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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Two Options and Exciting Changes on Saturday AM Live!

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Keeping up with the never-ending change element, Nikken isn’t wasting anytime keeping us on our toes. Several people I’ve spoken to this week have some really nice ideas of how they’re using the above changes."

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November 2, 2017,

"Only Two Options

Luis Kasuga is Nikken’s General Director for Latin America. He delivered a powerful presentation in San Antonio and yet it was a bathroom conversation that amazed me even more. I know, men are NOT supposed to talk in the restroom, but while washing our hands, I asked him one quick question. More about that in a bit.

In his presentation he talked about how we respond to change or anything new. We really only have two options: Complain or Understand.
Listen: Luis Kasuga's Presentation
Exactly a month from today we will officially cross the 25 year mark of when I joined Nikken on December 2nd, 1992. We have experienced way too many changes and more often than not, I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t always seek understanding but was quick to murmur about another change. From products to compensation plans, improvements to discontinuations, there have been way too many changes to even attempt to remember.

Bottom line is this, we can seek to understand while moving forward or we can complain while staying stagnant. It’s our choice. There is always a reason and most of the time if we’ll give it some time, we’ll be amazed and delighted. After all, our new Customers don’t know about what’s old unless we tell them. They’ll only catch our excitement as we share.

Now to the bathroom chat…. When I asked Luis how many Spanish speaking people came to San Antonio I was shocked at his answer. But when I further pressed why (sought to understand) I totally understood why. Two people. Only two! A couple months prior they had over 2000 in one country at an event and a few weeks ago they had over 1000 in Mexico City. 400 Silvers have been developed so far this year.

I completely understood now why only two joined us in Texas. They’re running so fast that they couldn’t stop for a northern detour. Dave Johnson taught me years ago that if we want to see an increase in our commission check, we can actually give ourselves a raise. We simply have to introduce more people to Nikken. The Latin American countries seem to be doing this at a breakneck pace. I think they’ve chosen option two and are running a nice race."

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