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Saturday, February 20, 2016

February 20, 2016 Saturday AM Live with Rodger and Jen Bessire

Rodger & Jen Bessire - See DUK Tape Info
Click Here to Listen to February 20, 2016 Saturday AM Live with Rodger and Jen Bessire

"Rodger & Jen Bessire rose to stardom about the same time Nikken introduced the DUK tape. As a Physical Therapist, Jenn was more than familiar with kinetic tape in the role it can play in accelerating the bodies healing process. But it takes more than just a $15 product to launch a business in the short amount of time that the Bessire’s did."

Vance's Tip of the Week

"February 18th, 2016

Right tool for the the right job

I remember as a kid hearing that phrase from my father and both my grandfathers. You can use all sorts of things to get the job done, but if you wanna accomplish it faster and with more accuracy, then it’s worth the few minutes to get the right tool.

On March 1st, through the great coordination of Ben Woodward, we will be launching a new tool to educate people on various topics of Nikken. Monday through Saturday at different times of the day, people will have the opportunity to catch live conference calls and zoom presentations by a host of amazing top leaders." 
Download Proposed Weekly Call Schedule
I’ve attached the tentative schedule to familiarize yourself with. Check out the color coding for different types of people. For example, the blue time slots would be a great thing to share with Customers who are wanting to learn more about the products. These 30 minute presentations will definitely be the right tool for the job of growing up the thousands of new Customers who joined us last month. And for those of us who need to sharpen our skills in different areas, we can pick just the right instructor to get the job done!


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