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Saturday, March 12, 2016

March 12, 2016 Saturday AM Live with Dorie Larson - Relief from Allergies

Click Here to Listen to Vance visit with Dorie Larson about her amazing life in Nikken.

Vance Writes: "For 13 years Dorie Larson suffered miserably from allergies. When one of the main drugs she was taking became illegal, she began looking for a new solution. Never in her life did she think a pair of magnetic insoles would help her condition so she was very excited when it did. This was the beginning of her wellness journey.  Today, Dorie is thrilled to be able to share her experience with others as she grows her Customer base. Even being housebound due to a recent issue, she surpassed her monthly target of Customer Volume of 1500 to earn $225 in Nikken Reward Points."

Vance's Tip of the Week.

"March 11th, 2016

Simple Steps to our Solutions

Sitting down with a friend yesterday I was amazed as she shared her sickness journey. Having spent most of her life working in hospitals, she helped take care of hundreds of other people, but failed in the department of self-care. Her top weight reached 428 pounds which led to a host of issues that she is now dealing with.
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I learned a tip from Gary Bolton this week when he shared the statement, ‘listen for the need’. As my friend Mary shared the worst of her physical problems, I couldn’t help but think a pair of mSteps would help. Imagine her shock when I slid one under her foot that hurt the worst. She was more than blown away when we did the simple energy test.

Rather than load up Mary with a bunch of material, she already told me that she spent a lot of time on her computer, so I shared with her the benefits of being a Customer. She was especially excited to learn more about the mSteps and immediately wanted me to talk with a friend of hers.

During most of this conversation I found myself applying those simple steps that I’d heard Gary share on the Monday call ‘Gathering Customers’. The weekly calls have commenced with great success and I encourage you to check them out. The schedule is attached" (Click Here to Download PDF)  or (See Calendar) "and here is the connection information:

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