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Friday, May 27, 2016

How to Make Summer Sizzle

Click here to Listen to Call about kicking off the Summer.  Vance sent in his Weekly Email:  "Memorial Day weekend is sort of the kick-off for summer. Evening BBQ’s, camping trips, summer projects, and just all-around relaxing seems to put people into a happier mood. How can we utilize this mood shift to share Nikken’s solutions? I’ve got a few idea’s of things that I’m implementing and I know there are a lot more. Let’s contribute to each others success and swap some of our secrets!

Vance's Tip of the Week!

 "May 27th, 2016

‘Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it can buy you a cow. Since cows produce milk and ice cream comes from milk, in a sense money can bring happiness because ice cream always makes people happy.’

I couldn’t help but think of this truth while walking through the ghost town of Shaniko, Oregon yesterday. It’s not so much what we purchase with money, but the feelings that are created in the exchange process.

The same concept can be applied to what we’re seeing happen with our shift to a Customer driven business. When we introduce people to the life-changing results of the Nikken products, the very result of this experience is often joy or happiness. Eliminating discomfort or an increase of energy is the desired result and in exchange for that, we gain both the profit from the Customer sale and the gratitude from them.

So money may not buy happiness, but it can buy a changed life. And any amount of time invested in introducing others to Nikken will create changed lives.


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Vance's Tip and Gary Bolton Shares the Magic of Retailing on Saturday AM Live!‏

I Wonder if Gary is Having Fun Prospecting?
Join us and have some fun too!
Click here to listen to Vance interview one of Nikken's Finest. Vance Emailed: "Gary Bolton has become one of the best at gathering customers and topping the charts of retail sales. I’ve asked him to share the nuts and bolts of his business plan and what has completely transformed his organization.

Vance's Tip of the Week!

"May 20th, 2016

Here is part of a note from Dave Johnson that I feel needs to be shared:
'New signups are getting checks! The number of retail customers is exploding and the average Silver check is double what it was a year ago. More people are getting a check and they’re getting it sooner!

The backbone of this business is Silvers, and “a rising tide raises all ships” – this is good for new people and it can be fantastic for anyone active in leadership. “Active” is the key word. This is an exciting moment for anyone who chooses to be active and in the game.

Moving away from management and personally seeing new people about Nikken is not hard to do once you start doing it again. It’s fun and doing this alone will change everything in your business. There is plenty of time to find, identify and develop personal Silvers by our San Antonio event. Certainly two first level by the end of the year!

I am in awe by what can happen when you contact someone, and follow up. I just made a follow up call to a lady I just met last week who suffered from sciatica and bursitis in her hip. She got a Magduo, Powerchip, DUK tape, and is excited that her pain has vanished and she is able to sleep. She owns a beauty salon and has already begun to share!

My belief in the rightness and goodness of our cause is greater than ever.


When sharing the new Paleo bars, my daughter Emily put together a great comparison page for us. It’s just a bit shocking to see what some of the top companies are promoting as healthy. I’ve attached it for you (Click Here to Download) and will update it soon with a brief explanation of why both soy isolate protein and whey isolate protein are NOT things we should put in our bodies.


Dave Johnson Wrote:
"Subject: Nikken and Dr Ash.... this Saturday! 
Hi Everyone, 

'How do magnets work?' For most of those who are using 'Nikken Magnets' the answer may be a resounding: 'Really Well!!!' When I first joined, all of the products were imported from Japan, and prominently embroidered right into the cover of the magnetic sleep pad was the Japan Ministry of Health licensing number. This was also embossed on the insoles and was part of the label on the old Magboys. 

Each country has its own culture and traditions including health and unique medical modalities. Nikken makes no medical claims whatsoever in North America; magnets are only beginning to be studied in a biological context. 
How do magnets work? The best response could be asking them if they would like to see for themselves with a personal demonstration. I also highly recommend that you invite anyone who may be curious to tune in to our webinar this Saturday Morning with Dr. Ash. I’m going to ask her!


Friday, May 13, 2016

Kenzen Paleo Bars Announced - All the Facts & Dr Ash in Stump The Doc

Get some YUM today

  • Kenzen Paleo Bar™ Slide Show
  •  Kenzen Paleo Bar™  Flyer
  • Kenzen Paleo Bar™  Video

    Click Here to Listen to Vance share about these amazing Kenzen Paleo Bars. These bars are the bomb and I'm not just talking about the taste! From price comparison to ingredients, Nikken has just given us a home run. I’m going to cover as much as I possibly can to give you the best intel in comparing the new Nikken Paleo bars to several others that I’ve been looking at this week. And I'll also cover the best way to order them for both Customers and Consultants. How does $1.34 per bar sound?

