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Core Consultants Newsletter

January 06, 2017 | Edition 1


The Most Important Thing.
A number of years ago an up and coming leader in an MLM I worked for received an offer from a big hitting, high achieving upline to come to her town to speak at a local event. He lived in another country and had done this a number of times before in an effort to help, but candidly, it hadn’t really changed her business. He asked me what he could do to make his trip worthwhile.

My answer was "don’t come to speak, come to build".

So he did something different. He said to her, “I will come to your city for one week. I want you to plan a meeting every night we are there in different parts of your city. Your job is to fill my time. In between meetings, when we are not travelling, I will do one-on-ones with your leaders. But get people to the meetings. You do that, and I will sign them in”!

As you can imagine, she was both thrilled and scared at the same time. Typically, she would host a monthly event and garner 30 people - 28 of which were already in the business. How would she do that? Send out an email, ask the office to help promote it via their channels and try to keep it predictable in time and place. She would also call a few of the same people to ensure they were coming.

This time was different though. How could she fill seven meeting rooms in one week?

Well, she desperately pulled her team together and they all committed to do whatever it takes to get new people in the rooms. They put ads in shop windows, in local newspapers, they called everyone they could think of, they promoted, asked, begged, pleaded and did everything in their power to invite, invite, invite NEW people to these meetings.

The results were amazing!

They averaged 50 people a night at their meetings and signed up on average 10 new people at each meeting.

I asked her afterwards what she learned. She said, “I learned that I can give the business presentation just as well as my upline can! I didn’t need him to give it after all”!

I said, “You know what I learned? I learned that you finally discovered what it takes to get people to meetings!”

And the result of all this was not short term!

This experience changed her whole posture.She became a different leader. She grew significantly in confidence and self belief. And she went on to become the highest ranking leader in Europe and the best paid!

So, what are we saying here is this: Do whatever it takes to speak to new people.

Invite, invite, invite!

Get them to meetings and build your business. Not only will your results change - but you will change! And you will be glad you did. We have a number of top leaders travelling all around the world right now offering this very help!

Be sure to make the most of it, and plug into the Active Wellness World Tour. Join the Active Wellness Tour group on Facebook and if you are committed to a launch, join the Launch Partners Connection Facebook group as well.
Much love,

Ben & Dave


Have you...
Communicated with your mentor? Learn from other who have experience!
Have you added at least one new person to your prospect list each day?
Have you done a Nikken presentation at least twice this past week?




'Tis The Season

And All Seasons To Come!

With Christmas upon us, people everywhere are seeking to enjoy the festive spirit. It is something beautiful. Happiness abounds and selflessness increases as we seek to establish the promise of peace on earth and good will toward men. It becomes to us, a familiar spirit - something that causes us to look forward to the season with anticipation and excitement. The giving of gifts, the sharing of food, and time with loved ones all culminates in a most joyous time of year.

Yet, this is something that doesn’t have to wait until December.
We can enjoy this spirit all year round!

It is US that creates the season of goodwill!

It is what we choose to think, feel and believe that makes this time of year something so precious.

So why not make this beautiful season something that defines us all year round? What would life be like if each week, each day, we sought to be selfless? What if, every day we chose to be generous and kind and served others generously? What would happen in your Nikken business if such virtues permeated your conduct with your team, your prospects, and your customers?

Would things change?

We want to invite you today to consider how Humans Being More can be further integrated into you’re your goals for 2017. There is much to be done, but action without love and purpose becomes mundane and unfulfilling.  Let’s make it count!

Let’s not just do good – but let’s be good too.

Much love,

Dave and Ben

Looking to the new year...

What better way to begin 2017 than by joining the best and brightest in Salt Lake City for in-depth training and support?
The Next Wave momentum is inspiring and with so many leaders available at the Nikken Field Summit, you will want to be there. This event is an essential resource and can be part of what propels you toward a new level of success as an Independent Nikken Consultant - but not if you don't attend.
If you haven’t booked your ticket yet, follow the link and do so!
Let’s remove the words “if only”, “I should have”, and “I wish I did this” from our vocabulary this coming year.
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We look forward to connecting! See ya there!

