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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Customers vs Consultants

Click Here to Listen to this weeks call, Vance emailed: "Esther Smith may not be the goddess of attracting, acquiring, and maintaining customers, but she’s definitely one that has raised the bar for others to follow. As one of Nikken’s top retailers, she’s developed some simple methods for developing a customer base. She shared several of her secrets a few months ago and she’s agreed to share some more.

I look forward to learning about customer acquisition with you!"


Read Vance's Tip of the Week

"January 19, 2018

Customers vs Consultants

‘I think I need to go back to being a customer so I can get a massage like that cause it appears that you’ve done a few of these before.’

My business partner and friend Larry was giggling while he said this as I was giving a roll-out to his friend Dwayne. We had just watched Dr Lindner’s presentation about the importance of sleep and it was pure joy to give this gift to Dwayne. He lost his 39 year old daughter to Sleep Apnea a few months ago so he is very open to how Nikken addresses this topic.

Dwayne started as a customer about a year ago with the investment of a Waterfall and a few nutritional products. Now he’s looking to expanding his wellness home and Nikken is poised to deliver.

Although Larry was joking with his comment, the heart of the matter is very serious. As consultants we can give our customers the absolute best thing that they’re looking for. We simply need to find out what that is and allow them to go shopping on their customer page."

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