    Vance's Tip of the Week

    May 13th, 2016

    Second to none

    Anytime Nikken introduces a new product, we owe it to ourselves and our friends to become students of that arena.  We don’t necessarily have to become experts, but at least familiar with what else is available on the market and what makes ours unique.

    The Nikken Paleo bars have raised the standard once again.  Once you spend a few minutes doing the research, you'll find that no one else has a four ingredient bar.  The bars that other network marketing companies deliver are all overpriced and loaded with junk.  If it sounds like a chemical, then guess what, it's a chemical?  If six of the ingredients are a form of sugar or a sugar substitute, what difference does it make if it's organic?  And regular nutrition bars available at the grocery store? Cliff bars feature three of the first five ingredients as sugar or a form of sugar.  That's a lot of extra sweet!
    The concept of Paleo is to consume items that are made of real ingredients.  And the less items the better.  Having a bar with just four organic ingredients is unheard of.  If you priced out what it would cost for organic nuts, dates and fruit, you’ll quickly find that Nikken has given us a product that is second to none.  Or as one of our customers just shared with me, 'I'm so glad that Nikken is providing products like this because our family deserves the best'.

    Wednesday, May 11, 2016

    Vance's Wednesday Morning Product Testimonies Nikken Live Video & Nikken Paleo Bar Product Launch

    Product Testimonies Nikken Live w/Vance Rogers

    Click Here to Watch Vance's Wednesday Morning Product Testimonies Nikken Live Video

    Get Your YUM Now

    Click Here to watch the Product Launch

    Product Description

    Energy bars, nutrition bars, protein bars, diet bars—convenient food on the go is everywhere. But take a look at the ingredient listings of popular brands and you will see why the Kenzen Paleo Bar is in an elite class of its own:

    • Each Kenzen Paleo Bar contains only four ingredients, whole food you will recognize without a dictionary. These bars are simply good, honest nutrition.
    • Fillers, chemicals and artificial additives are commonly found in other brands. You will see ingredients such as sucralose, glycosides, cellulose gum, xanthan gum, sorbitol, glycerin, polysorbate, polydextrose, monostearate, BHT, monoglycerides, and many more.
    •Also found in other bars are sugar, cereal, palm oil, maltose corn syrup, starch, whey, soy, corn, wheat, rice and many “processed” ingredients.

    • USDA Certified Organic and EcoCert Certified
    • Organic–based nutrition that is ready to go
    • Provides quick energy with protein, fruit and healthy fats
    • Satisfying, without added sugars or artificial flavors
    • Handy as snacks or mini meal replacements
    • Ideal for busy professionals, parents on the go, students, athletes and seniors

    Tropical Delight 16003
    12 -1. 23 oz (35g) bars per box
    Each bar contains
    • 3 grams each of protein and fiber
    • 20 grams of carbs
    • Only 140 calories
    Ingredients: Dates, Pineapple,
    Almonds, Coconut

    Chocolate Nut 16004
    12 -1. 23 oz (35g) bars per box
    Each bar contains
    • 4 grams each of protein and fiber
    • 16 grams of carbs
    • Only 160 calories
    Ingredients: Dates, Almonds
    Walnuts, Cocoa Powder

    Saturday, May 7, 2016

    This weekend on Saturday AM Live with Janette Robinson

    Julie and Janette at the Golden Gate Bridge

    Listen to Call with Janette Robinson on Saturday AM Live!

    "Janette Robinson doesn’t need much of an introduction. Her energy and enthusiasm toward life and Nikken is totally contagious. Having just returned from the Team Kaizen get-away in San Francisco, I know that she’s even more enthused about our great company than ever before. She’s got some wonderful stories to share about this experience as well as what she’s doing in her group to ensure more of her team are with her next year in Cabo San Lucas."

    Vance's Tip of the Week

    "May 5th, 2016

    Faith Like Potatoes

    I paid 59 cents today for a potato that was covered with those nasty sprouts. The cashier at the organic store looked at me funny when she weighed my one potato. ‘Yeah, it’s only one, but my grandfather taught me the potential of everyone of those sprouts.’

    Tonight after school Addi and I will chop up that potato, plant each piece with a sprout, and in three to four months we’ll have more potatoes than we know what to do with. After all, I figure growing our own is better than buying them in some form from a restaurant.

    Did you know that 7% of the potatoes harvested in the US end up as McDonald’s French Fries? Sure, they taste great, but the impact on our bodies is devastating.

    Don’t believe me, watch this:

    Nikken is about to introduce two new products that will help offset this epidemic. I figure the more people we tell now about something that is brand new, the more people will want what we have. Not everyone gets as excited as a six year old digging for potatoes, but getting in on the ground floor of something new is worth sharing."


    Extra, Extra, Extra. All of us Love Dr Ash Ekholm-Spann and she was interviewed by Dave Johnson on a Power Call this morning. By popular demand I put posted it on

    Click here to watch this video:


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