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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Perceived Value and Pat Kelly on Saturday AM Live!

Pat Kelly
Click Here to Listen to Pat Kelly share her amazing Nikken Story.

I really can't recall if I've ever asked Pat Kelly if she's a registered nurse or just has the DNA of a nurse. For decades she has been the epitome of those war nurses that you see on the front lines in any battle. Her focus on the elderly in our society is that of nobleness. She challenges me to create more conversations with the more mature in our community simply to be their friend. If a sale happens, great. If not, simply listening will often do more good than introducing them to Nikken.

Pat has some beyond belief stories that she's gonna share with us as well as what keeps her plugging away after two decades with Nikken.

Please Read Vance's Tip of the Week:

"Perceived Value

My older brother Spence and I have been playing in the sheet metal industry since we were kids with our younger brother Nick. We always joked when people asked how we got started. The usual answer, 'Slave Labor'. Our parents didn't overwork us as kids too badly, but we knew that dependable employee's were hard to find so we figured they had us three boys to get the jobs done correctly the first time. Not sure that that always worked out every time, but we sure had a lot of fun and it continues today.

Enough background. When Spence buys a handful of box cutting knives at the dollar store I remind him that the life of those knives is based on the value. We can get a similar knife at Home Depot or Lowe's for about twice as much and they will last much longer.

The Waterfall value is a lot like this. For almost two years we have had a several thousand dollar unit that is way under priced. I know for a fact that I personally have lost several sales because $256 messes with peoples minds when they have seen a presentation by one of the companies who's units start at $1200 and yet they really push their $4000 unit.

Starting October 1st, we will have a Waterfall priced at $419 which is one tenth the cost of that comparable $4000 unit. No, the Waterfall does not have flashy lights. No, the Waterfall does not have a sexy voice. And no, the Waterfall does not require both plumbing and electrical installation. But when it comes to actual water filtration, it does feature all the benefits of that $4000 unit and more!

The perceived value is still way less than it could be. Like a box knife though, if it's priced too low then people will second guess it's value and worth.

We have until Saturday night at midnight to take advantage of the $256 price of the Waterfall. I NEVER encourage front loading and stockpiling especially because the warranty on the filters is only 30 days. What I am doing and encourage others to do is to simply make a few calls to those who might wanna save $163. Dennis Williams shared the attached document with me and it's been incredibly helpful.

Next week I will share a little bit about our west coast wild fires and how our water supply has been impacted. Very few are talking about it, but the short version is that I CANNOT imagine drinking that apparently safe water without a Waterfall!!!"