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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Changing Times And Kimball Sargrent

Click Here to Listen to Kimball 'Sargent and friends share about the amazing KenkoGround.

The KenkoGround has been a revolutionary new product that could very well be the launch of a new company. As disastrous as these words are, I’ve heard some say that it’s not that big of a deal. Kimball Sargent not only disagrees with any notion of this nonsense, she emphatically has proven that this latest breakthrough will empower us to change more lives than ever before. The variety of results she’s experienced in just a few weeks with both Customers and Consultants is worth hearing about.

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January 4, 2019

" Changing Times

‘When change occurs, we have two options. Complain or seek understanding.’
-Luis Kasuga

‘Get your minds ready for action, being self-disciplined…’ -1 Peter 1:13

The first week of a new year is one filled with optimism and expectation of new things to come. When I read Kurt Fulle’s New Years address I literally started getting giddy with excitement. Having key people in key positions doesn’t necessarily mean we have a perfect company, but the one thing that separates Nikken now more than any other company in the industry is DNA. I’ve met several of the upper management over the years and I can tell you with 100% certainty that we truly do have a winning team in place. If this is the company that you’ve chosen to align yourself with for a partial to full-time career, then trust me when I say that if we had just one or two of these amazing people then it would be mind-blowing, but we have an entire team.

I met Luis Kasuga a few years ago and was more than impressed. His story of being a Mexican/Japanese is super cool and it was the quote above that changed my life. In literally any situation, we’re always going to encounter change. The beautiful thing is that our attitude determines our reaction. When we seek understanding and discover why the change has occurred, we can embrace it and allow it to empower our next course of action. What Luis has accomplished leading the Spanish speaking countries is reason enough to get ready for great things to come.

This week our middle daughter was involved in her first car-accident. When I answered the phone it was her older sister who gave me the play-by-play in real time. It was as if I was on scene hearing each detail. Everyone was perfectly find and in the end it will be minor damage to both vehicles. What blew me away was how Emily at 17 has responded to every aspect of this process. From giving the elderly woman a hug before they exchanged information and giving her a ride home so she could get the rest of her information, to the several phone interviews with insurance people this week, it was if I was listening to a seasoned expert who had done this many times. Sure there have been many questions, but what I enjoyed most is that she has been relentless to seek understanding for every part of this process.

Have you raised your expectations of the changes ahead with Nikken? Have you thought about a few others you’d like to have on your team ‘playing’ the game of the 5 Pillars of Health? Have you raised your expectation of people that we can impact with these products? As I shared with the desk clerk at a hotel recently who had told her colleagues that 2018 was her best year ever and that she didn’t really think that a new year could be any better, ‘Our words create our future so be careful to expand our expectations’. It was my friend Herb Rapp (5 time Team Kaizen member and first triple play Nikken winner) who shared this with me.


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