living in that same house, there are things that make any task(or opportunity) more fulfilling.

In the world of Networking or sharing, we in Nikken have learned how to adapt with the world of the Internet. I remember just a few years ago when we’d mail a VHS tape of Dennis Williams as the tool to introduce a person to the world of wellness as we know it. It would take 2-3 days via priority mail to reach them, another day or two for them to watch it and then usually a few phone calls to hear their thoughts. Today, we merely copy and paste a link of any short or long video into a text or email. The recipient has it in a matter of seconds and a few minutes later has reviewed the information.

Last week while following up via text with my friend John about his rare feet issue, I asked him if he watched the movie ‘The Grounded’. We had exchanged a few texts back and forth prior so I couldn’t figure out why there was an hour delay after my question. That wondering ended when he replied, ‘Now I have!’ I’m not sure what he thought of it or if it helped him make a decision about the Kenko Ground, but at least I know he watched it.

Fast forward to this week. Instead of sharing the link with a few people, my friend Larry and I simply invited them to a movie night where we showed it. I wasn’t sure what to think as I hadn’t watched the entire thing, but Iike any documentary, I know there is tons of information which causes a change in the viewer’s perspective. We followed the movie with an energy test and some light conversation about grounding. The next day I just happen to run into the wife of one of my guests who said, ‘my husband came home literally beaming with excitement because we know so many people we want to introduce this to!’

Dennis Williams taught me years ago that we never want to ‘close’ a deal or an experience. Instead, we want to ‘open’ people up to what Nikken can do for them. Larry and I didn’t have a power close other than encouraging people to investigate this technology more for themselves and those they know. We’ll see where it goes but we’ve already got another movie night on the calendar next week and we hope to fill the living room again.

The Grounded

The Grounded Trailer


Saturday, March 9, 2019

Band-Aide or Surgery and Janice Miller on Saturday AM Live

Janice Miller
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Janice Miller underwent major heart surgery a couple times recently.  The human body is an awesome creation and she is living proof that when a body is surrounded by the best stuff on earth, it will respond favorably.  She laughed when I made the comment this week that she wasn’t exactly a Spring chick and then quickly added, ‘that’s exactly why I’m so compelled to share Nikken because if it can help me bounce back this quickly, people need to know!’

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March 8, 2019

"Band-Aid or Surgery?

While with Dad at his third physical therapy appointment after knee surgery, I couldn’t help but get caught up in the explanation of what his body had gone through and why surgery was inevitable.  Sure, he could have continued using Nikken’s wraps, CM Cream, Joint Formula, Power Chips, DUK tape, etc. and yet the damage was well beyond what his body was able to heal without a major alteration.  Don’t get me wrong, we have heard dozens of stories of people who have been able to completely avoid ‘going under the knife’ and these are truly wonderful, but it just wasn’t meant to be for Dad.  Sort of like him being able to keep his gall bladder after decades of a nasty German sweet tooth that had probably led him to consuming several thousand pounds of candy bars, donuts, and candy.  All conveniently hidden on the front seat of any vehicle he was driving.  Yep, his secret is now exposed.
What I’ve found to be most exciting though is that most people get attracted to Nikken (91% according to company research) because of a product experience.  This was definitely true for our family because we weren’t at the place of surgery back then.  We all just had some really agonizing issues that seem to magically improve in the course of a few days and weeks.  Isn’t that what band-aides are supposed to do?  Allow the body to heal naturally WITHOUT a trip to a doctor or surgeon.
Black and Blue Go Away!
 Last thought on the surgery note.  Before, during, and after his knee surgery, Dad has been immersed in the Nikken products.  Using the DUK tape directly over the incisions has been the most dramatic.  What was the most nasty color imaginable has quickly turned into the natural pink color of healthy skin.  I remember this oh too well last summer when I slipped while helping clean up debris at Dad’s barn and my upper arm took the brunt of the fall.  Nothing broken, but the beautiful black and purple mark was a perfect candidate for the Nikken band-aide solutions.  DUK tape and a Power Chip did the most remarkable job in 36 hours time.

As a first responder, I know that when people call 911 it’s for something really bad.  As much as I’d love to suggest Nikken products, its a major conflict of interest.  What’s great about sharing Nikken with anyone though is that most people are not in a panic.  The majority of folks are not needing surgery, they’re simply looking for a quick fix to get their body back at 100% or at least a little better than it has been."

PS Since this weekend is when all but Arizona and Hawaii lose an hour, be sure to check out Nikken’s blog to learn a few simple tips to avoiding a major bump in the road.  By far one of the best quick reads on this subject.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Grounded To Walk and Ellen Stoddard

Ellen Stoddard
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"Ellen Stoddard was told by her doctor that she’d never walk again. When I met her a few weeks ago, this mid 30 year old power house of energy wasn’t walking, she was skipping with delight. She cannot even pronounce the rare muscle disorder that was her diagnosis, but what she does know and is excited to share with others is that Nikken products changed her life. She is a living example of how fantastic Nikken’s products can be for the most extreme situations."

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"March 1, 2019

Grounded to Walk

‘Wow! That’s incredible’ and ‘Walk with me’ are the two quotes that jump out at me this week. As my new friend Bill Cottle reminded me, the research and medical evidence is great, but it’s the personal passionate stories that really seem to get peoples attention.

After 77 years of a very active lifestyle, over three decades of that climbing ladders every day, Dad’s knees finally gave out. They are both well beyond anything that natural or Nikken solutions could repair. This week he had the left one completely re-built. The first quote was from the physical therapist 48 hours after surgery. He just kept going on and on about how he’s not seen very many people in the 70’s with that much range of motion and the ability to do what Dad was doing. We talked about magnets, grounding, and a few other solutions to which he simply replied, ‘I’m a firm believer in taking care of this body and whatever we can do to get results like this…. Keep doing it!’

Pat Haffner broke her hip seven weeks ago and had emergency surgery the next day. I bumped into her last night and she said ‘walk with me’ as we were shopping. She was literally beaming with delight because she only had a few minutes to shop as she needed to get home for her final physical therapy session. At the last one the therapist told her that she didn’t need his services anymore due to her recovery being so good. She shared with me that she thoroughly believes that the Kenko Ground was the major contributor to her success. While I don’t know how that last appointment turned out yet, I do know that her husband Larry got this therapists attention by doing a few fun energy tests and following up on Pat’s question as to whether he keeps is recovery product methods ‘open’ to new technologies.

Both Dad & Pat are walking testimonies of Nikken solutions. Is it just the Kenko Ground that delivered these amazing post surgery results? I don’t think so. As my friend Barb Satterwhite(RN) says, I believe that this product is the missing link to bring everything together. An ultra complete wellness home made from the best of what God put in the earth for us to enjoy, WITHOUT having to live outside in the cold or hot weather.

Here’s what I stole from Bill who will share with us in a couple weeks how he’s been using it. I have been sharing it with friends. Watch it for yourself and then have some fun.

When you're ready for a fantastic educational documentary on this subject, grab the popcorn and your favorite beverage. This will blow your mind and the minds of your friends whom you share it with.