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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Super Simple Solutions on Saturday AM Live

Your Bones & Gut Love It
Click to Listen to Call.  From Vance's weekly email.  "I just handed ten Lactoferrin [Gold 1.8] to a dear friend who has been battling a nasty head cold for over a week. Before he left I encouraged him to take two a day, being sure to dump the capsule under his tongue for maximum absorption. Yesterday I was with a potential Customer who couldn't figure out how to use a pair of mStrides with her open toe shoes. I cut a small slit from the side to one of the fluid flux funnels, fit the insole onto the shoe, and then helped her slide her feet onto them. I'd never received a hug of gratitude quite like that one. And then there was the comment from a friend at breakfast the other day. 'You were absolutely right about using the True Elements shower gel for shampoo! My hair has never been that soft and smooth before.'

You Need These
So many simple super solutions that we do everyday with our Nikken products and may not realize their magnitude. Let’s talk about them tomorrow morning. If I can share three in one paragraph, I know there must be dozens that the group can come up with."

Vance's Tip of the Week!

"June 24th, 2016 

'Do you not know that the body is a temple?'

This question was asked by Jesus of his followers and it's also the same mindset of every faith around the globe.  Essentially, it's a call to arms or an endorsement to practice moderation at all cost and to maintain the physical body.  

Yummy - Order Yours Today
The new statistics continue the trend of a heavier nation.  While 30% of men are overweight, 35% of women are carrying extra poundage.  This makes the numbers look better because it doesn’t factor in those who are obese which sends these numbers over 70%.  Some states are voting in new bills to mandate better labeling or even a sugar tax.  While our nation continues to grow(not in healthy ways) our lawmakers are grasping to keep things in check.  Will enlarging the print or making us pay more for unhealthy items get us on the right track?

Get Your DUK Tape Today
As Nikken Consultants & Customers, we can take advantage of AFFORDABLE whole food nutritional products and incorporate the rest of the wellness home technologies to keep our bodies in the best shape possible.  We don't have to change our lifestyle, simply add or replace what we were already doing with some small tweaks.  After all, it's a temple, not a tent.  If we'll do our part now, we will benefit for years to come.


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