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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Not a Medical Claim

Not a Medical Claim
Click Here to Listen to this weeks call.  Click Here To download Ted's Story. Twice now in Ted's life the referee's threw a yellow flag of caution when cancer appeared in the physical pillar. I've attached his version of this journey, but if you want to hear it in his own words, join Ted as he will share with us how Nikken changed the outcome in round two without under going the best that western medicine had to offer.

We don't make medical claims! Ted's results may be common when we change the environment in our lives, but please understand that not everyone who follows a regimen like this will be able to kick cancer.

This being said, check out what some scientists in Korea are doing with our technologies. Ted didn't need a science lab to create results like this, he simply needed a wellness home and some strict guidelines to increase the healthy cells so they could conquer the bad.

Vance's Tip of the week:

"October 14th, 2016

Chain Gang

Last night as I'm standing on the sidelines at my nephews last home football game during his high school career, I'm reminded of the purpose of a 'chain gang'. This 10 yard tool of metal links connects two poles as a measuring device in order for the players, referees, coaches and fans to know the exact distance the ball needs to move in order to get the next first down. One of our middle daughters friends Jordan has one pole, I have the other, and my brother Spence has the down marker.

Life is a lot like the three guys who move those two poles and the down marker during a football game. Without them, there is no measurement in which to know where the ball was during the previous play and where it needs to cross in order to obtain another FIRST DOWN as my friend Joe Fahlman mutters into the microphone.

We have a chain gang in each of our lives called balance. When it's out of whack in any of the five areas then something or several things will probably go south. And one area out of balance can create a domino effect to the others.

Fortunately for us, we can recognize any violation of our journey to true balance by listening to the markers we have in place. Around 90% of us joined Nikken because we had a physical violation. Our culture today reports that 70% are open to improving the financial pillar in their lives with an additional source of income. Each of the other pillars follow with similar results.

Nikken is the only company that recognizes all 5 Pillars and provides solutions to repair and improve each one. Usually it starts with a product experience and then the doors to the others are opened. Or as my dear friend Vera taught me, 'when the body is in balance the mind will follow'. This is true of the others as well.

We owe it to people who don't know about Nikken to introduce them. We may be their only source of connection to the improvement like the one we've experienced. We could be part of the chain gang for many people that cross our path."

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