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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Weekly Call with a Lighter, Stronger, Healthier Hattiejane Darracott

Hattijane Darracott
Click Here to Listen to this weeks call: Hattijane Darracott was at a frustration point with the way western medicine was going 20 years ago when she was introduced to Nikken. With only a pair of Magsteps, she knew that she could start helping people faster than what she was doing through her vocation as a registered nurse. 'That pair of insoles changed my life so quickly that I took my mortgage money and bought as many as I could'.

Now in her 70's, Hattijane refuses to let her age define her. She's 100#'s lighter than she used to be and continues to improve in so many ways. 'There's nothing in life that I can't imagine doing now and I'd love for more people to discover what I have!

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Dave and Ben's Tip Of the Week:


Your attitude clearly determines what happens to you in life. Your attitude, upon starting a difficult task, determines whether or not you will enjoy it and finish it successfully…We get back measure for measure an exact reflection of what we put out… Therefore, if you find people are reacting unfavorably or if you get the idea the world is picking on you - it might be time to look at the attitude you have been presenting to others and the world. Check your attitude! – Earl Nightingale

The question is though, how do we develop gratitude for hard things? Victor Frankl said that suffering ceases to be suffering when we find its meaning. This can take time and so, I would advise that patience is a virtue that we should practice. Why? Because becoming a success in life and in business demands grief and a little suffering some time. Wouldn’t you agree?

On a Leadership Call, Ben Woodward spoke about ‘Four Essential Attitudes’ that can ensure a happy and productive life. These attitudes help determine what happens to us in life.

An attitude of gratitude,
A longing for learning,
A devotion to discipline
A willingness to work.

So, our invitation this week is to practice the Four Attitudes and to be patient with both the process and the progress of your business and yourself.

Arnold Bennett wrote that the kind of desire (attitude) that triggers drive and energy within us isn’t some vague hankering, some undefined wish. The productive kind of desire is real, it’s concrete, it’s a mental picture that will never leave us alone. It’s always there in front of our minds, prodding and poking, goading us on. It’s an obsession, a whip. It has no mercy and we’ll never be satisfied until we’ve achieved that which we truly desire.

In conclusion, we have learned that we can be persistently patient when we have confidence in the future and our journey. Both of us have great conviction that we are in the right place, at the right time, doing the right things with the right people! What a privilege it is to be in Nikken!

Much love,

Ben and Dave"

"Now for the rest of the NEWS" from the Core Consultants Newsletter:

"Nikken has really stepped up with their September "Step Up" incentive! This incentive is open to all consultants and offers cash bonuses up to $2500!

Attention Directs! It has never been a better time to go Senior! Nikken is offering $250 in Nikken Reward Dollars to use toward Nikken products. Want to know more? Watch Dennis Williams explain how the September Nikken incentives work.
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Dr. Ash is back in an ALL NEW "Stump the Doc!" Click
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