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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday July 11, 2015 Where To Find Documents You Need - Team Rogers Kaizen Mentoring Call #22

Listen to the Saturday  July 11, 2015 Call.   Rogers Team Kaizen Call #22.

Many times I've been asked what is the fastest way to locate the key video's and documents to share 'The New Nikken' or 'Nikken 2.0'.  Well, thanks to Jeff Isom, here is everything in one spot!

Hello Nikken Leaders,

Please find below a list of tools and training that have been created this year to support your efforts in building Nikken 2.0.

All of these tools are available, translated in all languages, are consistent across Europe and North America and are either on Youtube or MyNikken. Of course there is more, but this helps us to address with both video, audio, and PDFs your ability to reach out and talk to people about three key activities: Contacting prospects and sharing a consistent message, developing Business Builders (versus product users) and showing Business Builders the structure and system to follow that is supported with incentives and rewards to achieve success. 

Introductions to Nikken:

1. “A Life in Balance”: The Nikken Brand video. (Shares the Five Pillars of Health as our Unique Selling Point.)

2. “Discover Freedom”: The Nikken Business Opportunity video. (Shares what Nikken can do for the business builder.)

3. “Why Nikken?”: As Shared by President Ben Woodward (Created by Ben as European MD.)

Choosing to Build a Nikken Business:

1. “The New Nikken”: PDF that introduces Quality Enrollments, the Nikken Plan, Team Kaizen and Team Taishi: 
2. Videos that explains the New Nikken and the Nikken Plan as outlined in the above PDF in detail.
The New Nikken:

Quality Enrollments:

3. "Business 21 Club”: PDF that explains this business building program with a recently introduced payout to the A and the B: 

4. "Paragon Award”: PDF that explains this business building program that is now a Double Paragon Award and offering a $2000 payout.

Incentives to support Quality Enrollments and the Nikken Plan:

1. "Rising Star program”: PDF explaining this program that rewards achieving 500PV each and every month.

2. "Customer Acquisition Incentive”: PDF explaining this incentive focused on acquiring new customers.

3. “Entrepreneur Sponsorship Program”: PDF explaining this program focusing on sponsoring new consultants.

Follow up training, encouragement and contact:

1. “Launching Your Nikken Business”: Video explaining how to launch or relaunch your business. (Do the Nikken Plan x 10!)

2. “Show Me the Money!”: Video explaining how to combine all Nikken 2.0 programs and incentives to maximize earnings.

2. “40th Anniversary Celebration”: Video highlighting the amazing March 2015 celebration of 40 years of Nikken.

Jeff Isom
Vice President of Sales and Training
Nikken Inc.

2 Corporate Park, Irvine, California, USA 92606
+1 949 789 2008 office

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