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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Decisive Decisions that Determine Destiny

Click Here to Listen to this weeks call with Herb Rapp.

Herb Rapp is one of the many Wellness Consultants I know who has figured out how to live a life that others only dream of. In his 70’s, he is still living life with the passion of a teenager. He’s also the only member of Team Kaizen who has been part of this elite group since its inception. Herb has logged in a quarter century of not only sharing Nikken’s 5 Pillars of Health, but living it to it’s fullest. He probably has a few tips worth sharing?
If I don’t get the opportunity to say it to you directly, my prayer is that you will truly find the way to enjoy life to it’s fullest in 2019 and beyond.

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December 28, 2018

Resolutionist vs Radical

It’s that time of year again when most of the seven billion people on the planet pick one or two things that they’re going to do differently in the new year. While this is a fantastic way to make decisions, it’s a very poor way to manage ones life. Why? Because most of us lack the determination to stick it out.

The number one resolution amongst Americans is to lose weight or any of the things associated with taking better care with the physical body. The Apostle Paul challenged one of his young mentees to ‘get his mind ready for action’ and my friend/coach Marty Jeffery teaches ‘we cannot think ourselves into right actions, but we must act ourselves into right thinking.’ In the ‘doing’ of anything is when change occurs.

This week I had a friend tell me that I looked great. Before I could even say thank you, he immediately asked what I was doing, but before I could even respond he answered his own question by saying, ‘Oh I know. It’s the 5 Pillars isn’t it?’ We both enjoyed a laugh.

This week the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention released the latest study on weight. America is struggling with an obesity epidemic, and this report concludes that the population is only
getting heavier. Men have added eight pounds and women seven in the last 15 years to the average weight per person. We must be getting taller right? NOT! We’re just getting more foolish in our excuses and our justifications.

While everything isn’t just about weight, it’s a really good indication of all the other areas that seem to hinder us from experiencing complete victory in the 5 Pillars of Health. Being radical means that we simply have to make decisions that things will be different and then figure out a way to bring about change. It’s acting on a decisive decision that will bring change, not making a resolution and then breaking it within a few days with a quick justification of ‘Well, there’s always next year!’. I’ll share more about this next time with what I call wisdom from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, 5 Pillars style."

Vance Rogers

Saturday, December 22, 2018

The Gift and Q&A with Dr Stan Bogusz on Saturday AM Live!

Dr. Stanley Bogusz
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It’s Q&A time with the doctor! Dr. Stan Bogusz has spent decades studying, treating, and offering the gift of ‘foot wellness’ to people as a Podiatrist. When he discovered Nikken for himself, it didn’t take him anytime at all to realize that he just had to share this gift with others. The difference between Nikken and other modalities out there is the fact that he is completely selfless in sharing it. Dr. Stan has agreed to pass on some of his experiences of ‘gift giving’ by answering questions that we have encountered recently or way in the past. Please have some questions ready as he has a vast amount of answers prepared for us.

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December 21, 2018

" 'The Gift'

In a few days, children around the world will be looking forward to Christmas morning with anticipation that is rarely matched on any other day. It’s the thought that Santa, parents, or anyone for that matter, has prepared something that will bring hours, days, and months of pure glee. While most of the time it is a gift or gifts they’ve asked for, more often than not, the gift that brings the greatest delight is one that they hadn’t really considered.

Over the years, I’ve always looked at Nikken as a gift. My mom rejected the gift six months before our family was introduced by Dennis Williams by telling her friend, ‘If there was anything to this, surely I would have heard about it from any one of the health sources that I glean information from’. Who really knows how different things would be had she received it at that time in her life?

One of the guru’s in my life who has repeatedly given me the gift of wisdom in the arena of nutrition and weight management called me yesterday. Roger Drummer has spent decades researching and studying this topic because he himself rejected the wisdom that, as he describes, is right in front of our faces but we choose to ignore it because it seems too simple.

Do we look at Nikken as a gift? I have to challenge myself to continually think about this question because when I consider the impact that this company has made on our family, I’m often brought to tears. I almost rejected it and I cannot even fathom what life would be like without it. For the last quarter century, we have enjoyed living a life that others only dream of. And I’m not talking about just the one pillar of healthy finances. It’s more about having something being part of our daily lives that we can freely give to others when the timing is right for them.

As we wrap up the final days of this year and open a new chapter of our lives, consider the words that Dennis Williams taught me years ago when inviting people to take a look… ‘We’re offering people a gift, not begging a favor’ ".


Saturday, December 15, 2018

Continuing Education and Dennis Williams on Saturday AM Live!

Dennis Williams
Click Here to Listen to This Weeks Call with Dennis Williams! You will want to share it!

"Dennis & Ruth Williams started their Nikken journey this month, back in 1991. The entire Rogers family is eternally grateful that they choose to commence sharing these amazing products AND the business opportunity during the busiest time of the year when most folks typically put everything off till ‘after the 1st of the year’. There’s a lesson in that by itself, but as Dennis and I have been chatting lately, I keep hearing the same thing…. Let’s finish 2018 strong because who knows, maybe we’ll change someone’s life with Nikken."

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December 12, 2018

"Continuing Education

Everyone knows that if you wanna get good at something and then stay one step ahead of the others, we must continue to grow. I saw a post the other day from this crazy 20 year-old who declared that she’s exactly half-way through her undergraduate studies. Kenna has worked really hard, but it didn’t start at university, but way back in Elementary school when she kept seeing opportunities to do a little bit more. In Everything!
I see this same spirit welling up in Nikken Consultants around the globe. We’ve been impacted by these products and the company philosophy so we keep wanting to share a little more in order to change lives.

