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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Nikken In The News and Using This

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July 2, 2022

Nikken in the News

‘To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.’
-Steve Prefontaine

While walking around downtown Coos Bay, Oregon a few minutes ago, I couldn’t get over the message on the mural behind my wife and youngest daughter. In 1975, this young man dominated the sports world news because his life was cut short due to a tragic death. As a 19 year old a few years earlier he was on the cover of Sports Illustrated due to his achievements in the world of track and field. He trained under coach Bill Bowerman who was the co-founder of Blue Ribbon Sports which later became the company we all know as Nike.

Nikken was birthed the same year that Nike’s poster child’s life came to an end. Nikken didn’t make the news stories around the globe like Steve did back then, but to me, it doesn’t matter. The founder of our company made a decision to launch this research and development company so others could enjoy the benefits of these bumpy insoles that just might allow us to run a little faster than the others, just like coach Bill did when he used his wife’s waffle iron to make a better tread on Steve’s shoes.

When you set out to give your best at anything, you may not get noticed at first, but do this over and over again and you may find yourself leading others in your field. Mr Masuda chose to start when he could have stopped. Pre, as he was known by most, chose to race harder and faster than anyone else at the sound of the gun when his fellow runners would pace themselves.

Nikken may not be in the news (like we want it to be), but what we as Nikken Consultants & Customers represent IS in the news every day. What’s fun is to utilize this as we share, not sacrifice, this gift with others.

Tomorrow morning on Saturday AM Live!

Last Saturday we had fun with Nikken Trivia. Tomorrow we will have even more fun with Nikken in the news. How do we use the news cycles to create conversations that really count and convert people into opening the gift we’re giving?

The call will commence at 7:00am PDT and the numbers to push are 480-660-2210, code 1536#. The great gal that answers won’t tell you to enter 1536#, so be sure to do this. If you miss it live, check out this conversation and so much more at:


Saturday, June 25, 2022

Earth Connection and Nikken Trivia

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June 24, 2022

The Kenko Ground is my favorite newer product for starting every successful day! Living in a national scenic area where hiking and walking on sloped ground, skiing, or simply participating in activities that put extra strain on the calves, I cannot imagine not having this product. Then there’s the fact that I get to run up and down stairs in our three story home. Each morning, I so look forward to a great cup of organic coffee with my bare feet directly on it and as a preventative for leg cramps after an active day, I simply put it at the foot of our bed on top of our Naturest Fit. Sleeping through the night is a vital part of wellness and that includes not waking up due to some random issue caused by an overused body part.

Years ago I knew nothing about this technology and then videos like the following helped me understand the value we have in this product. Before Nikken introduced the Kenko Ground, a dear friend shared how her late husband greatly benefitted from a grounding blanket during his final days and weeks before he passed away. ‘His countenance would change dramatically every time he got under the blanket!’ I had to hide my reaction when she shared that they invested $3000 for this product and yet when it comes to end of life care, no price is too great to improve the quality of life on this earth.

Nikken doesn’t have to invent things like this, they simply tweak them so the features are better than what else is available in the same price range. When I discovered that for less than $150 I could tap into the grounding benefits, I bought in fast. Our family did the same with the PiDrogen, the True Elements skin care, and the whole food nutritional products. Learning from people groups around the world and those who tap into the earth for the medicinal benefits is the first part of our motto… Discover it!

Last weekend on a quick jount to Canada, we met up with four different friends who Stacey and I have known for decades, but don’t get to connect with regularly. All of these folks have enjoyed Nikken products in some form or fashion yet not the entire wellness home. The first comment from one(after not seeing each other for ten years) was classic. ‘Age escapes you two! How is this possible?’

Is there one Nikken product better than another or is there a magic bullet to maintaining youth? I don’t think so. Instead, I know that we get to use the best that is found in nature WITHOUT having to hunt or search for it! We simply trust Nikken to bring it to us. And when they offer unbelievable promotions, we get to really ramp up the sharing part of the motto so others can benefit like we do.

