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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Power Conference Calls and Brody Craney on Saturday AM Live!

Click Here to Listen to this weeks Saturday AM Live Call. Brody Craney is a friend and amazing leader who hosts a conference call every Thursday that is just plain awesome! He’s agreed to share his story as well as some tips to leverage this weekly product call with us. I’ll warn you that he is high energy and always has been. Well, except when his body was really messed up prior to Nikken. His passion for sharing his journey of wellness is not only fascinating, it compels the listener to do something with this knowledge.

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If information is power, then my goal is to empower those whom I’m leading so they can empower the people they’re leading.

This statement has been a core philosophy of mine for over 15 years every Saturday morning at 7am west coast time. What started with a couple dozen people has grown immensely and at least once a week I receive the most gracious notes of gratitude that a guy could ever ask for. And what’s funny is that I really wanted to do was hear people’s stories of how Nikken impacted their lives and it developed into a wonderful resource that I leverage almost every time I talk to someone about Nikken.

Here’s a perfect example. Yesterday when chatting with my nephew I said, ‘I was on the phone with a doctor friend of mine last Saturday and she was telling me about her daughters condition. The more we talked the more I learned how great Nikken is for people in that situation.’ What’s even more fun is when I cheat a little bit and leverage other conference calls that I’m simply listening too or catch the recording of. No, I’m not actually talking with the person, but I can honestly share with others that I was on the phone with people like Dave Johnson, Julie Tara, Dave Rolfe, or a high powered attorney and nutritional guru like Randy Rolfe.

Dave Rolfe, Julie Tara, Randy Rolfe and Dave Johnson explain what’s new:

If you wanna have a greater impact with others, tune into at least one conference call a week and make it a habit of inviting others to join you. This one, with these four power presenters, happens every Monday at 5pm and Thursday at 11:00am PST. Because it’s a Zoom format, we get to watch them present wonderful information that’s timely and just the thing to introduce our customers to Nikken. It’s a proven statistic that 3/4 of people will join you if you invite them. They don’t have to leave their home, simply click on a link.

Here’s all the intel you’ll need to plug into these:

Starting Monday Oct 1st, 2018 Dave Rolfe and Julie Tara will be conducting Wellness Previews on Zoom. We will also be doing one on Thursdays.

Mondays at 5:00 pm pacific / 8:00 pm eastern

Thursdays at 11:00 am pacific / 2:00 pm eastern / 7:00 pm UK

You can get quick access here

The direct Zoom link is

Each week the intention is to have special guests for both Product Testimonies and Business Testimonies.

We will want you to participate and invite your guests and prospects.

These Wellness previews will be posted on the Nikken Events site and regular weekly emails will be sent.

Also every Tuesday morning the Smart Networker Zoom Call is done. You can get a preview of this here.

You can also join the Tuesday Zoom call using this link
The times 8:00 AM PST, 9:00 AM MST, 10:00 AM CST, 11:00 AM EST, 4:00 PM UK

All Zoom calls are recorded and posted on

If you have any questions or would like to be a guest please reply to Dave Rolfe at: or phone me [Dave Rolfe] at 617-388-9109

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