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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Cold Weather Solutions and Kimball Sargent on Saturday AM Live!

Kimball Looks Like She's Having Fun!
Click Here to Listen to this weeks Call.

"Wanna warm up your mind on a cold weekend? Kimball Sargent will be sharing live from Salt Lake Area the hottest news from the Summit. Her high energy is contagious so don’t tune in unless you want to be charged-up. And she might just have some inside news on the new Bergisterol Capsules."

Read Vance's Tip of the Week

"January 27, 2018

Cold Weather Solutions

While we don’t usually celebrate the end of the school week with a trip to the 2nd run cinema, it seemed like a great idea since we had two free tickets, an over-worked mom, blustering weather, and a wonderful movie (Wonder) that we all wanted to see. It was after the movie that I realized once again how great our products are when the environment is not weather friendly. Shivering outside the theater because we just didn’t want to end the conversation with a friend made the cold even worse.

All we wanted to to when we got home was get in front of the wood stove to warm up, but the real joy came when we climbed into bed and completely enveloped our bodies into this cocoon of wonder called the Naturest Sleep System. In a matter of seconds we were warm, toasty, and just completely relaxed. This was a far cry from the feeling just 45 minutes prior.

Reading the active wellness blog (lower left hand corner of the [Nikken] website) this morning reminded me how great our products are for joint issues and simple all-around cold weather problems. And while 35 degrees and raining is balmy compared to folks up in the Northeast who haven’t seen temps above freezing in weeks, it’s still the same thing when our bodies want the comfort of nature’s warmth.

If you’re not enjoying the comfort of a Naturest Sleep System, the Cocoon, or even a pair of the Nikken Thermals, you really ought to make the investment. Old man winter looks to be with us for a bit longer and these products are more than just keeping the body warm, but keeping it in an environment for rapid recovery and complete wellness.

We Will Share the 20% Off Opportunity with You!
AND…. With a 20% discount on the Naturest Topper till January 31st, this puts the main component of the system almost into a retro price of what I paid 25 years ago! Contact me for more details."

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