Tomorrow morning on Saturday AM Live!

Nikken trivia 101. As humans, it’s in our nature to ask questions. People use Yelp and other sites so they don’t have to ask, but ultimately, we are looking for answers to help our situation or improve something. Most of the time a simple validation is all it takes for an investment to be made. How do we respond when asked or when we see a need? ‘Our family uses…’ is one of my favorites, yet it’s knowing and using all the products that is truly the best response. Let’s delve into some fun ways to play Nikken trivia so we can better help others discover it.

The call will commence at 7:00am PDT and the numbers to push are 480-660-2210, code 1536#. The great gal that answers won’t tell you to enter 1536#, so be sure to do this. If you miss it live, check out this conversation and so much more at:


Saturday, June 11, 2022

Fathers, Felines and Pet Stories on Saturday AM Live!


Vance's Sponsor's - Char and Denny Rogers

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"June 10, 2022

There are 1.5 billion fathers worldwide. 66.3 million of those fathers are in the United States. Father's Day is the fifth-largest card-sending occasion in America with almost 100 million Father's Day cards sent each year. Only 50% of all Father's Day cards are purchased for dads. In 2022, adults between the ages of 25 and 34 years old spent an average of $248.98 per person on Father's Day gifts. Not a bad haul for Dad.

Top Fun Facts About Cats:
* Cats can jump up to 6 times their height. ...
* They have a total of 18 toes. ...
* There are over 500 million pet cats! ...
* Cats sleep for around 13 to 16 hours a day (70% of their life). ...
* 1 year of a cats life equals to 15 years of a humans life.
* The US household spends $902 annually on cats.

I may be more partial to the similarities between fathers and felines because we have one of these 15 year friends that’s a fond part of our family. Even though she’s never been featured in a family photo or made it to the Christmas card shots, she’s been with us longer than our youngest daughter, Addi. Living in the country she has proved her status as a defender of decency against the creatures that threaten a houseful of ladies who tend to squeal when a field mouse, shrew, or any other small animal pops up.

Where our heart is, there also is our treasure. Or is it the other way around? When we invest in our fathers and felines, the results always pay out in handsome dividends. What’s super cool about Nikken is that we get to do this just because it’s the right thing to do. I get spoiled every year on any holiday that has me included and we do the same for Kairo. It’s a fun part of discovering, living, and sharing!

Tomorrow morning on Saturday AM Live!

Got any fun father or feline stories? Or maybe a pet story that you’ll never forget as to how Nikken has impacted one of them in your life. I’ve got a boatload to share, but we want to have some fun a week before Father’s Day. Please be ready to share any story that stands out to you to validate how impactful Nikken has been to enrich the life of the fury friends in our lives. And yes, most dads get lumped into that group because we tend to forget that we’re supposed to deal with the hair that used to be on top of our heads that’s going underground coming out in areas that it shouldn’t.

The call will commence at 7:00am PDT and the numbers to push are 480-660-2210, code 1536#. The great gal that answers won’t tell you to enter 1536#, so be sure to do this. If you miss it live, check out this conversation and so much more at:


Saturday, June 4, 2022

Twice as Nice and Mary Bowser & Gwen Carter

June 3, 2022

Power Trio: Gwen, Barbara, and Mary

Click Here to Listen to Mary Bowser with Gwen and Jim Carter amazing story on this weeks call.

Vance's email from this week.

Twice as Nice and Mary & Gwen on Saturday AM Live!

Foraging for hours in the woods could very well be a relaxing hobby for some, but I’ve found our friends to be beyond funny with the extent they will go to find fungus. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed mushrooms of every variety since I was a kid, yet investing hours walking around in forests in search of plants is not my idea of fun.

Nikken has come through time and time again with research that continues to get validated in simple common sense solutions. The Immunity blend of 14 mushrooms gives us the best of what nature intends without us having to bring the mud from nature into our homes. Now if we marched around barefoot on the duff & topsoil we’d be onto something, but that’s where the Kenko Ground comes in.

