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Saturday, January 9, 2016

January 9, 2016 Brody Craney

Listen to January 9, 2016 Call with Brody Craney

Brody Craney and his team didn’t wait to see what Nikken was going to unveil two months ago after the prices were re-structured.  That massive change was enough to empower them to really go for it.  And go for it they did.  The group generated 50,000 in volume more than the previous month!
Brody has taken his background as an accomplished musician into the depths of his Nikken business.  Regardless of the size of the instrument, every person plays a major part.  People are the same way.  Brody brings out the best of his team and his story is motivating. 
Vance's Tip of the Week: 
January 7th, 2016
Greatest paradigm shift in the network marking industry.
William Todd shared this statement on the leadership call this week.  He was complimenting Ben Woodward and the team at Nikken for leading us through this major change.
‘Will these changes allow us to generate income faster and give the customer a greater savings?’  This was the question I was asked today by a new consultant.  Here is how I responded:
Starting January 11th, every new customer gets to take 40% off their first order and then 25% off their Autoship orders. And the more volume we generate from customers, the more free product we earn which we can sell for pure profit.
500 points from customers=$25 Nikken Reward Dollars
1000 points from customers=$100 NRD’s
1500 points from customers=$225 NRD’s
She got really excited so we’re getting together in two days so she can learn more.  Not only is this the greatest shift in our industry, it is a fantastic way for us to set new standards in what we can generate.  By keeping the focus on 1500 we will have our families monthly consumables for free!"
Remember, "Where there is no vision the people run in circles." - King Solomon

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