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Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Remarkable Kenzen Touch and New Kenzen Vital Balance

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Click Here to Listen to Vance and Crew discuss the remarkable Kenzen Touch and the new formulation of the Kenzen Vital Balance [KVB]. 

Vance writes:  "Yes, I've been just a little bit excited about the Touch and the new KVB. While the Touch is producing immediate results, the delayed benefits of the KVB with the two added superfoods is producing results almost as remarkable."

During the last week I've collected a few stories that I'm dying to share with the group. And I know that some of you have had equal or greater experiences. Let's talk about them!"

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Vance's Tip of the Week!

February 17, 2017

The Three A’s of the Nikken Touch

Appropriately Named, Affordably Priced, and Affectionately Experienced

Yes, I’ve shared this before and yet I’m not sure I even understood the magnitude of this product and it’s potential. We can touch people with this device and completely alter the environment around them. Through this process, their body will actually do what it’s supposed to do and heal itself. Because of it’s price points, most people won’t even raise an eyebrow when they hear the cost. And when they feel the results... That’s when the fun really begins.

Have you ordered your Touch and been impacted by the results? Have you taken the opportunity to share it with someone? Have you stopped for a moment to think about the potential of what this one product can do to provide active wellness to literally every person on the planet? I may be putting too many Nikken eggs into one product basket, but I see Consultants coming alive again with the Kenko Touch and I also hear Customers saying, ‘Please tell me more and how do I get one?

Let's go Touch more people today. What a great way to open the door of opportunity!


Monday, February 13, 2017

KVB Kid Kreation with Hattijane Darracott Question and Answer Session

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Click Here to Listen to Hattiejane Darrocott introduce the New Kenzen Vital Balance Meal Replacement Drink

"What better way to continue this dialogue about KVB than to have Hattiejane Darracott back with us for round two of her story. If you missed her a few weeks ago, she is approaching the 100# mark for pounds donated by using this wonderful shake. And she’s really excited about what’s about to take place with the new formula. 

Hattiejane has agreed to field questions about her routine and anything that you may want to know about her journey. Please keep all questions related to this as we want to get as much intel dispersed during the 25 to 30 minutes we have."

Further support is available with three sets of Lifestyle Support calls by extremely knowledgeable hosts with amazing groups of participants that know their stuff and really participate as amazingly FUN groups. Steve Crofoot says, "I know, I have spent a lot of the mornings the last 11 years with them. They are amazing!" 

They meet in the mornings several times a week. Links to resource materials, call schedules, dial in numbers and a list of hosts are available in the blue Section at the top of: Links to additional information by Linda Morris and Ruth Williams at their personals sites are also listed there.

Special note: Per this Picture, the West Coast Call with Ruth Williams, Valerie Johnson and Debbie Davis as Hosts will not take place February 17 through February 24, 2017. Check back for new schedule at: on the L.I.T.E. Tab for New Schedule

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"Vance's Tip of the Week:
February 10th, 2017

KVB Kid Kreation

Yes, I know how to spell creation, it just looked better with three K’s in a row. We've had the newly improved Kenzen Vital Balance for just over a week and our family is going nuts with this stuff. Not only is there more of this great stuff packed into every canister, the ingredients packed into this powder are providing way more than we expected.

Our youngest just turned 7 and she is not only a bundle of constant energy, she is an eating machine. She would be completely content having a buffet of food at her disposal all day long. The first morning we had the opportunity of making a shake, I mixed it exactly as the directions said. I used 8 ounces of almond milk in a shaker cup with two scoops of chocolate KVB. 

Here's the part where I know this stuff works... Four hours later I asked if she'd like a snack since it would be another hour or so till we ate lunch. 'I'm not hungry daddy' was her response. I wanted to know where my kid went and who was this imposter! If it will do that for an over-active 7 year old, what can it do for us adults who live more casually active lives? 

