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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Peggy Goodman (PT) and Living Water

Peggy Goodman PT
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"Peggy Goodman uses the Nikken PiMag water as her go-to product for her clients. As a Physical Therapist for 40 years, she knows the difference with people when they’re properly hydrated. And she’s convinced that PiMag water is the only source to achieve proper hydration. Peggy has agreed to answer any and all questions related to water so we’re gonna have some fun on this open line format."

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July 26, 2019

"Living Water

Yesterday I got to visit a 94 year old friend and one of the questions that I asked was simply this, ‘Bud, are you drinking much water?’ The conversation that followed taught me more than I was really prepared to learn but the short version is that his home is literally the first house from the local reservoir that supplies our community. What this means is that he and his wife Midge get the premium chemicals like chlorine, pot ash, and whatever else the EPA dictates to be added to our municipal water supply. While clean water is essential, our bodies are not designed to be living filters for all this stuff that is added to it.

Bottled water is no better. I use this article as a reference regularly and simply share with people that I’m not willing to gamble my health with 7% odds. If 200 bottled water companies were tested and 93% of them came back tainted, that’s a scary roll of the dice.

Purchase A Sport Bottle Today
I’ve also been referencing the attached flyer [Click Here to Download Flyer] that highlights the Nikken Sports bottle. I recently survived a five day trip using nothing but this bottle for both drinking and bathing. While the drinking of water from this bottle is a no brainer, how on earth does one use it as a portable shower? I heard a friend share that using a small spritzer bottle to mist the PiMag water over my body before I towel off is almost as good as letting the water from the Nikken shower head flow down. I wasn’t sure if this was true, but Texas water is really harsh and it worked beautifully. My skin literally felt great and it didn’t have that nasty chemicalized feeling that it usually did. Having lived in Texas for two years and visited the state more times than I can count, I remember that yuckiness. 

Summer is the absolute best time to make Nikken water part of our routine. 
Warmer weather tends to get us outside leading a more active lifestyle which means a greater dependence on water. If we truly want to live, then we might want to use the best source of water to keep us living.


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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Back to School and Professor Bill Cottle

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Professor Bill Cottle taught me how to use ‘The Grounded’ found on YouTube for fun movie nights. Every time we showed it, we had sales. I’ve asked Bill to come back and give us an update on this great format as well as some simple ways to follow up. After all, the Kenko Ground is simply one product in our arsenal of the wellness home so why not help educate others on everything Nikken has to offer since they’ve already done the research and development.

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Back to School

Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘It’s the middle of summer and you’re talking about going back to school already?’ The merchants are already targeting parents with school supply specials so I figure that since our 2nd pillar of health is a healthy mind, why should we ever get out of the mode of education.

Brody Craney is my token wellness professor with his ‘Bringing Wellness Home’ classes every Thursday. If you’ve missed these sessions, then you’ve missed a wealth of knowledge. Rather than try to explain any of these topics or an individual product, it’s so much easier to simply copy & paste the link or give a friend the call in # with the access code. Here’s the latest:

Bringing Wellness Home

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Water Matters Reference Number 44
Breathing Solutions Reference Number 45
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Gastrointestinal Solutions Reference Number 47
Nikken Pudding Reference Number 48
Detox the Nikken way Reference Number 49
Peggy Goodman. P.T. My Journey. Reference Number 50
KenkoTouch Reference Number 51
Magsteps Reference Number 52

Joint and CM Cream Reference Number 53


Saturday, July 13, 2019

Customer Retention and Random Stories

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Last Saturday my new friend, Andrea Shipman, shared some of her dynamic dozen's (family of 12 kids) Nikken experiences and I received quite a few wonderful communications of gratitude for this. So since it’s been awhile that we simply opened up the line for completely unplanned stories, I’m giving you an extra day to think of one that you feel will be worth sharing. And as Marty Jeffery has taught me, tell a story, make a point. When we hit on the key issue of the story, a point can be made that really drives it home.

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July 11, 2019
Customer Retention

This week I have been tasked with getting at least one new Customer sale by my iCan teacher Marty Jeffery. As I’ve reached out to a variety of friends and contacts for a variety of reasons, I’ve had to double check my motives. Am I connecting with them simply to complete a homework assignment or to cross an item off my to-do list? No! My motive today hasn’t changed in the last 27 years. I simply want others to know how great Nikken is and how I find it sad that one of the richest countries in the world is still one of the sickest. And since I cannot wait for our government or western medicine to figure it out, I might as well share Nikken with them.

In contacting a friend yesterday to touch base and simply catch up, she brought up Nikken and asked how often she needed to change the filter and stones in her Waterfall. I merely responded by sharing what the manufacturing documents say (every 90 days and annually), but then added why our family follows this routine. As I was sharing this, I could hear William Todd in my head saying, ‘Remember, people don’t buy because of what you say. They buy because of what you do.’

Customer retention and acquisition in any business is about providing a product or service that no one else can provide in the way we do. Of course there will always be something similar, but when we attach a story of own or our family, it lends a personal touch. My goal when I deliver the Waterfall replacement filter and stones to my friend Michelle will be to get her on a quarterly autoship so she’ll know to change her filter when it arrives every 90 days. This will not only help her, but allow me to eliminate being scolded by her again because it didn’t follow up earlier. Oh, and I think it will take care of next weeks homework assignment which is to get an autoship customer. It’s a win/win.
One other thought that crossed my mind after I finished my conversation with Michelle was simply this, what would our Nikken business look like if we merely added one customer every week? The residual would be HUGE! And while I was on the phone with Michelle I received a text from another customer who wants me to meet her friend tomorrow night to share Nikken with the friends family. I didn’t have to solicit either one of these, but merely followed up. As Ma Bell used to say, reach out and touch someone. Who knows what customer retention would look like for us?


Saturday, July 6, 2019

Legacy/Tradition and Andrea Shipman (Mom of 12)

Most of Andrea Shipman's 
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"Andrea Shipman has a small town in her own home. As a mother of 12, she can tell you what tradition is all about in a way that only a few can. Her experiences with Nikken date back 20 years and she’s spent the last few years creating grandkid stories with these amazing solutions."

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"July 5, 2019


In small towns across America there is a pervasive spirit that brings people together on the 4th of July that is hard to duplicate in big cities. Maybe on New Years Eve or that cities athletic team being honored after a championship game, but coming together for little town parade is something that impacts generations.

I was the first of our family to head up to the fire station to help decorate the trucks we’d be riding on top of tossing candy to the adorning folks who would line the 2.8 mile route. It is something we’ve done for the last 12 years and I cannot imagine missing it. It’s the aspect of Healthy Society that keeps me serving a community that has been strictly volunteer since 1949.

Family Performing Group
During all the festivities I managed to sneak off a few ‘Happy 4th of July’ texts.  I remembered a neighbor who had her first Nikken experience exactly one year ago while we were swapping fruit from each others orchards.  Shannon has suffered a chronic shoulder and neck issue for years and received dramatic results when I handed her my PowerBand necklace.  I literally thought I’d done something wrong when she started crying and saying, ‘Josh you need to come here’.  For the first time since the birth of their oldest child six years earlier she hadn’t remembered being able to lift her arms over her head.  In less than 30 seconds she felt warmth and that’s when she reached up to see if she could.

I won’t ever forget that experience. She has referred me to a several people and even though only invested in a few products, Shannon is now part of a legacy of people who we’ve been able to help enjoy a better life. My Dad taught me years ago that asking a simple question like, ‘Are you open to something that impacted my life?’ can be the easiest way to bring hope to someone who’s never heard of an almost 50 year tradition called Nikken.