As they say, killing two birds with one stone is the ideal solution. And when the world is aggressively looking for products to building ones immunity, then we have that twice as nice solution. A complex and yet simple part of the Nikken wellness home that no home should be without. Combining the Immunity with the Lactoferrin this month yields a free bottle of the Men’s Formula to celebrate fathers!

Tomorrow morning on Saturday AM Live!

Mary Bowser & Gwen Carter are two of my favorite friends on the east coast. This dynamic duo seem to attract some of the most incredible stories that Nikken products can create. Gwen’s husband Jim has recovered from a major surgery recently and that story in itself is just mind boggling. They’re not part of the Marvel comics Super Friends, yet these two wonder twin Nikken Consultants unite their powers time and time again. Where there is accountability, there’s every motivation for change.

The call will commence at 7:00am PDT and the numbers to push are 480-660-2210, code 1536#. The great gal that answers won’t tell you to enter 1536#, so be sure to do this. If you miss it live, check out this conversation and so much more at:



Saturday, May 28, 2022

Debbie Davis (MT) _You're The Best Daddy

 May 27, 2022 

Debbie Davis

Debbie in Egypt and Portrait of Debbie
Click Here to Listen to This Weeks Call With Debbie Davis (MT). You’re the best daddy and Debbie Davis(MT) on Saturday AM Live!After all the camping gear was put away and we both got ourselves cleaned up, I quietly poked my head in our youngest daughter's bedroom.  I simply wanted to find out if she felt better after a much needed shower.‘You’re the best daddy and all my friends keep texting me saying calling me ‘Addi-Daddy’ or ‘Goose’.  I also wanna say thank you for taking the time to go on the overnight field trip with my class!’During a week when our country is mourning the loss of innocent children whos lives were taken from them, this gratitude from a 12 year old will be something that I’ll never forget.  Every decision we make to invest into the 5 Pillars of Wellness is something that will yield great rewards.For me, a field trip like this is an opportunity to spend one-on-one time with teachers, parents, and kids like my own to learn how to be a better teacher and parent myself.  After all, the only way that we can be a better example of Humans Being More is to actually do that.For the single mom that’s now a new friend, it will be fun to follow up and chat more about grounding, hydration, mental health, etc.  She was all in during every chat we had and I owe her big time.  Not just because she bought me a cup of coffee, but because she willingly shared her story with me so I could learn.

Tomorrow morning on Saturday AM Live!Debbie Davis humbly refers to herself as a Massage Therapist & Transformative Wellness Coach.  Yet for every person who utilizes massage or has ever had a massage, we know that this experience is life transforming.  Debbie has been on an amazing journey since she discovered Nikken years ago.  She lives life at full volume and loves to share the best of her life with others.The call will commence at 7:00am PDT and the numbers to push are 480-660-2210, code 1536#.  The great gal that answers won’t tell you to enter 1536#, so be sure to do this.  If you miss it live, check out this conversation and so much more at:  Vance

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Clovis strikes again and Seiko Kai is ladies day in

 May 20, 2022

Clovis strikes again and Seiko Kai is ladies day in!

‘Our European adventure might have to be extended’ is the message I understood from our oldest daughter who had just completed a 150 mile trek across a good portion of Portugal & Spain. I’d been calling it the El Camino (like the car) and after multiple failed attempts of correcting her father, I think she just gave up. The Camino de Santiago is a pilgrimage that millions of people have completed as an act to literally breathe in life as they journey to the famous church site where St. James is buried. These are facts that I have come to understand as a simple researcher while the 23 year old and two of her dearest friends have been walking, skipping sideways, scooting, crawling, and any other method they can think of to complete the trek.

Here’s the latest report as of a few minutes ago:

Carli and I miraculously tested negative and are going to leave tomorrow on our original itinerary. This leads us to believe we have had the Clovis for quite a bit unknowingly super-spreading the virus across borders unfortunately, Bethany is still positive but after five hours of phone calls to the airlines is set to return Wednesday, pending a negative test. It’s quite funny because if Bethany had not been here, Carli and I would have had no idea we even had it the whole time. We are planning on packing up and going to the grocery store to fully stock Bethany up for her final days in a beautiful country that we no longer want to be in.

