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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Renew or Not? and Al Thornton on Saturday AM Live!

Sandra and Al Thornton
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Our discussion about Nikken Wellness or the 18 amazing nutritional products continues tomorrow with a guest who I feel not only knows his stuff, but knows how to help others discover EXACTLY what their bodies need. Al and Sandra Thornton have continued to blow me away with their simple demonstrative methods of introducing people to the benefits of proper nutrients. Al’s background in marketing helps make him just the person I go to when showing people how great Nikken’s supplements are for us. If you’ve been looking for a little razzle/dazzle in your Nikken intro, I do hope you’ll catch this conversation.

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August 21, 2018,

" 'To renew or not to renew, that is the question'

As I click the yellow notice at the top of the Nikken website to renew for the 25th time since I joined Nikken on December 2nd, 1992, I have to ask the question that I often do when renewing any subscription, membership, or pay an annual fee… Is it worth it?

Here’s the short and skinny of why I continue to renew our Nikken Consultantship. BECAUSE I’M IN THIS TO IMPACT LIVES BOTH PHYSICALLY AND FINANCIALLY! Anyone who’s not interested in the business of Nikken, should not renew or even join as a Consultant. It’s a waste of time and money.

Let me explain why I’m so strong on this issue. Registering a person as a Consultant just to get a discount is a waste of $99 and it defeats the benefits of our amazing compensation plan, especially the new weekly pay-outs from Customer orders. And when it comes to Autoship (which is something that everyone can benefit from) it simply doesn’t pencil out. A Customer would have to spend $2000 in their first year on Autoship orders to offset the $99 because they automatically receive a 25% discount on all the consumables when ordered via Autoship.

Here’s another example that seems to be a topic of most or our current culture. Amazon Prime. This annual membership costs $100 and gets you free shipping on most items. If you order a lot, then it pays for itself. If you don’t, then it doesn’t. And if you live in a remote area where you cannot get cable, but have Internet, then there are lots of movies you get included with this service. So essentially, it could even eliminate the cost of cable or a satellite dish.

So when it comes to renewing our Consultantship, I know why we do it. I encourage you as a Consultant to remember why you joined. If that why doesn’t make you cry, then consider being a Customer or think about re-launching that why. But please, don’t renew simply because you think you’re saving some money. Renew to changes lives both physically and financially. After all, those are the two pillars where most people are needing a little improvement in."


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