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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Saturday June 6, 2015 Report Card Time - Team Rogers Kaizen Call #18

June 6, 2015 Rogers Team Kaizen Call #18  - Report Card Time

Five months with a new focus and passion has created some wonderful changes in our Nikken family.  I know that I’ve turned over a new leaf in so many areas and I’m really liking the results.  Is there a secret?  Nope!  Just doing the basic core things over and over again.  Some of the members of our team are really fired up about these things.  Hear from them as well as share some of your victories.  Summer is a great time to refocus and set some new goals.

Vance's Tip of the Week:

"June 4, 2015

Making The Grade

Not one, two, three, but four valedictorian speeches!  50% of the graduating class is on the national honor roll.  All but four are going directly into college or the military.

No, this isn’t a private school, but the small high school that I graduated from 29 years ago.  The standards we barely had in the 80’s have been replaced by college classes for the entire student body.  And if I can brag a little, our 16 year old is maintaining a 4.0 GPA.  (Not sure where she got that academic excellence;-).)

Nikken’s Vice President of Sales & Training, Jeff Isom, addressed the leaders in North America this week and asked the question, ‘If you had to grade yourself on the first five months of 2015, which pillars of the five would you receive a satisfactory grade and which would you receive an outstanding grade?’  

If we seek ways everyday to improve our lives, then we’re probably going to be better examples of Humans Being More.  If we have fallen short, then today is a great time to shift focus on those areas that need improvement.  And those pillars that are excelling... Take time to celebrate that victory, but not so much that we miss the opportunity for growth and balance."

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