Kenna Rogers was conceived, birthed, and raised in a Nikken wellness environment. Her entire life has been influenced by this amazing wellness company whether she knew it or not. Even when we don’t understand the world around us, know how to pronounce words around us, or even know how those facts impact us, we can make decisions to alter our future responses.

As I look at one of her final shots from her time in Spain under a flag that reads ‘Yes. Covid-19’, I don’t know the exact details of what this means, but I do know that upon returning to her apartment in Washington DC, she’ll be once again immersed into the wellness environment that she chose to live in away from her birth home in Oregon.
We have strived, to add all the creature comforts' from Nikken, as they were logically introduced to us.

Oh, and we do actually know how to say and pronounce Covid. Our family has referred to it as ‘Clovis’ like the cities in California or New Mexico because that’s what Grandpa calls it. We’re not making light of it, because it’s a very serious subject, we simply don’t know all the details yet, but we do know how to respond to it. We’re more than grateful to Nikken that when the Clovis bug bites one of us, we have quite the line up of wellness solutions including the KenkoAir filter to improve the environment around us so our bodies have the best chance to bounce back.

Hint, Hint, Hint. Major savings right now on the KenkoAir which always includes free shipping.

Seiko Kai tomorrow so no Saturday AM Live!

May 21, 2022 9:00 PDT
Professor Mary Bowser will play co-host of this amazing two hour event with an unbelievable line up of ladies who not only have miraculous stories to tell, but they will also be part of the introduction crew of some exciting new surprises. Sure, these events are always recorded, but it’s so much more fun to catch an event of this nature live.

Here’s how to register:

If for some reason this link doesn't work, you can always hold your cursor on May 21st on the 'Upcoming Events' calendar after going to the 'My Business' tab on the Consultants website. Move over to the 'SeikoKai Event' in bold and then click.

I look forward to learning with you and then continuing to share more of the wellness that we discover courtesy of Nikken.


Saturday, May 14, 2022

Nashville Nano Second & Dave Rolfe on Saturday AM Live!

May 13, 2022

Click Here to listen to this weeks call with Dave Rolfe.

 ‘Are you still talking about that nonsense?’ is the question that my wonderful wife continues to ask me when I reference a recent trip to the country music capital of the world.  Stacey and I have both been to Nashville many times, but neither of us had been to the downtown area or even stayed a few feet from Broadway where all the action takes place everyday till the wee hours of the morning.I’ll share the details of this trip next Fall when I have more details to give, but what I can say is that if you ever want to have a great time people watching or experience something similar to New York City or Las Vegas, then go to Nashville.  It won’t take but a few seconds for you to realize that you’re not in Kansas anymore Dorothy or that things happen there a little faster than what a country boy from Corbett, Oregon is used to.  My flight arrived three hours later than scheduled which gave me more time to enjoy in Salt Lake City(three hours instead of 40 minutes) and it caused even my Uber driver to be in shock as we drove right into the den of iniquity.  This was the first dry weekend of the season and yet the local restaurants were anything but dry.  Music poured out of every open window on Broadway almost as fast as the adult beverages were being poured into people’s bodies.  I couldn’t get checked into my hotel room fast enough, dump my bag, and then get out onto the streets to explore all this fun.  I quickly learned that I had plenty of time because the bars don’t close until 3am which meant that I only had to stay awake till 1am(west coast time) to take it all in.If we were enjoying your favorite beverage in person or chatting on the phone, there’s one snapshot that I can honestly say was the funniest and most disturbing at the same time.  As I stood on the corner of 3rd & Broadway about to snap a live shot of all the fun, I really wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen.  Imagine literally thousands of people crammed into the biggest street in your downtown city for an outdoor party.  Why not capture this in a short video for my family was my thought.  As I stood there ready to push the button on my iPhone, a young gal in her 20’s sat down on the sidewalk ON MY TOES!  With a hot dog in one hand and her phone in the other, she snapped a selfie to which I responded by snapping one of her.  If you don’t believe me, pop me a text and I’ll send you the photo.A Nashville nano second is all it took.  Which is the same amount of time for all of us to have an aha moment to realize how great Nikken can be for us.  It took 11 seconds on Stacey’s phone to capture a moment which landed me in Nashville. How long does it take for us to connect with someone to ask the right questions to see if Nikken is a fit for them?  When we ask the right questions at the right moment, it only takes a few seconds.  Discover it.  Live it.  Share it.Tomorrow morning on Saturday AM Live!Dave Rolfe needs no introduction.  If you’ve been in Nikken as a Consultant for more than a few months, then you’ve seen him deliver one of his Smart Networker style presentations on a recent episode of MasterDay or on his live Zoom with his infectious smile that beckons a response.  Invite a friend who has yet to discover Nikken as a business or even as the best research & development company of wellness products.  Dave will share the best of both worlds(business & product) as he has enjoyed them for more than three decades.  And it’s not so much that he’s enjoyed them, but that he’s enjoyed sharing them with others.The call will commence at 7:00am PDT and the numbers to push are 480-660-2210, code 1536#.  The great gal that answers won’t tell you to enter 1536#, so be sure to do this.  If you miss it live, check out this conversation and so much more at:  Vance

