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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Click Here to Listen to this week’s call with Gloria Snyder.

Gloria Snyder
Enjoy this weeks Email from Vance.

February 25, 2022


It was only three days.

It was only three letters. And it was only me, but the results were 100% more than I could have ever expected. If you were part of the collaborative team at Nikken, one of the guest presenters, or one of the amazing people at Let’s Make Innovations then you might have known what to expect, but I’m not sure they even knew that the results would be this big.

Even though several of us had originally made plans for a live event in Orlando, I just couldn’t get over what I was experiencing via Zoom during the Awakening the Five Pillars event. As Nikken launched a new website that is not quite perfect, yet is a HUGE sign of progress, the Humans Being More spirit has converged with the latest in technology and personal development. Knowing where we are and where we’d like to go enables each one of us to do a little more, become a little better, and in the end, serve others a bit more passionately.

If you’re serious about life or actually living out what the new shopping cart says at the top(Welcome to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle), then I encourage you to take a few moments and take a personal evaluation test. Complete the ATL Evaluation: Archetypes of Transformational Leadership. It will allow you to understand which kind of transformational leader fits best with your personality. Click on to take the test.

While none of us will ever reach perfection, it’s the direction of our lives that counts. Experiencing an event like AFP, we can ensure that the direction of our lives is going forward on the right path. This quick reminder from Ben Woodward helps me stand a little taller(for us short folks this matters) and literally run down any road I’m on.

Tomorrow morning on Saturday AM Live!

Gloria Snyder said it best, ‘It’s like Nikken keeps daring us to live better lives every time they introduce something new’. While not new to Nikken, this new personality to me has been reminding me during this last year to really push into the Humans Being More opportunity that’s before us. I could tell you more about her background and amazing product experience, but sometimes it’s more fun to simply experience a movie without a preview.

The call will commence at 7:00am PDT and the numbers to push are 480-660-2210, code 1536#. The great gal that answers won’t tell you to enter 1536#, so be sure to do this. If you miss it live, check out this conversation and so much more at:


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