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Saturday, April 4, 2015

April 4, 2015 - Digesting and Application - Team Rogers Kiazen Mentoring Call #9 & Nikken President Ben Woodward with Dave Johnson

Stream April 4, 2015 Call - Digesting and Application - Team Rogers Kiazen Mentoring Call #9

Quoting Vance's Email:  "While March was a great month, it only gets better if we can digest what made it great and then apply those lessons to the future.  Several members of Team Rogers saw significant growth by tweaking a few things.  I wanna delve into what they did as well as make sure we all utilize the newest additions to the Quality Enrollment program.  Don’t be shy if you’ve got a question or comment.  I’m still working on my ability to read minds, but it’s easier to express your thoughts by speaking up when you have an issue that will benefit the group."

Stream April 4, 2015 Call with Nikken President, Ben Woodward, who was on Dave Johnson’s The Call of a Leader Call.  You don’t wanna miss this call either. It is amazing!

Vance's Tip of the Week:

Good Friday to our incredible Nikken Family!

It’s sort of like the Irish greeting of ‘Top of the day to ya!’ or in Australia they say 'G day mate!', but Good Friday only happens once a year.  And what a good day it is.

As I reflect on being at the airport exactly a month ago embarking on the journey to Orlando, I really didn’t know what was in store for us at the 40 year celebration.  I shared with Nikken's president Ben Woodward this week, one of the great things that our company did was not building a landmark event of this nature around a big product introduction.  While some would argue that we should always introduce big solutions at a big event, what took place instead was a continuation of what had already been started on January 5th of The New Nikken.  Lots of recognition for people from the 25 nations represented and sort of kick in the pants for those from North America.

If you caught the April Kick-Off call, then you heard Ben share that March sales were 27% higher than February and 19% higher than March of 2014.  We're seeing a groundswelling arise that is really quite amazing.  It's not based on a new product, new system or even a new method to share Nikken.  Instead, it's based on a collective decision from a majority who are making Autoship a priority and then following that up with registering a few new Customers each month to meet that target of 500PV.  The rewards for this are quite fun, but the biggest treat is the Good Friday feeling we get when we see a life changed for the better.

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