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Randy Rolfe
 April 29. 2022

Click Here to listen to Vance's Call from this week.

This week's Email from Vance:

"Now I could go on and on about all the other products I had in my hand like the PiMag Sport bottle or the products I had on my body or in my shoes, but those are a given. And a small 4 ounce spritzer bottle isn’t the best Nikken shower solution, but it makes for a super small solution when WARM water is used to spritz over ones body after I bath with nasty Nashville water. Simply fill from the Sports bottle and it leaves one feeling almost as good as stepping out from under the Nikken PiMag shower head.

So whether you have a New York minute or a little more time to plan, make sure you take the essentials with you on your next trip. If you’re driving, then you can toss in the Kenko Air or the Waterfall like our family does. It makes traveling even easier and you won’t have to be part of the pre-flight entertainment like I was cramming my carry-on bag into the overhead bin. One guy actually cheered & clapped when I got it in there and then said, ‘I can’t wait to see how you get it out of there!’. The whole back of the plane laughed when I said back to him, ‘Oh, just wait and see friend, just wait and see’.

We still have a few days left to take advantage of our special PiMag® Water Packs, available through April 30, 2022. PiMag® products not only help filter out bacteria and alkalize water but also help eliminate the use of plastic water bottles. The special PiMag® Water Packs gives us two items with one at the regular price and the second at 50% off. We will benefit personally as well as be part of the environmental solution that planet Earth needs.

Tomorrow Morning on Saturday AM Live!

Randy Rolfe has spent her life as both a nutritionist and attorney presenting the facts before every audience she addresses. Laying out the foundational evidence of organic nutrition through whole foods can seem complicated to some, but when it’s approached with Nikken’s core solutions in mind, it’s quite easy to digest.

The call will commence at 7:00am PDT and the numbers to push are 480-660-2210, code 1536#. The great gal that answers won’t tell you to enter 1536#, so be sure to do this. If you miss it live, check out this conversation and so much more at:


Saturday, April 16, 2022

Good Friday and Julie Clark

Vance with Julie and Ron Clark




Click Here to listen to this weeks call with Julie Clark.

April 15, 2022

Good Friday

Thinking back to what makes a day good or bad is what we expect to happen, what we implement to happen, and then what actually happens. Or as a very wise friend of mine shared with me this week:

“Success is 20% skills and 80% strategy. You might know how to succeed, but more importantly, what’s your plan to succeed?”
— Jim Rohn

Every day that ends in the letter y can be good when we set out to make it happen. It’s when we deliberately plan to make it that way that the fun begins.

