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Saturday, January 30, 2016

January 30, 2016 Saturday AM Live Call with Vance Rogers

Click Here to Listen to Call  Vance shared in his weekly email: "Not only do we have a ton of exciting stories to pass on from this week, you don’t wanna miss some of the awesome announcements that I’ve got to share.  I also came up with a really simple way to explain our marketing plan in about a minute.  For new Consultants, I think it’s absolutely wonderful that they can earn $600 in commissions and free product as they build their way to Senior.  And for those of us at Silver and above, my calculator is coming up with about $820 just for making a run to 1500 each month."

Vance's Tip of the Week: 

"January 29th, 2016

'I'm having so much fun! Can’t Nikken extend this great offer?'

For those of us who have been going non-stop since Monday registering Customers and filling out 40% off orders, we probably feel exactly as Gwen Carter does. She, along with countless others, have been texting me all week sharing their excitement. Even though this promotion is only for Customers placing their first order, we’ve seen a massive increase in the number of Consultants who are joining and then immediately registering their own Customers. Team Hawaii or the Fujioka clan had three different Customers who register & ordered, then joined as Consultants so they could register Customers who followed their lead and did the same thing.  This is going absolutely nuts!', were Alan’s exact words.

And it's only going to get better from here. Not that we'll see another promotion of this nature, but we're definitely going to see some really nice incentives for our Customers. They are the backbone of our business and it’s fantastic to know that we can give them some superior prices for the products that really do change lives.

There are still two full days left to take advantage of this amazing offer and I urge you to connect with everyone that you’ve ever mentioned Nikken to. I mentioned the sale to a parent at Addi's 6th birthday party today. Even though this friend registered as a Customer months ago, she's still eligible since she never placed an order. After a few minutes chatting about products, she decided that the Waterfall would be her best first purchase. Do you think I can take a tax deduction for the birthday cupcakes?"




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