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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Lessons learned in Mexico and How They Apply to Nikken

The Morning After Motel 6
Click Here to Listen to the Call where Vance shares the Lessons they learned in Mexico.  "Take 13 people from a small town in Oregon and combine them with a few locals in [EL] Papalote, Mexico and you've got the makings of fabulous work crew. In five days we engineered, built, lifted, and set seven walls, 26 trusses, and half of the metal roof panels. The teamwork displayed by this multi-cultural crew reminded me of the power of people coming together and leveraging each others
The Work Will Finally Begin.

During the 20+ hour trek home I had lots of time to compare and contrast this venture with what we do in Nikken. The relationships came first and the project was second. People always trump projects. When we build Customers, we build our future."

Vance's Tip of the Week

"March 31st, 2016
Triple Play
Now What Do We Do?
I’m not an avid baseball fan, but I’ve learned enough from my father-n-law during the few games we’ve enjoyed to not grill him with endless questions anymore. The only thing better than a home run or a grand slam is a triple play. Well, this week while enjoying a chat with my good friend Nancy Kosmin, we discovered the fact that we can earn triple the rebate on our own Autoship if we take advantage of Nikken’s great Customer Autoship.
Measure Twice and Cut Once

Dennis and Ruth Williams sent out a fantastic document explaining the simplicity of using the Customer Autoship program for our own consumables. What Nancy and I discovered is that we can earn our regular commission, the 25% Customer profit, AND Nikken Reward Points for free product once we achieve 500 or more points in Customer volume.

For example, a regular Autoship order placed under my ID# will yield me 20% commission. So our monthly consumption of $250 will yield a check of about $40 with the CV adjustment. If I take that same order and place it under a Customer as an Autoship, I’ll receive that same $40, plus 25% for the Customer rebate(about $62) AND the Nikken Reward Points. So instead of earning just once, we get paid three times for the same order!

The Crew Makes It Happen!
We may not hit that home run, but getting a triple when all we previously hit was a single is so much better!"


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