Julie Clark has had 25 years of good days and shared on Saturday AM Live this morning some of the most incredible wisdom from her journey with Nikken. She started by 1st helping herself get out of the medical maze she was on, helping her husband Ron end a battle with a life-altering stomach issue, and then finally helping dozens of others get on a right back. The recording of this conversation will be posted soon on and please join us live next week when we get to hear Randy Rolfe share Nikken Nutrition 101, how to optimize whole food nutrients.

Code 1536#
7:00am PDT

Have an incredible weekend!


Saturday, April 9, 2022

Ideal Examples and Gloria Snider Q&A

April 8, 2022

Gloria Snider
Click Here to Listen to this weeks call with Gloria Snider.

This weeks Email from Vance.

"Ideal Examples

'If it's yellow, you ain't mellow!' - Dr Ted Lehman

As my friend Ted approaches the century mark, I truly think he may be onto something when this retired urologist suggests the simplicity of using our urine color to determine our hydration level. Simply put, the clearer it is, the more hydrated we are. And the best part is that we can achieve that level of hydration faster with Nikken's water products, both internally and externally.

The following paragraph from Nikken's weekly blog took me all the way back to my childhood when my brothers and I were never allowed to have anything but water. Even when Mom allowed us to have juice in the house, we had to mix the frozen concentrate with twice the amount of water as suggested on the label.

We can help children create healthy habits by being good role models and drinking plenty of filtered water. We also can teach them respect for the environment and to carry a re-usable water bottle to avoid single-use plastics. Children are like sponges and learn quickly, so we can start them off right with clean, alkalizing PiMag® water.

While pregnant with my older brother, Mom's doctor told her that she was running a very high risk of becoming a diabetic and transferring the same condition to her first child. It was not only her poor nutritional habits, but the fact that coffee & tea were staples throughout the day. The real irony is that Dad & Mom started our family on a houseboat floating on the Columbia River surrounded with water, but very little was consumed. 

All the excuses in the world will not hold water when it comes to being the best stewards of our bodies. We either drink it or we don't. I truly hope all of us can do this and encourage others to do the same. After all, we all wanna be the most mellow people on the planet. Fastest way to start is to simply consume half our body weight in ounces of great Nikken water!

Tomorrow morning on Saturday AM Live!

It was an April Fools goof on my part, but Gloria Snider WILL be with us tomorrow to answer questions about her rise to Gold and earning the free trip to Dubai along with the other top leaders in Nikken. Her no-nonsense approach to gathering Customers and zest for life has been an inspiration to me. Be ready to ask questions so the host doesn't have to have all the fun!

The call will start at 7am west coast time and the numbers to push on your phone are 480-660-2210, code 1536#. If you miss the call live, be sure to check out the recording and so much more at


PS It's not too late to register for the Humans Being More four hour life changing experience tomorrow. Lower right corner of the new shopping cart page is the link. Not only is it an investment into your future, it could be the fastest way to reignite your life."

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Vision and Getting the Most Out Of the New Nikken Website

Click Here to Listen to this weeks call'


