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Saturday, April 18, 2015

April 18, 2015 - 2015 Changed Lives on Saturday AM Live

Stream April 18, 2015 Call   2015 Changed Lives on Saturday AM Live

Quoting Vance's Email:  The stories of changed lives are growing and growing.  I asked the members of Team Rogers to share some of the stories that they’ve been part of since we launched the mentoring process in January.  If you’ve got a new fresh story since January, be ready to share it with the group.

Vance's Tip of the Week:

April 16, 2015

Yesterday I enjoyed an experience that I won’t forget anytime soon.  And it had NOTHING to do with mailing off our taxes!  In 22 years with Nikken, I’ve never talked to three of our amazing leaders in one day, all before noon!  Ruth Williams started the day followed by Dave Johnson and the the cherry on top was our president Ben Woodward.  They REALLY got me fired up to get out there and help more people.  Being that our products are the business and the business is our product, we really can help people both physically and financially.

Something Dave shared with me really does make sense.  He said that when a person gets excited about the instant results they’re having with a product, he immediately asks them if they’re open to see how they could earn an extra $1000 a month from helping other people.  He then shows them the duplication process of being a Quality Enrollment and how it pays off quickly with duplicating ourselves in others.

If you missed Dave’s interview with Tony Scoma on the Morning Rev, check this out.  Tony is doing not one, two or three 21 Clubs, but SEVEN with his people all at the same time!  And he’s having more fun than we’re allowed to have ‘working’ his Nikken business.  Don’t listen to this interview if you’re afraid of getting fired up about Nikken.

I can’t imagine doing seven 21 Clubs in the same month, but I can totally wrap my brain around one, two or three.  What if we got excited about doing just one a month?  Think of the lives we could impact.


PS  Some incredible new Social Media Marketing tools for Niken Collaborative Entrepreneurs use to build our business' with Facebook, were launched April 16th by Nikken President Ben Woodward.  Watch Webinar here:  Nikken Social Media Webinar   Download the Social Media Guide  and  Download Approved Images.

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