If you haven't experienced the new KVB yet, please add it to your Autoship soon so you and your family can experience it. Our two oldest often take it to school for lunch so we know they’re getting the best stuff on the planet (sorry Snapple) in a drink that will provide not only the protein their bodies need, but also the perfect brain food they need to excel during their day."


Saturday, February 4, 2017

Vance's Tip and Linette Berget's Animal Stories and More

Here to Listen to Linette Berget.

For over 25 years Linette Berget has been studying and practicing holistic health care through natural remedies such as herbs, essential oils, nutrition, magnetics, light and oxygen therapies, in her business Urban Farm Girl Farmacy. Her interest grew from a personal need, and with her passion for animals began a journey, with countless cases that often had life changing results.

A few years ago Linette was inspired to tell her stories and others in a book she put together that was sold through Focus on growth. She is currently working on 2 new books. Not a day goes by that Linette doen't thank God for all the animals and what they taught her, and share that with those who only want the best, longest life for all our companions we share our lives with.

Vance's Message and Weekly Tip:
February 3rd, 2017
Fire and Ice
We are in the midst of our fourth freezing rain storm this winter and have been 16 hours without power. Thank the good Lord for dry wood and a wonderful wood stove or we would be creatively laying all of our Kenko Therm products to stay warm.
While some of us in different parts of the world are in the midst of miserable cold, I see a real fire buring amongst both Consultants and Customers. The Kenko Touch continues to amaze me in the varied results people are having in just minutes. Most of us didn’t know that the Kenko Seat just went through two major improvements and will warm a body within seconds of direct contact. Then there’s the new KVB loaded with more vitamins and minerals to even count, let alone organic moringa and monk fruit.

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The list could go on and on. We owe it to ourselves to scroll through the main images on the website to see what’s new and what is creating this firestorm. As one who is thoroughly looking forward to a break in this weather on the beaches of Mexico two months from tomorrow, I’m even more thrilled about returning to the birthplace of Nikken in Japan next year. We will help four people reach Silver on or before December 31st, 2017 and we will be enjoying another free trip with people from all over the globe. Our fire can melt any ice that comes our way!


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Click Here to Listen to Call Live from the Nikken Field Summit in Salt Lake City

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Transfer of Power and Unpacking Our Potential

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Click Here to Listen to Call

Do you see what I see?

By now, most of the Christmas decorations should be back in their storage containers and yet my favorite song still lingers in my head.  I see a Nikken unlike anything we’ve ever had before.  Products that are above and beyond anything in our industry and a simplified compensation plan that cause most to ask, 'That's it?!?'  Or as mom said, 'Simplified, Energized, Chaos'.  So simple that it raises questions.  Packed with energy to make it duplicatable.  And chaotic in a way that makes it fun.

I'd like to divulge into the new requirements, incentives and guidelines that are making Nikken great again.  I'd like to share a quick overview as well as peel back a few of the things that I know can unleash some great potential. 

Vance's Tip of the Week

"January 20th, 2017

Click Here For Details
Transfer of Power

Just like they said it would, on January 15th there was a domino effect throughout the Nikken world. Seniors instantly became Executives. Bronze Consultants were promoted to Silver. Just like that, everyone received an immediate upgrade.

I felt this same thing a few minutes ago watching the inauguration of our 45th president. There’s something moving about new leadership that motivates me to 'do this days work' and continue dreaming bigger. I've been on the Washington DC Mall many times and it brings a sense of responsibility standing where so many in leadership have pledged their lives to serve.

With Nikken's amazing products and our Humans Being More philosophy, I feel as if there is a new transfer of power taking place. Almost a forced responsibility or dedication to change the status quo. We shouldn’t be willing to sit back while people become more dependent on drugs and surgery. We also can’t take a break from showing others how quickly they can earn rebates and commissions from this new compensation plan.

Click here for more information
We've all be given a responsibility to do a little more. Lives are hanging in the balance and the power has been transferred to each of us. Or as Ben Parker (Spiderman’s uncle) once said, ‘With great power comes great responsibility’."