A God centered vision must exist because global freedom doesn't.
Humans Being More changed my life 28 years ago.  As a great student, I did exactly what Larry & Bev(Facilitators at the time) taught us to do...  Take this message and share it with others.  At the time, besides building my Nikken business, I was the mentor to about 30 young men who had given a year of their life to volunteer at an organization.  We met every Monday night in my apartment for an hour.  After I'd experienced Humans Being More, I asked these guys to meet in the conference room and we did the memory lane exercise.  It took us a little over two hours to process.  We went through a LOT of tissue that night!
Fast forward to today.  I still have regular contact with those men.  The positions they hold and the people they're influencing is amazing!  Pastor, engineer, business owner, animator, plant manager, insurance broker, Broadway set designer, civil engineer, etc.  And what's super cool is that I spent two months in Ukraine with three of them and they helped me lead 40 teenagers through the same experience! 
When we have a vision that's so much bigger than we are, great things will happen.  When we see our Nikken experience as so much more than a great night's sleep or better hydration or more energy & spring in our step, then we'll be able to be a great influencer.  When we discover it, live it, and share it, we truly can give freedom to others around the globe.
What's your vision of the next 90 days?  If you don't have one, then can I encourage you to register for Humans Being More on April 9th.  The awesome new shopping cart makes it so easy.  Lower right corner is the best product Nikken has right now.  My mom paid the $199 for me to attend my first time.  If you can't afford the $19, please call or text me today 503-348-0749.  I'll gladly invest into your future.  Mom knew what she was doing and literally hundreds of lives have been impacted by her investment.  Would you be willing to invest less than twenty bucks and four hours of your time?"
Tomorrow morning on Saturday AM Live!
Vance, played an unintended April Fools Day joke on us. Sadly, Gloria was not able to be on the call. However, she will be with us soon. 
"Gloria Snider challenges me daily.  It's not that she contacts me every day, but her message from a few weeks ago still haunts me today.  'It's like Nikken dares us to experience everything better through newer and innovative products AND services!'  I may have messed up the way she said it, but as this former teacher taught me, I got the message loud and clear.  She has so many great daily tips that she's back for a 2nd round to answer everyone's questions this time, not just mine.
The call will commence at 7:00am PDT and the numbers to push are 480-660-2210, code 1536#.  The great gal that answers won’t tell you to enter 1536#, so be sure to do this.  If you miss it live, check out this conversation and so much more at:  Vance"

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Super Athlete Ann Brienza is Vance's Guest

Ann Brienza
Click Here to listen to this weeks call with Ann Brienza. Vance's computer died while typing up his weekly email, so, I will give a shout to this amazing lady. 

A couple of years ago it was my privilege to be the chauffeur for Ann and her niece's, from where they were staying in Sandy, Utah, to the Nikken Summit, in Layton, Utah. Each 40 minute trip was a delight. I learned a bunch from them, and hope to be able to be spend more quality time with them some day soon.

Why do I call her a super athlete? The reason is: she logged "124 slalom water ski days" last year, "22 downhill ski days up to surgery time so far this season". And she says,"Hope to get a few spring ski days in in April, if Dr. gives me a green light". Go Ann Go! I think you are a 'skiing testimony' of the Nikken's Wellness Solutions.

Wow, Ann, you must be made of Iron. I am so envious. I thought I skied a lot as a teenager, logging about 10 to 15 times a summer of slalom water skiing, and approximately 25 days of snow skiing, the winter I was a High School Senior, and a member of the Mt. Spokane Ski Patrol and could ski for free.

Seriously folks, you will love her recovery from surgery story. She thinks like I do, 'Don't Ask', just take almost everything you own, that has the name Nikken on it, to the hospital with you. Everyone there will be amazed at the speed of your recovery. All they can do is tell you; please, have your loved one take that "thing" home. Sounds like taking everything worked just fine, and it was great for growing your business. 

Have the GREATEST Spring everybody,


Saturday, March 12, 2022

Directionally Driven and Randy Rolfe (JD MA)

Randy Rolfe

Click Here to Listen to this weeks call with Randy Rolfe. She is amazing! Enjoy Vance's Weekly Email.

March 11, 2022

"Directionally" Driven

‘I’m the only 8th grader in the class with 11th & 12th graders and it feels funny.’ I remember the cute little girl saying this after her first day of walking from the middle school across campus to the high school. The dinner conversation was frightfully fun as she shared her apprehensions of being so young taking a calculus class. All we could do as parents was encourage her to stay the course because she obviously was given the gift that neither one of her parents had and that was to decipher numbers and formulas a few years ahead of her time.

 I kept thinking about that little girl this week and what her father said many times when he was her age, ‘I don’t wanna go any further than algebra and since no one really uses any of that stuff, I don’t think I need to’. While I may not use algebra in my day to day activities, we all get to learn new things every day if we’re directionally driven to live a better life. When an almost 50 year old company called Nikken decides to launch a beautiful new website and we want to discover, live, and share what they have to offer, it’s my responsibility to learn how to click around on that new website.

