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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Green Matcha Tea & A Chat w/ Kurt Fulle on Saturday AM Live!

Click Here to Listen to Saturday AM Live!
I'd love to call it a conversation with Nikken's CEO Kurt Fulle, but it was more of a chat on a bus. Yet in that brief encounter, I gained a plethora of knowledge about the man who has been at the helm of our ship for the last several years. From what his leisure pleasures are to some of the business principles he uses to guide his daily decisions, I returned to my seat with a head full of insight that caused me to re-think so much of what I knew about this man.
I'd like to share this 'chat' with you and how I've implemented it into my introductions of Nikken to new Customers since our return home from the Team Kaizen Cancun experience. Understanding the heart behind the head of our captain provides valuable intel that I feel needs to be shared.
Vance's Tip of the Week
'Better to go one week without food than one day without green matcha tea.' - Chinese Proverb
Usually every week if not more often Mom shares with me a new nutritional tip that she's picked up from one of the many guru's that she follows. I really don't know how she processes all that intel, but she does and it's really sound advice. And in a world that continues to go the route of convenience with a complete lack of nutritional benefit, this kind of knowledge barely offsets the avalanche of quick fixes to our daily diet that don't seem to turn the tide of nutritional ignorance.

They all look so happy...I want some too!

 the Hallmark channel yesterday, Miss Universe Olivia Culpo shared the dangers of coffee consumption as far as it being a diuretic, not just for the body, but for the skin. Without missing a beat, she quickly offered an alternative by sharing the benefits of consuming matcha green. It literally hydrates the skin and provides the same alert benefits of coffee. And when I see how beautiful this women is, I'm thinking that she practices what she's preaching!
Is it any wonder why Nikken continues to discover ancient remedies like this and then improve upon them like they have with the Ten4? Sometimes we don't understand how great each and every one of our products are until they receive validation from a celebrity or expert in a particular field. This endorsement reminded me of the value we have in our solutions, not just in the price, but the 2nd to none quality and integrity. It really does make it fun to know that we can go head to head with any comparable product and be just a little bit better than some, and way better than others.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Greetings from Mexico & Team Kaizen member Nadine Staaf on Saturday AM Live!

Mexico was a LOT Warmer than this!
Click Here to Listen to Nadine and Vance giggle and laugh, having way more fun than grownups should be allowed to have.  Just Kidding. We should all have this much fun next year after OUR trip to Japan!

Vance emailed: "Nadine Staaf attended Humans Being More training five years prior to becoming a Consultant. Is it any wonder why she's part of Team Kaizen today? When she finally did join in 2012, she was a full-time college student, mother of a five year old boy, and on anti-depressants & other medications which the doctors told her she'd be on for life.

Her occupational background is filled with a variety of things like graphic design, barista, florist, bank teller, etc. Starting in Nikken brought many changes and Nadine will admit that she had some struggles in the beginning. However, today she's discovered a few things that she keeps as the focus everyday. These key things helped her earn a spot on Team Kaizen AND will get her on the plane to Japan in May of 2018."

Nadine Swimming in the Cenote 
You really want to read Vance's Tip of the Week this week!

"Postcard from Mexico

In the market adjacent to the Mayan temple known as Chichen Itza, I'm looking a postcard to send to you as an encouragement to come check out this place for yourself. Ever since I was a kid, Mom always encouraged me to send postcards to grandparents and a few others back home. The only problem with the recent Team Kaizen trip to the Fairmont Mayakoba in Cancun is that there simply isn't a postcard to send to you that captures this fact:

The best experience during my 25 years as a Nikken Consultant!

Herb Rapp, three time Team Kaizen member, described this as 'the closest thing to heaven on earth'. I completely agree. The all-inclusive resort was beyond amazing and yet it was the people that Stacey and I connected with who are still on the forefront of our minds.

Stacy and Nadine on Jungle Trip
During the next few weeks, my goal is to introduce you to some old and new friends who completely challenged us to live our lives as Humans Being More. People from several nations were represented and although we spoke different languages, the common thread that wove us together is our commitment to not just strive for a spirit of Kaizen, but to honestly seek ways to live it everyday. We don't have to ask the question, but it's always there... What can I do today to improve myself so I can be a better contribution to those around me?


Saturday, April 8, 2017

Everyday Organic Based Weight Management Program

Click Here to Listen to Physical Trainer David Jones and Char Rogers explain why we would want to share this program with others and why everyone needs what it includes.

We are going to love this!

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Saturday, April 1, 2017

You too??? and Sneak Peak at April on Saturday AM Live!

Click Here to Listen to This weeks call. Vance emailed:

"Repetition is vital when it comes to learning anything new. On April 4th everything regarding Nikken's 'Everyday Organic-Based Weight Management program will be available on the website and the night before(Tuesday, April 4th), Jeff Isom will deliver the bullet points of this amazing addition to our product offering on the monthly kick-off call [Monday night]. That's 6:00pm PST 641-715-3570 code 444801#".  Click Here for Playback of of the Kickoff Call.

"But why wait??? Since I can't possibly absorb or retain all the good intel during the first download, I thought it'd be fun to provide a sneak peak from what I gleaned during our Team Kaizen call a few hours ago. While I can't divulge it all, I can at least wet your appetite(literally) of what's to come next week both in the new product AND in with the quarterly incentive/quarterly contest. There's lots of cash to be earned and I think can get you started on the race before the starting gun sounds."

