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Friday, November 6, 2015

November 7, 2015 Saturday AM Live Call - What New Pricing Means to Me?

Listen to November 7, 2015 Saturday AM Live Call - What New Pricing Means to Me?

Vance wrote in his weekly email:  A month ago the McDonald's corporation joined what several of their competitors have been doing already. Offer chemical filled breakfast items all day long. Why did they do this? Because they know that every customer that they can woo in their doors is worth $11,000 profit over the course of that persons lifetime. So why not give them more options?

Nikken has taken a similar approach this week with a MAJOR price re-structuring. Amazing products(with no chemicals) at really great retail prices. I wanna explore and hear what we are doing to woo our customers through our shopping doors. Every Consultant now has a free webpage. Are you driving your contacts there? If not, why? Some of us are going nuts with this and the #'s are stacking up.

Vance's Tip of the week:

November 5th, 2015

Macy's products at Walmart prices

They sat there like a ripe ready Georgia peach or an Oregon apple waiting to be plucked. A brand new pair of Sketcher's, size 9 1/2 with laces attached. I quickly grabbed them, removed my mSteps, placed them inside, laced them up and finished my shopping at my favorite thrift store, Salvation Army. Now getting my foot up onto the check-out counter with the price tag attached was another task all together.

I may have gotten carried away with my $8 score for a brand new pair of shoes, but it wasn't until I did a quick look on the company website did I realize how great of a score this was. The same shoes sell for $56!

Nikken has embarked on something equivalent to a thrift store find like mine but on a much more grand scale. Something that has NEVER been accomplished in network marketing history: Offer amazing products at really great retail prices. The back magnet that changed my Dad's life after 19 years of agony including surgery cost him $72 and today we can buy the improved version for only $49 retail. A water system that allows us to use water right from the tap even when our community is under a boil water alert used to cost around $400 with shipping and is now less than $250 retail. These prices for Nikken solutions are just crazy!

I was just asked by one of our long-time international consultants, 'long will these prices last?'

Welcome to the ‘Newer Nikken 2.0'. A network marketing model that will soon be the envy of other companies around the world. Amazing life altering products at really good retail prices.

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  1. The new pricing structure and free website allows all of us to create an affordable online presence that only a few understood the value of before. My thoughts go back to our friend Chuck Branham. It has been said that he was so shy that he couldn't lead a group in Silent Prayer, but he could give out cassette tapes and that made him a fortune. How much easier it this to just ask everyone we talk with if they are concerned about...(whatever fits the conversation)...and give them your PWP website address. Some will, some won't, but at leaset we cared enough about THEM we shared.