Click Here to Watch Fabrizio Poli Interview
I want to pass on two resources that might make it easier that I’ve been sharing lately. One is from a few years ago and then the other is less than 24 hours old. Both focus on Grounding or Earthing and both are a wonderful way to connect folks with this great company.

Fabrizio Poli was a commercial pilot who lived at 30,000 feet or higher. In this interview he shares some starling health consequences that may result from being a frequent flyer. He has turned a life long passion for flying into not only being an avid pilot, he is a businessman who brokers airplanes internationally. Now Fabrizio has become a published author, public speaker and an ardent health advocate. The aspect of not being grounded doesn’t just impact those who are in the air, but everyone of us who don’t have direct contact with the earth and it’s organic properties to fuel our bodies.

Brody Off and Running
Brody Craney gave us a college level lecture in less than 15 minutes and then moderated some very unique testimonies. The recording can be accessed from any phone (no wi-fi or internet required). I was mesmerized by his simple explanation of this topic and within minutes started texting people who had already told me that they would not be able to get on the call live.

Call: 605-475-4992

Use Code 721323#

Choose Recording number 20#

May you continue to grow as our family has with life-changing lessons like these!"


Saturday, December 8, 2018

Power of Partnership and Mary Bowser/Gwen Carter on Saturday AM Live!

Mary, Barb and Gwen
Click Here to Listen to Mary Bowser and Gwen Carter this weeks on Saturday AM Live!

The Batman & Robin dynamic duo of Nikken award would have to be bestowed on my two friends Mary Bowser and Gwen Carter. These two ladies come from totally different backgrounds and yet compliment each other in amazing ways. When it comes to the power of a partner, Mary & Gwen bring a unique sense of teamwork to sharing Nikken. And what I feel completely embodies the Humans Being More spirit, neither profits from the other because they are only connected to Nikken sideways (crossline).

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"December 6, 2018

Power of Partnership

Third party credibility cannot be overstated. More often than not, when we see a movie, eat at a restaurant, purchase an item, or even make decisions for life, it’s because we were influenced by someone or something. In Nikken we stress the importance of a 3-way call and yet in the last decade this has taken on a new form because of the Internet. Almost daily I’m introduced to something that usually takes me back to YouTube.

In the past few weeks we have heard more about the subject of grounding than any other technology that Nikken has introduced since I’ve been with the company(26 years). The stories are all over the page and yet a seven minute video is really what opened my eyes to the validity of it.

Now truth be told, I’ve heard about grounding or earthing for years, but I really had no interest in it because it was out of my focus of Nikken. After all, why should I get excited about something that I’ll have to send folks elsewhere to get it. I grow weary of telling people about Costco, IKEA, etc. when those companies won’t compensate me for it. Now don’t get me wrong, I pay it forward all the time because it’s the right thing to do, but Nikken is a business that has continually rewarded our family in too many ways.

Back to grounding! Another great partner is the book that has been flying off the shelf at Amazon or any other source. ‘Earthing: The most important health discovery ever!’ Rather than wait till the KenkoGround arrives, we have several people who are placing orders for customers based on loaning this book to them for a few days. Imagine that! Using a book to get customers to buy the product for themselves.

And coming full circle back to the power of partnership. Whatever we do to leverage something or someone else to validate Nikken’s products will be a huge boost for us. After all, there is no such thing to a Lone Ranger in anything. Every great person throughout history has always had a partner or something they’ve leveraged for their success. I just spoke with a customer from years ago that I’d lost contact with. When asked if he’d watch a seven minute video, he responded with, ‘Absolutely! That could be just the thing for my friend.’


Saturday, December 1, 2018

Cold Weather Blues & Professor Paul Gabias on Saturday AM Live!

Professor Paul Gabias
Click Here to Listen to this weeks call with Associate Professor Paul Gavias.

"Paul Gabias may be an associate professor of phycology at British Columbia University, but to me he’s simply another beautiful example of a human being more. His energy and zest for life is contagious and I am absolutely thrilled when I get to converse with him on any subject. Here’s a link to read more:

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"November 30, 2018

Waking up being thankful during Thanksgiving weekend is what you’re supposed to do, but on Sunday all I wanted to do was crawl into the wood stove so I could get warm followed by step outside in the 40 mph cold wind to chill my burning body. Yep, whatever Emmy had on Thanksgiving Day was now deeply embedded into me. And what’s nuts is she’s the non-affectionate daughter so it’s not like I even touched her.

While people like Roger Drummer, Dave Balzer, Steven B Stevens, Dennis Bryant & others don’t have the letters of MD after their names, I have a collection of remedies that they’ve passed onto me that not only make sense, BUT THEY WORK!

While we could write pages containing all the Nikken methods for getting the most out of these amazing products, the biggest key is to use the common sense solution method. Getting the proper sleep ON the Naturest(not in a chair), drinking half our body weight in ounces of PiMag water daily, using the nutritionals for maintenance, and then of course... all the daytime energy products.

But when you feel like crud, sound like a frog, lose your appetite, have a head full of some scientific experiment and you hurt all over, it’s time to bring out the big guns!

Pouring a Lactoferrin under my tongue followed by 1/2 teaspoon of Jades every four to six hours may seem extreme, but I know it works. The four men I mentioned above modeled this type of behavior and so for me it’s now just common sense. And the results? Within 48 hours I was a completely transformed person!"