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Saturday, June 20, 2015

June 20, 2015 A Tough Question - Team Rogers Kaizen Mentoring Call #19

June 20, 2015 Rogers Team Kaizen Call #19 - A Tough Question

If you've got the time tomorrow morning to jump on the above call and join me, then do both.  If youre schedule is as full as mine, then my feelings won't be hurt it at all if you miss our weekly discussion.  What Ben & Rick will share will definitely fire you up!

The question that we’ll be discussing is this: 'What role am I playing in the success or failure of my goals?'  The key is honesty and this question applies to all 5 Pillars of Health.  The members of Team Rogers tackled this question this week and it’s really helped us identify what tweaks can be made for improvement.

Vance's Tip of the Week:

"June 19, 2015
 'They’re living to die!'

One of our new Wellness Consultants shared these words with me recently after being on an extended cruise to Alaska.  ‘All these wonderful people had the financial pillar wrapped up and yet they were in bodies that looked terrible.  I’ve never seen so many wheelchairs and oxygen tanks in one place.’

Eileen is a cancer thriver (survivor) who lost her husband to the same dreaded disease.  She has literally gone ballistic in doing everything she can to live life to the fullest making sure she takes care of the temple that God gave her.  While she was shocked to see so many people on this recent trip that were her age(and younger) living in bodies barely alive, unfortunately this is becoming the norm.  And what’s crazy is I keep meeting people my age(mid 40’s) who are giving in to poor nutritional habits, medication and surgeries.

90% of folks introduced to Nikken are doing so because of the products.  They’re seeking ways to improve their physical bodies and if given the opportunity, a good portion of these are favorable to hearing about the business.  My friend Eileen encountered hundreds of people who may not be looking for a way to earn a few extra bucks every month, but they definitely need our solutions to live a better quality of life.

Nikken’s president Ben Woodward is fresh back from a world tour with some amazing insight on how these products and the opportunity are impacting lives around the globe.  Join him with Diamond Rick Murphy as they share some fantastic news as how the 21 Club is a catalyst to explosive growth." Listen to Call

Dave has amazing calls every at Saturday at 8:00 am PDT 218-548-3988 code 83854#.

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