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Vance's Tip & Hattiejane Darracott - KVB and Decision Meet

Before KVB
Click here to Listen to Call with Hattiejane Darracott:

Have you seen the amount of people at the gym lately? Or tried to walk through the sporting section at Walmart? The ‘Resolutionists’ are out in full force attempting to repair what they’ve damaged for the last 11 months or more.

Hattiejane Darracott took a different approach to getting back into the temple that God gave her. Using the KVB and a new mindset, she has given up almost 100 pounds that used to linger on her body. It wasn’t a resolution, it was a complete lifestyle change. And dropping the pounds is just one of the benefits that she’ll talk about.

Vance's Tip of the Week:

January 12th, 2017

Snow Day

After KVB
These two words have encompassed my life for the last few weeks. We’re up to seven snow days without school for our girls and the particular flavor of coffee I’ve been enjoying is appropriately named this as well. (It’s one of the perks of having a daughter who is a barista.)

Flying High at Humans Being More
In the world of friendship marketing, a snow day is an ideal way to connect with people via phone or text. I just dropped a note to a friend after listening to one of the iCan Attitude sessions and it took him less than 25 minutes to respond. During our dialogue, my goal is to mention the new formulation of the KVB coming later this month. He’s already used the product so my thought is to let him know that we’ve upgraded it.
How do you use your snow days? And you don’t really have to have snow or be stuck inside to maximize technology to connect with people. It simply takes a decision to do this day’s work and not get distracted.


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Vance's Tip & Rock Star Rachel Dayton

Rachel Dayton
Click Here to listen to Vance and Rachel Dayton.  Vance emailed:

"When I think of ice, I think of Rachel Dayton. Calm, COOL, and Collected on & off the ice rink. When I think of snow, I think of Rachel Dayton. Strikingly white with light, greyish with wisdom, and radiantly red with fire as she rips threw the deep powder on the slopes. How does hockey and snow skiing apply to Nikken?

Rachel challenged me and several others to take charge of our businesses this last fall and go for an incentive Nikken appropriately named ‘Step Up’. It was exactly what I learned from Zig Ziglar years ago when facing any climb. ‘We have two options when mounting a task. We either stare up the stairs, or we step up the stairs’. And having climbed 1311 steps before with 50 pounds of firefighter gear on, I know a little about this subject, but that’s another story. The result of Rachel’s challenge allowed Stacey and I to tie for 1st place(still waiting for official totals), land a spot on Team Kaizen, and land ourselves on the beach in Mexico this April.

As we blast into 2017, I couldn’t think of anyone better to help flip the ignition sequence. If we’re gonna take advantage of this amazingly simplified new plan and these life-altering products, then Rachel will be our John Glen to take us where no man (or woman) has gone before."

Come Join Us
Vance's tip of the Week:

"January 5th, 2017

Ready to blast off?

With the passing of John Glenn, I’m challenged more than ever to run those final checks so the rocket boosters in my life are ready to fire. Some of the words from our CEO Kurt Fulle on the Nikken blog help me to do this.
As I reflect back on 2016, I am heartened by the successful transformation that continues to take place with Nikken. It is not by luck that our company has weathered the many global changes—economic, political and regulatory—since its humble beginnings in 1975. As we move forward into 2017, we will focus on two main aspects of our business:
A product line that is unique, wonderful and organic.
The direct sales industry‘s simplest compensation plan.

The Gig Economy and Time Management
We don’t have to go through the rigorous astronaut training or even visit NASA to really take advantage of what Nikken’s given us. All we need to do is introduce more people. Ben Woodward inspired me this week with his directive, ‘set the appointment’. Don’t just share, but actually pin down a time of meeting this person to explain (and show) why Nikken’s products are so good and if they’re open to earning extra income through helping others, invite them to check out our simplified marketing plan.
Yes it may appear to be a small step, but when we do it together with these products and THIS plan, the mankind around us will take a giant step.