Click Hear to Watch Launch Video
This Weeks Tip of the Week.

March 31, 2017

"You too???

CS Lewis talks about those points in our lives when we have an encounter with another person that is truly divine in so many ways. It's that moment when the hair on the back of our necks goes completely erect, the goose bumps stand at full attention, and the shivers race up and down our spine. Maybe not all together, but you get the point.

I had one of those 'Ah Ha' experiences yesterday when I thought about the fact of an 'Everyday Organic-Based Weight Management' program. What struck me like a lightning bolt between the eyes is the fact that I truly believe Nikken is the first company to address this issue AND actually deliver products that match the description. 

Click Here to Order Yours Today
What does this mean for our own results and that of our Customers? It's completely life changing. Our bodies are designed to function at their prime with real food. We have this already in several of our nutritional products and yet over the years because we are human, we collect certain toxins that latch on to us. Next week we're gonna have a 100% USDA certified organic solution for getting rid of those vermin we don't need or want.

What's this gonna do for the results with the rest of the components of our wellness solutions??? That was my ah ha or you too moment. It was at that point that I realized we have something that every person who cares about active wellness is gonna want AND wanna share with others. It's gonna be HUGE."


P.S.  This program is changing peoples lives.  Please click Comments below and let us know how it has benefited you!

Click Here for ican2 Recordings and PDF's

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Autoship For The Ages - Part 2 and Julie Clark on Saturday AM Live!

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Click Here to Listen to Vance interview Julie Clark as she shares her autoship secrets.

Julie Clark will never tell you that she's an Autoship master, but I certainly will. I've learned more about adding Customers, building a solid Autoship base, and developing a long term residual income from Julie during the last few years.

Her long term goal is to develop a 'travel income' source of $2000 per month from her Customer base. How is Julie doing this? Join us tomorrow and find out.

Click Here to Listen to the After Call Discussion and Announcements.

Autoship For The Ages - Part 2

In August of 1995 I set up an Autoship order with Nikken. It was order # 2107. I think that means that there were 2106 other Consultants that took advantage of this wonderful system of ordering before I did. Or maybe the order # didn't 
 mean anything.

Part of Upcoming Promotion
Regardless of that, what it meant to our family was that we'd never run out of the core organic nutritionals that we rely on and it saved us shipping on other non-consumables like jewelry, magnetic products, or insoles. And it also meant that we'd have a really good example to share with others when they asked for the best possible price.

Nikken was one of the first companies to launch an Autoship program and they are about to be the first to launch an 'Everyday Organic-based Weight Management' program. When we educate our Customers about this and the benefits of Autoship, I truly believe we're gonna have a win/win program that will be the envy of the industry.

Make It Happen - TODAY
We know it's coming in April. Now would be a really good time to invite a few folks to take advantage of yet another fantastic solution from Nikken. Imagine what would happen if we invited a few people every month to take advantage of a really good deal? Not only would we have the sense of gratification of helping a lot of people, but our businesses would be HUGE.This doesn't really talk about Autoship, but I know that the roll of DUK that Dave gave to Tracy was ordered via Autoship. It's a great reminder of just how powerful a few pieces of tape can be.

11 year of agony disappears in 4 minutes...


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Autoship For the Ages & Al Thornton from Nikken's Famous Stop, Drop and Roll Duo

Nikken's Stop, Drop, & Roll Dynamic Duo

Click Here to listen to Vance and Al Thornton give us bunches of secrets.

From a background in design and marketing, Al Thornton brings a unique perspective to Nikken and Autoship. He and his wife Sandra have a knack for introducing people to this method of ordering and it's paid off handsomely for years. During one of the promotions, they earned several thousand Nikken reward dollars by sharing the benefits of Autoship.

Al will be sharing some of the tips they've used over the years and help us understand the value of the upcoming promotion next month. The 'Everyday Weight Maintenance Program' has the potential of being one of our biggest sources of business volume yet!

Vance's Tip of the Week

March 17, 2017 

"Autoship for the ages

I've found myself communicating more notes like the following to a Customer. The more we share the benefits, the more we empower others to take advantage of what Nikken's given us.

'Autoship is available for all of North America. While there is not a discount on non-consumable items like filters, the 3-pack of the Waterfall filter is deeply discounted. The main reason for Autoship is a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually shipping option so we don't have to think about re-ordering consumable items like Nikken's highly organic nutritionals, skin & hair care items at a 25% discount.

If you want to see all the products and the discounted prices available on Autoship, click the Autoship link about the photo of Stacey and I after you login to the website.

There are lots of regular products that can be added to an Autoship order which are not discounted simply because most people found that adding certain items to an existing order simply made sense to save on shipping. At least this is how our family has used it for the last 20 years. We change it all the time to make sure we're never without certain nutritional items like the Immunity, Jades, Vital Balance, etc.

I could go on and on but I'll stop now. Autoship is a wonderful service that saves money and ensures we're not going to run out of what we need to maintain active wellness.'


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Find Your Customers and This Will Happen
Click Here to Listen to Vance give us counsel on how to place our orders with the greatest return on our investment.

Many consultants have questions and he answers them masterfully as only Vance can do.

Have a great week everyone.

Get It Done Today,
Then Do It Again Tomorrow Too!

These pictures might fit for you like they do for me. I admit I am scared but I must fight to find my way through my terror barrier and get Japan done sooner, rather than later.

The iCAN Training At the top of is an amazing way to give us hope and provide us guidance. We can do it!