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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Can You Go? and Pam Barnes RDH on Saturday AM Live!

Vance emailed me: "I'm sort of in the woods right now and can't send this out to my regular business list. Please pass it along ASAP."

Pam Barnes
Click Here to Listen to an amazing Call. "Pam Barnes is a Platinum Consultant with Nikken. She has been a Dental Hygienist for over 40 years specializing in Periodontal Therapy. This intricate finger movement with repetition lead her to spend a decade in agony over most of her body. This took its toll especially on her upper body. She could not have practiced her expertise for all these years if she had not found Nikken at age 41. She now calls those years of misery a blessing!

Ron and Pam Barnes San Antonio
So almost 20 years ago she took her beloved profession and expanded it from Oral Care to Total Care. She will share how the dental world has now caught up to what Nikken offers. She educates her patients on how to be totally healthy starting with the mouth. She will share some tidbits of using Nikken technology to improve your periodontal condition ( oral care) and how it benefits every bodily system ( total care)."

Please Read Vance's Tip of the Week

"Can You Go?

Three simple words. One simple question. My answer changed my future forever.

Last Saturday a wildfire known as the Eagle Creek fire started and quickly developed into what is now over 33,000 acres. As of this morning it was 7% contained and there are over 900 active firefighters involved.

I can't even begin to share the emotional experience that this week has been. Even typing those words I remember telling Stacey that she needs to start packing the important things that are irreplaceable. The day after my 49th birthday I saw a wall of fire from a few miles away that literally scared me to death. The home that we've created 20 years of memories is in the direct path of a fire being fueled by 35 mph winds.

It was two days later when our fire chief asked for volunteers to replace some of our guys who had been serving on the front since Sunday morning. These guys were chasing that wall I saw Monday night and were exhausted. Fortunately the winds shifted but the fires have continued. Stacey and the girls did have to evacuate for two days, but our town of Corbett is totally out of harms way. For two days now, I have had the distinct privilege of being part of Task Force #40.

How does all this relate to Nikken? Let me just say this. Because of Nikken and what we've continued to share with people for the last quarter century, I have a little bit more flexibility to volunteer my services. I love the business of Nikken and I have a greater appreciation to the products. Building a team of people has created a residual income source, but again, it's the products that really change lives.

Order Yours Today

I have a new favorite product called the Cocoon. Sleeping atop the hose bed of a 3000 gallon water tender would be miserable if it weren't for having three wonderful technologies all wrapped around my body. I woke up today at 4:36 to the smell of smoke because the winds had shifted and yet I felt so rested. What an amazing product! Ten4 is awesome when the afternoon fatigue kicks in and can easily be carried in my wildland jacket. The MagFlex has prevented any back strain and protected my lower back when my pack shifts and my fire shelter bangs into my belt line. mStrides are in my boots and mSteps ease the tension in my loafers at the end of the day. The front of my helmet is lined with DUK tape to give me a nice energy boost on my forehead. Plus the softness feels so much better than hard plastic.

I could share so many stories of what it's like to be an active part of a wildfire, but I'll save those for the future. After all, our future is what we make of it and choose to be available to create. Thank you for your prayers and please remember to pray for all of our firefighters who continue to serve doing what they love to do."


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