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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Western Wild Fires and Pam Barnes with others on Saturday AM Live!

Pam Barnes
Click Here to Listen to This Weeks Call featuring Pam Barnes.

Ten months ago while I was serving on a task force during the Eagle Creek Fire, Pam Barnes shared her journey with Nikken as a dental hygienist and how these products changed her and her husband Ron’s lives. Well, she’s back with a team of people who have powerful results of using Nikken in diverse situations.

Western Wild Fires

Lighting and human carelessness are the two reasons that the western part of the United States suffers loss every summer. Yesterday morning I was awoken to a super tanker flying east to join the effort just 60 miles from us that has consumed over 50,000 acres.

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In reading Nikken’s blog this week I couldn’t help but compare and contrast these fires and human conditions like arthritis. I’ve heard people talk about the burning pain so I quickly sent a text to a few new Customers and included the link:

For me, human carelessness messed up my back 27 years ago. Then it was the natural progression of not dealing with it that continued to bring agony. While I’m not saying that every human condition can be blamed on our mistakes or natural conditions, I’m simply grateful that we have solutions through Nikken to deal with them.

What I suggested in my text to was that at the end of this blog article it tells us how we can get a $33 Powerband necklace for free by investing into two products(CM Cream & Joint - $77) that could very well help alleviate the very condition that they’re dealing with. I don’t know which product will bring relief, but I’m 100% confident that these three together will extinguish the fire in their bodies or at least lesson the agony. After all, as we say in the fire service, when you put the wet stuff on the red stuff, it doesn’t take long for that fire to go out. We have a variety of different hoses, nozzles, solutions, etc. to get the job done. The key is that we take action and do it!


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