When all else fails, I can pick up the phone and call a lifeline. The beautiful people at Nikken can be reached at 800-669-8859 M-F, 7-5 PST. Or in my case, I reach out to that little girl and simply ask her how to learn to navigate a new website when it looks different than the one I used two weeks ago. ‘It’s really easy Daddy and all you gotta do is keep clicking’. And she says this while she’s doing five other things all at the same time because she’s directionally driven to help her dear old dad!

Tomorrow Morning on Saturday AM Live! Two weeks ago several of us experienced Awakening the Five Pillars and I watched people like Randy Rolfe take it all in. This Attorney/Nutritionist literally looked like the calm courtroom type of person who analyzes everything before they open their mouth to deliver the closing argument. Randy brings to Nikken a wealth of knowledge on so many subjects and her background lends wisdom beyond her years. I know we’re gonna be blessed by her story.

The call will commence at 7:00am PDT and the numbers to push are 480-660-2210, code 1536#. The great gal that answers won’t tell you to enter 1536#, so be sure to do this. If you miss it live, check out this conversation and so much more at:


Mother Knows Best and Barbara Bertucci on Saturday AM Live!

Barbara Bertucci
Click Here to Listen to this weeks call with Barbara Bertucci.

March 11, 2022

Mother Knows Best

The 50’s TV sitcom with the title ‘Father Knows Best’ featured weekly wisdom that has proved to be like the premise of Mr Rogers Neighborhood. While I would never discount the lessons that we learn from our male mentors, I was overcome with emotion this week as I knew Mom would celebrate her 80th birthday. The last few years have not been the easiest with a diagnosis of dementia, yet she continues to amaze all of us in her continued passions. What I’ve chosen to celebrate most about Mom is not the wisdom that she graciously shared, but the visionary example she modeled in so many areas in family, business, community, etc.

Growing up in a home where we always had a revolving door of short and long term residents, means that there was never a dull moment. What kept the sanity was a speech Mom would give every incoming guest. Whether it was a foster child or a single parent with their child, the three absolutes were always shared. So simple, yet so profound, she’d share:

1. Until your 18 and want to eat whatever you choose to, I will help you make wise nutrition choices.
2. Because we live in a country that provides education, you will go to school.
3. Since our family values include weekly participation in church, you will be part of that experience.

Pursuing the life of balance according to the 5 Pillars of Wellness, I know Mom was onto something.

While none of us are perfect by any means, having a foundation of absolutes like this is crucial to a successful life. Mom not only modeled it, she fostered an environment and encouraged the entire household to follow suite.

The Humans Being More experience is by far the best product Nikken has to offer. Now that it’s featured in the shopping cart, like Mom encouraged us to, I cannot think of a better education to keep everything else in check. Mom paid for my first HBM experience back in 1994 and I’ll admit I wasn’t all that thrilled in investing two whole days into this thing, yet what came out of that set my life on a course for success. Can I encourage you to do three things like she did for me? Register for the April 9th experience, invite a friend to join you, and then set yourself up to win that day by doing the basic things the night and morning of so it’s a win/win.

Mom has known best for my 53 years and Nikken has been sharing that same wisdom for nearly 50 years. Humans Being More is the catalyst for this.

One of Barbara's Life Cycle Plans
Tomorrow Morning on Saturday AM Live!

Barbara Bertucci is a mom who definitely models success is so many ways. What started out as what I like to call a typical product experience with a life altering issue developed into her world being turned right side up. Knowing that 80% of North Americans deal with a back issue, Nikken not only impacted Barb’s physical life, but every other area as well.

Here’s a short video you can share with a friend and invite them to listen:

The call will commence at 7:00am PDT and the numbers to push are 480-660-2210, code 1536#. The great gal that answers won’t tell you to enter 1536#, so be sure to do this. If you miss it live, check out this conversation and so much more at: