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Saturday, November 14, 2015

November 14, 2015 Call - Driving Our PWP's on Saturday AM Live!‏

Listen to "Driving Our PWP's on Saturday AM Live!" November 14, 2015
Vance wrote in his weekly email: 'How do I drive my PWP?'. It’s not the name of a new automobile, but many of us haven't had access to our Personal Web Page and we're unsure how to properly steer this thing. Sending out eCards and managing our customers is another confusing opportunity that is presenting itself as well. 

We'll be navigating through these exciting improvements with some simple driving instructions from those who have certification and experience. It will be ideal if you can be logged in to your website during the call

Vance's Tip of the Week

November 13th, 2015

'$49 for a new back?'

This was the question posed to me by a high school classmate of mine as he shared with me the years of agony he's experienced.  'I can't promise you anything, but for $49, what do you have to lose?' was my response. He smiled real big and we set a time to meet.

The recent re-structuring of our prices gives us a greater degree of confidence when sharing. I've always known what the products have done for millions of people worldwide, but it seems to be easier to be a little more confident when someone finds out that for less than a $50 bill they might be able to get relief from a back issue. I know that the MagFlex was totally worth the $101 retail, but think how many more people will go for it at half that price?

I like the phrase that Julie Clark has been using lately...'Our company is doing so good that they decided to re-structure the prices and pass on the savings to the customers.'  Although we never make medical claims, I think the proof is in the lives that have been helped. We have been doing good for 40 years and now it’s time to impact more with these great prices."


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  1. I seldom miss Saturday Morning Live but had to miss this one so I am very thankful it was recorded. I have had my web page set up and used e-cards since Nikken first introduced them but I still learned several new tips. Thanks Vance Rogers! And thanks Steve Crofoot for recording all these calls and making them available to those of us who haven't learned to be two places at once on Saturday mornings!