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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Peggy Goodman (PT) and Living Water

Peggy Goodman PT
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"Peggy Goodman uses the Nikken PiMag water as her go-to product for her clients. As a Physical Therapist for 40 years, she knows the difference with people when they’re properly hydrated. And she’s convinced that PiMag water is the only source to achieve proper hydration. Peggy has agreed to answer any and all questions related to water so we’re gonna have some fun on this open line format."

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July 26, 2019

"Living Water

Yesterday I got to visit a 94 year old friend and one of the questions that I asked was simply this, ‘Bud, are you drinking much water?’ The conversation that followed taught me more than I was really prepared to learn but the short version is that his home is literally the first house from the local reservoir that supplies our community. What this means is that he and his wife Midge get the premium chemicals like chlorine, pot ash, and whatever else the EPA dictates to be added to our municipal water supply. While clean water is essential, our bodies are not designed to be living filters for all this stuff that is added to it.

Bottled water is no better. I use this article as a reference regularly and simply share with people that I’m not willing to gamble my health with 7% odds. If 200 bottled water companies were tested and 93% of them came back tainted, that’s a scary roll of the dice.

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I’ve also been referencing the attached flyer [Click Here to Download Flyer] that highlights the Nikken Sports bottle. I recently survived a five day trip using nothing but this bottle for both drinking and bathing. While the drinking of water from this bottle is a no brainer, how on earth does one use it as a portable shower? I heard a friend share that using a small spritzer bottle to mist the PiMag water over my body before I towel off is almost as good as letting the water from the Nikken shower head flow down. I wasn’t sure if this was true, but Texas water is really harsh and it worked beautifully. My skin literally felt great and it didn’t have that nasty chemicalized feeling that it usually did. Having lived in Texas for two years and visited the state more times than I can count, I remember that yuckiness. 

Summer is the absolute best time to make Nikken water part of our routine. 
Warmer weather tends to get us outside leading a more active lifestyle which means a greater dependence on water. If we truly want to live, then we might want to use the best source of water to keep us living.


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