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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Looking Through the Looking Glass of Memory Lane - 24 Amazing Years in Nikken

Come Join Us - It Has been A Fun Time
Click Here to Listen to Vance tell his story of being introduced to Nikken. Others share their stories also.

Vance admits he and his two brothers were less than kind and defiantly not supportive of Denny and Char for the first 3 weeks after Dennis Williams shared Nikken with them 24 years ago today. Their feelings began to soften when they realized the health of their grandmothers and parents had suddenly taken a turn for the better.

Ben and Dave's Tips from this Week's Core Consultant Newsletter.


"What can I and only I do that if done well will make a real difference?" - Peter Drucker

What is something that only you can do? If you don't do it, it won't be done by someone else. But if you do do it and you do it well, it can really make a difference to your life and your career.

Success is earned one single day at a time, one step at a time. One phone call at a time. One phone call can be transformational. One single meeting - perhaps the meeting you didn't want to go to, but you decided to go anyway - could change everything!

Every great accomplishment is the result of thousands of tiny accomplishments that no-one sees or appreciates. - Earl Nightingale

The Compound Effect - Little Strokes Fell Great Oaks

The Compound Effect, by Darren Hardy is about the astonishing results that occur through the steady accumulations of seemingly small daily activities. I highly recommend you watch Darren’s presentation on Youtube with pen and paper. 

When broken down to its most common denominator, Nikken is about one person connecting with another person.
Just like right and left, up and down, hot and cold, Decision is the opposite of procrastination.

The best thing we've ever listened to regarding procrastination is Confessions of a Recovering Procrastinator by Jeffery Combs. Don't wait, listen today!!

Think and Grow Rich

"Think and Grow Rich" has a powerful chapter about decision. If you read the chapter on decision every day for 30 days, it could go a long way in helping you act quickly on your important ideas.

Purpose is good.  Shared purpose is better. YOU can decide to be Masuda!

Ben & Dave"

Note: "There are only 25 days left to grab your cowboy hat, boots and meet us in San Antonio, Tx for the Nikken International Field Convention. Southwest Airlines seem to have the best rates on flights right now and several people are looking for roommates so check with your groups.

Rick is busy making sure the NIFC is perfect so Dave will be hosting Pathfinders Prime this Monday at 7PM/PDT. Join Dave for 'A Powerful Purpose: Finding Your Why.' Click here for event details.

All New Self Care Awakening show, designed specifically for the field, this Tuesday at 7PM/PDT. Dr. Gary Lindner will host "Self Care Conversation." Dr. Lindner will be joined by several guest speakers each giving their best practice tips for approaching a potential client with a self care conversation. So grab your favorite Autumn beverage, pen and paper, pull up an easy chair and click here for event details."

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