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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

An Interview With Dan Worley and the Team Rogers Update

Dan Worley and Carolyn Wing
Click Here to Listen: "Dan Worley may be new to Nikken, but definitely not new to the world of helping people help themselves. Dan is a professional musician, sound engineer and full-time care-giver for his partner Carolyn Greenlee. What started just six months ago as a search for a MagDou has now developed into a Silver Consultantship. Having Dennis & Ruth Williams as your sponsors helps a bit, but the real work of going from Customer to Silver in less than three months does take an excitement of sharing Nikken with others." 

Additionally, few weeks ago Jeff Isom, Vice President of sales and training at Nikken interviewed Dan and that interview is featured at the top of our My Nikken Page. Dan shared he and his partner were introduced to Nikken as they watched some Emotion Code training videos just before Christmas 2015. The doctor on those videos was using a magnetic device. They didn't know what it was but his partner, Carolyn, asked if she could have one of them as her Christmas gift. He went online and found out that it was a Magboy and they had been replaced by the MagDuo. He purchased one for her and they tried it out. They really liked what it did for them, so much so, he decided to buy one for himself. He says,"I went back on line and of all the websites in the world out there, of the millions of web sites around, I ended up on Dennis Williams' website."

Order Your MagDuo Today
While ordering the MagDuo, as he was leaving the page, he saw a little box that said "Income Opportunity" and he actually was looking for something. Don says "I never, I never fill those boxes in, but I had prayed in the first of December. I asked God to give me some help with finances because I was hurting and that's how He answered my prayer, was with Dennis Williams."

They had a few Zoom Conferences and he explained things to me. "I told him I was a horrible salesperson. I'm an introvert. I don't like going out, but he was patient and said 'oh, it's okay'. I can help you through it and mentor you through it."

Nikken Families Being More - LaPoint, UT 7/8/2016
Nikken was having a forty percent off sale for New Customers then, so that got Caroline and he excited. They discussed it and got us busy talking to people that they knew and where were involved with energy healing and the healing arts. They also started talking to friends and family. Some people weren't interested, but many were because of the the prices. In the last two weeks of January they sold just over six thousand dollars in product. They went from direct, jumped over senior to executive. What a great way to start your Nikken business.

Vance's Tips of the week:

July 6, 2016

"I trust you all had a fantastic 4th of July and that you are blasting into the month. June was better than May with New Silvers, higher volume and a slew of new Customers. More and more existing Consultants are grabbing hold of the Customer focus which in turn is increasing their commissions.

Kurt Fulle told Dennis and Ruth that the leadership tenure requirement had served it's purpose and is now being eliminated. This did not impact us unless you were Platinum and above. I'm not sure exactly what Kurt meant by this statement, but my hunch is that it caused several leaders to come alive again for fear that they were going to lose their rank. The interactions I've had with Kurt have been few, but I know from those that he is a man of integrity and purpose, so I'm once again grateful for this recent change.

On last nights call I mentioned an article that Pam Benson shared with me. When you look at the future of a company and their products, you'd hope that the main ingredient is not one that is showing up on store shelves around the world. For the case of Zija, this article brings to light a dim future. If people can get what you're selling from their local stores at a fraction of the price, why on earth would they buy it from you?

I share this article not as a way to flaunt an uncertain future of Zija, but a sense of gratefulness of what we have in Nikken. No one seems to ever touch our core technologies which means our future is very bright.

Here's another link that further establishes our position in the industry. No, we're not #1 or even in the top ten, but we're very solid and poised to grow really big from here. By embracing the Customer driven model, I really believe that we can double what we're currently generating.

Have a fantastic week and don't forget to text me(503-348-0749) your July PGPV goal. Remember, a goal that isn't written down is merely a wish. Power is unleashed when we write and speak things into existence.


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