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Friday, May 13, 2016

Kenzen Paleo Bars Announced - All the Facts & Dr Ash in Stump The Doc

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    Click Here to Listen to Vance share about these amazing Kenzen Paleo Bars. These bars are the bomb and I'm not just talking about the taste! From price comparison to ingredients, Nikken has just given us a home run. I’m going to cover as much as I possibly can to give you the best intel in comparing the new Nikken Paleo bars to several others that I’ve been looking at this week. And I'll also cover the best way to order them for both Customers and Consultants. How does $1.34 per bar sound?

    Vance's Tip of the Week

    May 13th, 2016

    Second to none

    Anytime Nikken introduces a new product, we owe it to ourselves and our friends to become students of that arena.  We don’t necessarily have to become experts, but at least familiar with what else is available on the market and what makes ours unique.

    The Nikken Paleo bars have raised the standard once again.  Once you spend a few minutes doing the research, you'll find that no one else has a four ingredient bar.  The bars that other network marketing companies deliver are all overpriced and loaded with junk.  If it sounds like a chemical, then guess what, it's a chemical?  If six of the ingredients are a form of sugar or a sugar substitute, what difference does it make if it's organic?  And regular nutrition bars available at the grocery store? Cliff bars feature three of the first five ingredients as sugar or a form of sugar.  That's a lot of extra sweet!
    The concept of Paleo is to consume items that are made of real ingredients.  And the less items the better.  Having a bar with just four organic ingredients is unheard of.  If you priced out what it would cost for organic nuts, dates and fruit, you’ll quickly find that Nikken has given us a product that is second to none.  Or as one of our customers just shared with me, 'I'm so glad that Nikken is providing products like this because our family deserves the best'.

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