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Saturday, February 19, 2022

Legacy and no call this weekend

Copy of Vance's Email this week:


Second only to Mother’s Day, Valentine's Day is when the flowers, chocolate, and cards are in plenty. For one Cupid birthday, this year was reaching the eight decade mark in style. I was there in 1992 when he experienced his first roll-out and I was also there a few days later when he said, ‘my back doesn’t hurt anymore!’. Two months later he experienced the two day version of Humans Being More and things started to really get fun.

Denny Rogers held the Northwest title in his division for three years in a row. His top speed of 187.5 mph in a blown fuel boat was way more motor than it was boat. The problem with going that fast over the top of water is that it does a number on ones lower back. Combine that with owning and operating a sheet metal business for 32 years, well, you can probably figure out that even a back surgery isn’t gonna help much. Nikken did more than help. It launched.

Denny and Char Rogers
Experiencing day one of Awakening the Five Pillars causes me to remember all the different legacies that we get to create. My dad's many racing trophies have been moved around too many times. His contribution to the building industry is a silent memory of progress. But what speaks volumes and keeps talking are the lives that he and Mom invested in via Nikken. ‘I’ve rolled a lot of sheet metal and I think I can switch to rolling backs’ is how he said it back in ’92. I would add, rolling backs and changing hearts.I’m grateful that I get to be one to carry on that legacy. Not just because I have the same last name, but because I’ve been given the same gift of Nikken. Way to go Dad and thank you Nikken for changing his life!

No call this weekend!

Due to the three day virtual event Awakening the Five Pillars, we’re gonna take a break on Saturday. We’ve got a great line-up of guests in the upcoming weeks. 


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