Core Consultant Newsletter
I n f o r m   I n s p i r e    C e l e b r a t e

A new perspective.  A new plan.  A New Business.

Create your success story NOW!
Oh No... It's Going to Blow!

We have all seen it and experienced it, haven't we? Be it New Year's celebrations for our American friends or the Guy Fawkes celebrations for those in the commonwealth. I'm talking about the moment the fuse is lit, and we watch and wait for the fireworks to go off. That moment before it happens - we know it’s coming. We step back, put our fingers in our ears, and wait for the bang, the whizz, and the burst of colour to fill the skies.

It is an exciting moment!

And it seems that such a moment is upon us here in Nikken. With the announcements of a new compensation plan which simplifies rank advancement and the ability to earn a check, people everywhere are getting excited. Add more new products and some great incentives to that
 and November turned into a big hit.

In the excitement of it, some people did something different. They told themselves a different story. They said, "a new plan, and new products can really be seen as a new company, so let's treat it as such and go launch our business." Campaigns were set up, and people hit the streets. They arranged meetings and worked together. As a result, Canada saw a 66% increase in sales in November!


And it gets better. This was just the start. It wasn't a product launch - it was a business launch, and more events are coming.

With all this buzz, people are talking!
They’re saying: "Why not me? Why not now?"

All that needs to happen for success to flourish in an area is for someone to stand up and lead. Do you want to be in on the action? If you want to host a series of events in your area and launch your business, then please contact
We're creating a calendar of events that will cover the Nikken world, identify who is hosting, and what the dates are. Once you get on board, you will find Diamond and Royal Diamond leaders joining you to support your events and help you launch your business. We will coordinate together, plan together and make it an experience that will really make a difference!

"Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together."

— James Cash Penney, founder, JC Penney
There are no tricks to building a great business. It comes down to vision, hard work, teamwork and persistence with the right activities. And when that moment comes - when the fuse has been lit - you want to be there to see the fireworks.
So join us! You don't want to miss out.

Much love,

Ben and Dave

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Upcoming Events
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  communicated with your mentor? Learn from others that have experience.

  met and talked with a least one new person per day?

  shown the Nikken Plan/Business Model at least twice this week?

  logged into your site? 

Every person of great accomplishment has one thing in common.  Invariably there was a distinct and defining moment in their life that caused them to make a clear and resolute decision, and this changed everything.  “When you change - everything will change for you!”

From this moment and onward your life can be much more.  In less than one month we will wake up to New Year with bright new possibilities. Consider that you are much more powerful and capable than you’ve so far allowed yourself to be.
My challenge to you is:  Make NOW your turning point!

 “When average people ask themselves, “Can I do this?” they base it on the circumstances they see….An abundant thinker asks, “How can I?” This simple twist of semantics changes everything . It forces your mind to create a new solution.
Brian Kemmer  

Starting January, the dramatically improved Nikken Plan becomes operational.  2017 is certain to be a banner year! 

I don’t believe in coincidence.  Why at this moment is this opportunity placed before you?  I believe things happen for a reason, there’s no such thing as an accident. Now is your opportunity to soar.  This is your chance…but it is up to YOU to answer the call!

Strategies are like recipes: choose the right ingredients mix them in the correct proportions, and you will always produce the same predictable results.
Charles Givens

A daily commitment to the Core activities will lead you to success. 

 “Extraordinary success is sequential, not simultaneous. What starts out linear becomes geometric. You do the right thing and then you do the nest right thing. Over time it adds up, and the geometric potential of success is unleashed…Success builds on success, and as this happens, over and over., you move toward the highest success possible!”
Gary Keller
Take some time to watch these clips and then make NOW your turning point.

Dave and Ben

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