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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Celebrate Freedom Open Topic Saturday AM Live with Char Rogers

Click Here to Listen to Char and gang give us ways to share the Gift of Nikken this Summer. In light of celebrating freedom, I’m gonna take a break and let my sponsor guest host an open line call. Anything you want to ask or discuss is free game. Char Rogers is an expert prospector, nutritional guru and all-around fantastic sponsor (and the best mom on the planet). She’s been in this industry since 1978 and knows a thing or two about relationship-driven businesses. So any topic you wanna address will be fine.

Vance's Tip of the Week

"July 1st, 2016


As I think about the freedom we enjoy in many ways, physical, financial, mental, political, etc., I ponder something our oldest daughter texted me last week after spending another day teaching in a school in Tanzania. ‘Daddy, you’d love it here! The people are incredible and rich in so many ways. They have so very little and

yet are totally content with what they have.’

We often take freedom for granted until it’s taken away from us. The 5 Pillars of Health helps me to realize this and strive to live it every day. If we can impart a little bit of freedom into the lives around us, then how much better will our lives be as a result?

May we all celebrate this weekend and let freedom ring. It’s so much more than a motto or a mission. It should be the core of who we are. Mr. Masuda lived this and chose to pass it onto us. May we do the same."


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